Announcement Of Law On Disability Support

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse af lov om invalideforsørgelse

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Disabilitation of invalidity
Chapter 2 Enorment of widows
Chapter 3 Children's grievation
Chapter 4 General provisions

Completion of the degree of invalidity allowance

In this respect, the invalidity allowance shall be announced, cf. Law Order no. 912 of 12. In December 1986, with the changes resulting from paragraph 5 of Act No 196 of 29. March 1989.

Chapter 1

Disabilitation of invalidity

§ 1. The performance of such body damage or weakness which obliterate or substantially weakens his / her family's subteam is deemed to be crippled and have, after all, the discharge (respectively, the dismissal) of the military service requirements on invalidity provision.

Paragraph 2. This requirement shall not be forfeit before the person concerned may have served or have been fully in the business of a period of time after he was affected by the injury or weakness of which a substantial reduction in his capacity is reduced in a later light.

Paragraph 3. The same requirements as the military cripples have anyone who, without being in actual military service, ordered to work for military purposes why he cannot escape, for example, dugout, for example, duress, pausing and dislike when he becomes an invalid.

§ 2. Alter to join or rejoin in a higher degree of invalidity or to move to a higher invalidity department (see Section 6) shall be subject to the submission of a written petition by the person concerned, accompanied by the schematic of the case of the Agency for the Agency for the Health and Safety Board.

§ 3. Where the petitioner is recognized as an invalid request, such service shall be provided for by the 1. in the month of the petition, the following month shall be counted.

Paragraph 2. However, when he considers the circumstances, the head of the Agency for Labour may, therefore, confess to the submission of such a confession until a year from the petition and, as a previous petition, has been refused, and even more time.

Paragraph 3. With the same restriction, the head of the Agency for Labour may, in the light of circumstances, have already acknowledged the invalidity of invalidity depredation.

§ 4. If the petitioner is not entitled to the requested service as an invalid, he may, if he wishes to seek himself in the courts, entitled to such aoration, summons the matter within 12 months of the date of departure of his most recent ; petition has been announced and then duly prosecute the case.

Paragraph 2. In the case of a judgment in accordance with the preceding proceedings, the person concerned may be entitled to enjoy the benefits of an invalid, as well as to the execution of one of the law of invalidity departments, but not for any period of time, prior to the beginning of the submission of his last petition the following month.

§ 5. The financial contribution of an annual financial contribution shall be granted either as permanent or for one year at a time. Continuation must first be admitted when the body damage or weakness that causes the fortification is recognised to be incurable or to perpetual state of invalidity, which stresses the invalidity allowance.

Paragraph 2. If, for one year only, further grievation is granted after the end of the year, further appeation shall be made subject to the fact that the renewed schematic information from the invalidity indicates that the appeation of the relevant information is justified.

§ 6. Invalidity shall be entered as such for three main divisions :

First of all, those who, due to the invalidity of the military, have lost any business capacity.

2. Section : those who have lost the majority of their professional capacity.

3. Section : those who cannot be placed on any of the previous departments.

§ 7. The validity of the infection shall be determined without regard to the service or the service of the service, so as to ensure that :

an invalid belonging to 1. Department gets 3,000 kroner.

an invalid by 2. Section from 1,200 kr. to 2,400 kr.,

an invalid by 3. Department up to 1,000.

For cries from the 1848-50 and 1864 wars, the limit of EUR 300 000 is increased.

§ 8. Invalidity will be determined by the Agency for the Management Board within the limits laid down for each department, in relation to the conditions laid down in respect of each invalid specified set of circumstances, so as to take account of the larger or less information, meanings of the injury or weakness of the incapacity of the body or the weakness caused the loss of professional capacity and professional capacity.

The amount of money thus determined may later be, due to significant changes in the invalidity or its influence on the professional capacity, either increase or deteriorate, be within the limits of the invalidity department or by transfer to another ; Department.

