Decree On Quality Assurance In General Water Supply Plant

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om kvalitetssikring på almene vandforsyningsanlæg

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Table of Contents
Appendix 1 The general water supply operation and the elementary water supply shygiene course shall include the following elements :
Appendix 2 Examples of components that may form part of the hydrating of the water supply system :

Publication of quality assurance on general water supply plants

In accordance with section 56 a and Article 84 (4), 2, in the law on water supply, etc., cf. Law Order no. 635 of seven. June 2010 shall be determined :

§ 1. The commuting shall lay down rules for the introduction of quality assurance in the general water supply system by the introduction of a management framework that ensures systematic working routines in order to prevent the contamination of drinking water.

§ 2. A general water supply system must anchor the operator responsible for a general water supply plant carrying out a course on general water supply operations and the elementary water repair system, cf. Annex 1.

§ 3. A single water supply plant that delivers 17,000 m 3 Water per year or more, the introduction of quality assurance must be established by :

1) to map the entire water supply as well as the quality of this, cf. Annex 2,

2) to map the operating routines of water supplies, including workflows in general operations, cleaning, sampling, repair, nyropation, and, and,

3) assess the risk of contamination of the water from the total production system, including from the individual components, inappropriate structures and the overall maintenance mode, as well as the operational procedures and prioritize the action according to where, is a high risk of pollution of water,

4) to prepare a course of action, which describes how and when the supply will deal with the priority actions resulting from paragraph 3, and

5) to continuously follow up and document that the supply has carried out the planned actions.

§ 4. A general water supply system supplying more than 750,000 m 3 Water per The year shall comply with the requirements of section 3 by introducing ISO 22000 or systems based on the HACCP principles (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), such as Documented Drinking Water Security or similar systems.

§ 5. A general water supply system shall inform the municipality board of the introduction of quality assurance in accordance with the requirements of the quality assurance system. § § 2-4 and the nature of this no later than 6 months after the introduction.

§ 6. Quality assurance, cf. § § 2-4, must be introduced no later than 31. December 2014.

§ 7. Unless higher penalties are inflited on the other legislation, the penalty shall be penalised by the penalty which is in violation of section 2 to 6.

Paragraph 2. Companies can be imposed on companies, etc. (legal persons) punishable by the rules of the penal code 5. Chapter.

§ 8. The announcement will enter into force 14. February, 2013.

The Ministry of Environment, 8. February 2013

Ida Auken

/ Thorbjorn Fangel

Appendix 1

The general water supply operation and the elementary water supply shygiene course shall include the following elements :

1. Structure of the water disposal

2. Borings

3. Water treatment

4. SRO

5. Container installations

6. Formation and orientation of water

7. Direction of the wiring

8. Water quality

9. Contingacy and security of supply

10. Prevention of pollutants

11. Quality assurance of a water supply

12. Basic knowledge of pathogenic pathogenic bacteria and micro-organisms

13. Pollution sources of bacteria and micro-organisms

14. Knowledge of the risk of contamination of the components of the production system of the water supply

15. Identification of danger of contamination in the water supply system

16. Good hygiene rules

17. Response by contamination of bacteria and micro-organisms

Appendix 2

Examples of components that may form part of the hydrating of the water supply system :

A. Source space

1. Grundareal

2. Lock Out

3. Hegn

4. Planting

B. Borings

1. DGU-no.

2. Borejournal

3. Pejilbility

4. Lock Out

5. Exaeration

6. Dry well

7. Overbuilding

8. Stigrore

9. Exerctor

10. Fornersseal

11. Raw irrigation

12. Raw Water Pump

13. File terrors

14. ContravenTo

15. Valor

16. Raw watersleezers

17. Gruessfortress

18. Lerjammers

19. Power cable

C. Building

1. Tag

2. Murftsmanship

3. Fundamenment

4. Floor

5. Windows

6. Exaeration

7. TAWING / Emission of rainwater

8. Dehumidifier

9. El Tables

10. Operating System

11. SRO systems

12. Alarm

13. Tyriscode

14. Phone

D. Processing System

1. Exceptional straps

2. Compressor ilter

3. Occupancy Facility

4. Kapselfan

5. Open SandFilter

6. TrykFilter

7. Compressor Filter

8. Guilt Pump

9. Slambassin

E. Beholderplant

1. Rents Water-Sangation

2. Murplant / Material

3. Resolution

4. Helition

5. Ventilation

6. Overflow pipes

7. Protection of the air vents

8. Protection of overflow pipes

F. Eputation Plant

1. Frequencies-driven pumps

2. Hydrofor

3. Membrane hydrofor

4. Electronic Water Meter

G. Ledger

1. Emission Map

2. Master Wire

3. Supply Wires

4. Stickwires

5. Watermeters in consumers

6. Pressure increase station

7. Printing pump

8. Height container

9. Stophane

10. Electronic Flow Meter

H. Other