Act No. 12/An/18/8Th Creating The Centre Of Leadership And Entrepreneurship (Cle).

Original Language Title: Loi N° 12/AN/18/8ème L portant création du Centre du Leadership et d'Entreprenariat (CLE).

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Act No. 12/AN/18/8th L establishing the Centre for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (CLE).


VU The Constitution of 15 September 1992;
VU Constitutional Law No.92/AN/10/6th L of 21 April 2010 revising the Constitution;
VU Act No. 12/AN/98/4 L of 11 March 1998 on the reform of the Sociétés d'État, the Sociétés d'Économie Mixte and the Public Institutions of Industrial and Commercial character;
VU Law No.160/AN/12/6th The reorganization of the Ministry of Economy and Finance in charge of Industry and Planning;
VU Law No.58/AN/14/7th L of 06 December 2014 adopting the "Vision Djibouti 2035" and its Operational Action Plans;
VU Law n°143/AN/16/7ème The Code of Good Governance of Public Enterprises;
VU Decree No.2015-290/PR/MEFCI of 24 October 2015 adopting the National Development Plan SCAPE;
VU Decree No.2016-109/PRE of 11 May 2016 appointing the Prime Minister;
VU Order No.2016-110/PRE of 12 May 2016 appointing the Ministries;
VU Decree No.2016-148/PRE of 16 June 2016 establishing the responsibilities of members of the Government;
VU Circular n°170/PAN dated June 07, 2018 convening the 5th Public Meeting of the 1st Ordinary Session of the Year 2018;

The Council of Ministers heard at its meeting on 10 April 2018.

Article 1. - Object and denomination
It is created an industrial and commercial public institution called "Centre du Leadership et d'Entrepreneuriat and (in short "CLE"), attached to the Ministry of Economy and Finance responsible for Industry.
In all acts, invoices, advertisements, publications and other documents emanating from the CLE, its entire or abbreviated name will be preceded or followed immediately in a legible character of the words "public institution with an industrial and commercial character", where "EPIC" is shortened.
The CLE has a moral personality with administrative and financial autonomy.
The headquarters of the CLE is located in Djibouti, at an address specified by the statutes.

Article 2. - CLE General Missions
The CLE's mission is to facilitate the development of entrepreneurship in Djibouti. In collaboration with other State and non-State actors, it is responsible for:
- To ensure the coordination of stakeholders involved in the promotion of entrepreneurship support activities and enterprise development,
- Provide business growth opportunities by connecting them to potential customers and ensuring their upgrading,
- Identify potential sources of investment or partnership for SMEs and young entrepreneurs,
- Provide practical experience, entrepreneurial training, and guidance for the creation, management and development of the company,
- Supporting the search for initial funding to help start-ups to realize and wall their idea,
- To serve as a platform for exchange of information, opportunities, tools, needs, etc. from various actors in the private and public sectors,
- Identify growth poles and opportunities for local businesses and young growers.

Article 3. - CLE capacity
The ELC may perform any commercial, industrial, financial, securities or real estate transactions that may relate directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, to its purpose.

Article 4. - CLE Administration
The ELC is administered by a Board of Directors responsible for monitoring and controlling the actions of the ELC in accordance with the laws in force and the general directions defined by the Government. Its composition and missions are fixed by decree taken in Council of Ministers on the proposal of the Recruitment Authority.

Article 5. - CLE management
The management of the CLE is ensured by a Director General appointed on the advice of the Board of Directors by decree taken in Council of Ministers on the proposal of the Authority of attachment.
The Director General is vested with the decision-making powers necessary for the proper operation of the CLE and within the limits of the powers of the Board of Directors.

Article 6. - CLE Financial Plan
The CLE is placed under the economic and financial control of the State and the financial and accounting operation of the CLE is carried out according to the regulations of public accounting. The CLE has an Accountant Officer designated by Order in Council of Ministers on the proposal of the Minister of Budget.

Article 7. - Target recipients
The beneficiaries of the CLE are all the actors involved in the country's economic development, with particular emphasis on:
- Young people, women and other independent workers;
- Companies and more particularly start-ups, micros, small and medium-sized enterprises;
- Public and para-public institutions for entrepreneurship services;
- Non-governmental organizations serving the development of entrepreneurship and business services;
- Business networks and economic interest groups.

Article 8. - Closing authority
The CLE is attached to the Ministry of Economy and Finance responsible for Industry, which ensures that:
- the proper functioning of the CLE with regard to the normal rules of management and the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Djibouti;
- the adequacy of its economic and financial strategy to the objectives set by the Government;
- results achieved against the targets set.

Article 9. - Financial resources
The financial resources of the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Centre are:
- Resources allocated by the State or by any other public person;
- Funding by institutional or private partners under the conventions and agreements with the Government or the ELC;
- Products generated by CLE activities;
- Products from the investments of the CLE resources (financial investment, participation in companies, investments);
- Gifts and bequests;
- Any other recipe authorized by laws and regulations.
The Board of Directors will determine the amounts and terms of payment of expenses attributable to the resources of the ELC.

Article 10. - The terms and conditions for the organization and operation of the CLE are fixed by decree taken in Council of Ministers on the proposal of the Reception Authority.

Article 11. - Any earlier provisions contrary to this Act are repealed.

Article 12. - This Act comes into force as soon as it is published in the Official Gazette.

Done in Djibouti on 25/06/2018

President of the Republic,
Head of Government