Ordinance On The Quality Standard For Social Treatment For Drug Abuse Pursuant To Section 101 Of The Act On Social Services

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om kvalitetsstandard for social behandling for stofmisbrug efter § 101 i lov om social service

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Ordinance on the quality standard for social treatment for drug abuse pursuant to section 101 of the Act on social services

Under section 139 of the Act on social services, see. lovbekendtgørelse nr. 254 of 20. March 2014, fixed: § 1. The Municipal Council set a quality standard for the municipality's offer of social treatment for drug abuse pursuant to section 101 of the Act on social services.

(2). Quality standard must contain a comprehensive information to citizens about the offers and services, Municipal Council offers citizens who want social treatment for substance abuse. Quality standard must describe the service level on drug treatment area, such as the Municipal Council decides on, including the policy objectives and priorities which lie behind the decision.

(3). Municipal Board's quality standard and the Municipal Board's follow-up and audit on quality standard be made widely available to the citizens of the municipality, including, as a minimum, on the Internet.

§ 2. Quality standard for drug addiction treatment, as referred to in paragraph 1 shall at least include a description of the fields of action, resulting from § 101:1) the tasks that are executed on drug treatment area.

2) Segment for the provision of drug addiction treatment.

3 The overall goal for the effort), including the values and norms which effort is based.

4) The organisational structure in relation to the treatment on offer, including a description of the specific types of treatment offered.

5) Visitation procedure.

6) the treatment guarantee.

7) the possibility of free choice.

8) Follow-up on the citizen's treatment plan, see. (2).

9) what is the objective for the preparation, coordination and follow-up of action plans.

10) How user involvement is ensured.

11) Rules for payment for Board and lodging, etc.

12) Information on casework and redress.

13) Staff professional skills and competence development.

14) monitoring efforts, see. (3).

(2). Follow-up, see. (1) No. 8 on the citizen's treatment plan, shall be made within 1 month and again 6 months after treatment has ended. The citizens who are the subject of follow-up, are citizens who have completed a course of treatment with the status ' completed ', printed to a ' second offer ', printed by ' hospital ' or printed with ' other reason ' to complete treatment.

(3). Monitoring of action without prejudice. (1) No. 14, shall include the setting of targets for: (a)), the proportion of drug addicts who completed treatment is drug-free, as well as the proportion of drug addicts who completed treatment has reduced their substance abuse.

(b)), the proportion of drug abusers in treatment after completed treatment returns to drug addiction treatment within 12 months.

(4). Moreover, it should be described in the quality standard, how, in the context of social treatment for substance abuse in accordance with § 101 ensured attention to the situation of drug misbrugerens any children living at home under the age of 18.

(5). The Municipal Council also informs about future action on drug treatment area.

§ 3. The Municipal Council shall ensure in quality standards to inform citizens about the quality requirements, etc., which made the Municipal Council make deals, as the municipality apply for solution of tasks under section 101.

(2). The information shall also include information on treatment, segment, core services, human resources, physical conditions, price, etc. in the various packages.

§ 4. The Municipal Council revises the quality standard at least every two years.

(2). In the preparation and revision of the quality standard involved representatives of drug addicts and possibly their relatives.

§ 5. The notice shall enter into force on 7 August. may 2014.

(2). Changed quality standard on social treatment for substance abuse in accordance with this Ordinance shall be drawn up not later than the 8. September 2014.

(3). At the same time repealed Executive Order No. 622 of 15. June 2006 about quality standard of social treatment for drug abuse pursuant to section 101 of the Act on social services.

The Ministry of children, gender equality, Integration and social conditions, the 30. April 2014 Manu Sareen/Anders Moller Jakobsen

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