Act No. 29/An/18/8Th Ratifying Order No.2018-001/Pre Of 9 September 2018.

Original Language Title: Loi N° 29/AN/18/8ème L ratifiant l'ordonnance n°2018-001/PRE du 9 septembre 2018.

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Act No. 29/AN/18/8th Ratifying Order No.2018-001/PRE of 9 September 2018.


VU The Constitution of 15 September 1992;
VU Constitution Act No. 134/AN/06/5th L of 02 February 2006 revising the Constitution;
VU Constitution Act No. 215/AN/08/5th L of 19 January 2008 revising the Constitution;
VU Law No.92/AN/10/6th L of 21 April 2010 revising the Constitution;
VU Act No. 202/AN/17/7th L of November 08, 2017 on strategic infrastructure contracts;
VU Order No.2018-085/PRE of February 22, 2018, which terminates the concession of the Doraleh Container Terminal (DCT.S.A) Corporation;
VU Order No.2018-087/PRE of February 22, 2018 creating the Terminal Management Corporation in Doraleh Container;
VU Order No.2018-001/PRE dated September 09, 2018 transferring ownership of shares held by the Port of Djibouti S.A in the capital of DCT S.A;
VU Decree No.2016-109/PRE of 11 May 2016 appointing the Prime Minister;
VU Decree No.2016-110/PRE of 12 May 2016 appointing members of the Government;
VU Decree No.2016-148/PRE of 16 June 2016 establishing the powers of the Ministries;
VU Circular No. 271/PAN of 21/10/18 calling for the 1st Public Meeting of the 2nd Ordinary Session of 2018;
The Council of Ministers heard in its meeting on 16 October 2018.

Article 1: Order No.2018-001/PRE dated September 09, 2018 transferring ownership of shares held by the Port of Djibouti S.A. in the capital of the company DCT S.A is ratified.

Article 2: The provisions of Article 2 of Order No.2018-001/PRE of September 09, 2018 are amended as follows: “The State shall compensate the Société Port de Djibouti S.A. within a maximum period of two months. As such, the Société Port de Djibouti S.A. will, in exchange for shares transferred to the State, receive shares held by the State in the social capital of the Société de Gestion du Terminal à Conteneur de Doraleh (SGTD S.A).
The terms and the exchange value of the shares will be fixed by decree.”

Article 3: The provisions of this Act apply effective September 09, 2018.

Article 4: This Act will be registered and published in the Official Journal of the Republic of Djibouti.

Done in Djibouti on 28/10/2018

President of the Republic,
Head of Government