§ 9. The validity of the invalidity allowance referred to in the preceding paragraphs shall be subject to conclusive proof that the degree of invalidity has been incurred in the course of the military execution of the military ; duty duties.

§ 10. Where such proof is not available, the chairman of the Agency for Health and Safety could be assisted by a reduction in the following cases :

1) when it is estimated that the invalidity of the invalidity shall be obtained from the execution of the military service obligations of the person concerned ;

2) However, when the invalidity is not derived from the execution of actual military service obligations, however, its entranement has been carried out under conditions in contact with the military service.

Such a service shall not exceed 2/3 of the maximum amount referred to in Section 7 for the degree of invalidity of the person concerned to be executed.

Access to the purposes of this paragraph shall not be subject to the decision of the courts.

§ 11. In the case of a decision on access to invalidity deception, in accordance with the general rules which, in accordance with section 10, shall be observed that, as a participant in a war, the persons involved in a war have been discharged by which he has been discharged ; in the case of an act of war, shall be deemed to have incurred its disease in the course of carrying out its military duties.

§ 12. When an invalid who is attached to a sustained account is taken as a public service, then the disassoring part of the degree of invalidity shall lapse so that the other income of the treasury does not exceed one and a half times of his or her ; previous income of the Treasury Fund. The invalidity of the service without a pension shall be granted to the former invalidity of him once again, in so far as the conditions are, moreover, present. On the other hand, in the case of dismissal, however, he shall receive a special pension in respect of the benefits referred to in the new sham.

Invalidity settlement shall also be included in the following cases :

1) when the invalidity of the profession is subject to special authorisation in foreign service,

2) when he does not, without such authorisation, take a residence abroad ;

3) When he has not raised it in 3 years, to be able to prove legal hurdle.

When a precipation has been unswolted for a whole year or longer, the amount of unpaid amount to the treasury shall be discharged.

Chapter 2

Enorment of widows

§ 13. Enches after invalidity and those who have been killed or deadly injured during the performance of the service or died by an impacting sickness, under the detailed rules laid down below, access to the settlement of the treasury, in so far as they are therein, shall be admitted as far as they are. needy.

§ 14. Widows whose marriage is only concluded after their husbands deceived the invalidity or weakness that has caused the invalidity, unless the man the marriage was concluded, was parted by the parchment of the marriage. disabled by 1. Department.

Paragraph 2. Under no circumstances can a man be confessed to widows whose marriage has been entered into after the man's 60. the year, or on his deathbed, or whose marriage was completely unsolved before the man's death.

§ 15. The following shall be determined for widows of persons who have been killed or are deadly injured during the performance of the service or by someone in the service of the service, taking into account the greater or lesser need of the widow in question, and other conditions ; a amount of up to 1 200 kr.

§ 16. In the case of widows after invalidity, the precipation of a sum of up to 900 cages, however, no more than half of the grieving, invalidate ppointed.

§ 17. In the case of widows of persons whose appearance was reassured on the provisions of section 10 or the corresponding earlier rules (Law of 1. "March 1889, 5 and 27." In February 1897, section 9), the allowance shall not exceed 2/3 of the limits referred to in sections 15 and 16 respectively of 1 200 kr. and 900 kr.

§ 18. However, in the course of this chapter, the forfeit of the entrants shall be maintained as renewable ; but, after the information provided for in the craving of the intake of the person concerned, they may not later be increased, but are also reduced within the prescribed limits or even to be involved.

§ 19. If the widow is to enter into a new marriage, then in any case her demands for the oration of this law are repealed, and will be the one who had already been confessed to her, then to involve them.

Paragraph 2. If the widow is to be subdivided, the widow shall be dissuazed :

1) without the profession of special authorisation, they shall take residence abroad ; and

2) When she has not raised it in three years without later being able to prove legal hurdle.

Paragraph 3. If a widow's devotion has been left unraised for a whole year, or even longer, the amount of unpaid amount to the treasury is discharged.

Chapter 3

Children's grievation

20. Children following persons who have been killed or deadly injured during the performance of the service or by the death of a person at the service of the service shall have access to the service of the person who is in need of such a condition.

Paragraph 2. Under the same conditions, the death of the father of the father shall be granted access to such prejudice unless the marriage in question has been concluded at such time or in such circumstances that the mother, according to the leading section 13, is not as a widow, or intended ; have had access to a griededment for debilisation.

§ 21. For any such child, a charge of 150 kr is provided. annual, once the mother is still alive, and 300 kroner. annual, if both parents have died in death.

Paragraph 2. However, in any event, the grieved child must not, in any case, exceed the amount of invalidity, which has been the father or, if he has been killed or killed by a fatal injury or death, one on the duty of the service, the person who might have been granted as an invalid by 2. Department.

Paragraph 3. Beroed's birth rate of return on the provisions of section 10 or similar older rules, may not exceed 2/3 of the newly-mentioned limits of 150 and 200 kr.

§ 22. The grievement will remain in the rule of the child's 15. Years. If the child's desire to do so will end, the spell can also be made before the 15th birthday. This year shall be reduced or completely withdrawn, as always, in the same cases, in section 19, paragraph 1. 2, no. 1) and (2) are mentioned in the case of widowers.

-23. The rules laid down in this chapter shall not be granted where pensioners ' pensions or childcare ' s pension are not subject to the rules of pension law.

Chapter 4

General provisions

§ 24. The provisions of the present act may not be sold, sold, pawning, or stocked with detention or under-bed.

§ 25. Any public and municipal official shall have without any payment to provide the information, certificates and documents which may be required by the Agency for the Agency for the Agency or for the granting of such notification by the Agency for the purpose of this Act.

SECTION 26. Everyone at this law's entry into force, made up of invalidity provisions, will be adjusted in accordance with the rules of this law. The adjustment shall be counted as from 1. January 1920 will be as soon as possible and at the latest before 1. April 1920.

Paragraph 2. The following shall be adjusted in accordance with the rules laid down by this law, after the submission of information to widows and children, after a petition, with sufficient information on their economic relations. The latter shall apply to all the forcings which are allegedly after the entry into force of the law.

§ 27. In the case of the determination of all the payment and the increase in the amount of this law, it shall be observed that such a sum, which shall be paid by equal monthly amounts, shall be such that such sum shall be such that each person concerned shall be eligible. The annual increase shall therefore be increased in the event of a meeting as much as that is to be challenged.

§ 27 A. Continuous grieving increases from 1. April 1978 to 466%. the amount of the allowance shall be set aside for the following law. 216 of 4. June 1965.

Paragraph 2. Dying an injured person shall lay down the compensation for losses of the forfeit of 466%. the amount of the allowance may be fixed in accordance with the law. 216 of 4. June 1965.

Paragraph 3. Degrays in accordance with paragraph 1. 1 and 2 are regulated in accordance with the rules of the law on occupational health insurance.

Paragraph 4. The pursues, regulated in accordance with paragraph 1. 3, shall be reduced by 20%. from 1. in the month following the PFs of the rentver. Years.

§ 27 B. The interest receivers of 75 years may require that interest after this has been reduced in accordance with section 27 A (3). 4, shall be converted into a capital amount. The detailed rules for this shall be laid down by the Management Board.

Paragraph 2. the age limit referred to in paragraph 1. 1 shall be set up from 1. April 1979 to 70 years and from 1. April 1980 to 1. of the month after that the person concerned is 67 years old.

§ 28. This law shall enter into force on 1. January 1920.

Law No 196 of 29. In March 1989, the following entry into force shall be : 1)

§ 17

The law shall enter into force on 1. July 1989. -OH,

Department of Employment, the 14th. March 2013

Mette Frederiksen

/ Tor Even Münter

Official notes

1) Exclame the Clause 2, section 3, paragraph 3. 2 and 3, § 8, § 10, § 25, and § 27 B.