Notice Of Qualification Criteria For Cooks Without Certificate As Danish Skibskok To Serve As Skibskok In Merchant Ships Registered In The Danish International Ship Register

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om kvalifikationskrav til kokke uden dansk sønæringsbevis som skibskok til at gøre tjeneste som skibskok i handelsskibe registreret i Dansk Internationalt Skibsregister

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Qualifications for endorsement certificate
Chapter 2 Application and Issue
Chapter 3 Especially for persons who comply with the EU Directive on the recognition of professional qualifications
Chapter 4 Transferability of powers
Chapter 5 Withdrawal of a drawing certificate
Chapter 6 Service without endorsement certificate
Chapter 7 Draft provisions, etc.
Chapter 8 Fees
Chapter 9 Entry into force

Applicable to non-Danish seafarers ' certification requirements as a ship ' s head to serve as shipwrecked in merchant vessels registered in Danish Internationally Shipship Registry 1)

In accordance with Article 8 (2), 3, section 18, section 24 b, section 24 d, section 24 f, section 24 g, section 25, paragraph 4, in the order of ships, cf. Law Order no. 168 of 27. In February 2012, as amended by law no. 493 of 12. May 2010 and Law No 478 of 30. May 2012, determined by authority :

Chapter 1

Qualifications for endorsement certificate

§ 1. In ships registered in the Danish International Ship Register (DIS), persons shall be able to serve in prescribed posts as ship-safe without Danish seafarers ' seafarers ' customs if they have a valid endorsement certificate following this notice.

§ 2. Proof of proof may be issued to persons who can document an apprentiship time during the 48-month period, of which at least 24 months in seagoing ships, cf. However, § 8.

Paragraph 2. Evidence of proof may also be issued to persons who can document

1) a satisfactory implementation of a cook training ;

2) After finished cooking training, a service in a seagoing vessel for at least five months has been served ; and

3) has passed the test in section 4, cf. however, section 4 (4), 2.

Paragraph 3. Persons applying for endorsement certificate pursuant to paragraph 1. In addition, 1 and 2 must be in possession of :

1) a health certificate valid for the service that is to be carried out on board, and

2) evidence of passed course that meets the requirements of the STCW Convention of Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers) Regulation VI/1 and in STCW Code of the Code A-VI/1, paragraph 2, on "Basic Training".

§ 3. Co-op after section 2, paragraph. 2, must be carried out in a country,

1) the Convention on Maritime Labour (MLC) or ILO Convention no. 69 on the issue of duelicibility certificates for ship shutters, and

2) as the IMO Security Committee and the European Commission have announced, that the evidence-issuing country at its information material has announced that it has fully implemented the STCW Convention.

Paragraph 2. List of countries as referred to in paragraph 1. 1 exists on the Internet site on the Internet.

§ 4. Form and content of the section in section 2 (2). 2, no. The test shall be determined by the Danish Maritime Service. The test consists of an operational interview, which shall ensure that the requisite skills as a shipwreck in the field of practical cooking, food hygiene, personal hygiene, stock management, storage and environmental protection, health, nutrition, and protection in the preplex have been met.

Paragraph 2. The Maritime Service Management Board may dispense with the requirement to test, when the Maritime Service Agency has a specific knowledge of the training and certification system of training and the certificate of evidence or to the institution of training in which the evidence holder has the evidence holder ; completed training. The Maritime Agency shall publish on the Internet of the Administrative Board on the Internet, in which cases may be dispensed from the requirement for examination, and after consultation of the seafarers and shipowners concerned, to which the question relates to the specific case ; Incoming knowledge is acquired.

Chapter 2

Application and Issue

§ 5. The application for the issue of drawing evidence of foreign sea shutters shall be submitted to the Maritime Agency on a special form, which is found on the Maritime Maritime home page on the Internet, cf. However, section 9. The application shall be submitted by the shipping company which wishes to employ the ship in question, as specified in the ship, cf. however, section 8 (3). 2.

Paragraph 2. The application shall be accompanied by a declaration by the company that the shipping company will concern the person concerned as shipwrecker in a ship registered in the Danish International Shipship, cf. however, section 8 (3). 2.

§ 6. Applications will be processed in accordance with the order of publication no. 575 of 1. June 2011 on the recognition of professional qualifications and so on, if any, as amended.

§ 7. A certificate of endorsement shall be issued for a maximum period of no more than five years. However, the period of validity may not exceed a possible expiry date for a foreign certificate such as the ship ' s head or other endorsement.

Paragraph 2. A foreign recognition certificate or endorsement may not be used as a basis for the issuance of Danish evidence of certification.

Chapter 3

Especially for persons who comply with the EU Directive on the recognition of professional qualifications

§ 8. Persons fulfilling the conditions laid down in the European Union Directives establishing general arrangements for the mutual recognition of qualifications for professional skills training, cf. Law Order no. 189 of 12. Feb 2010 on the provision of certain professions in Denmark may submit an application for a ship ' s occupation as a ship ' s head with appropriate documentation, directly to the Maritime Maritime Agency.

Paragraph 2. The following shall be settled with the application :

1) Proof of nationality, for example, a copy of identity cards or passports.

2) Authorization certificate or any other qualification certificate that gives the applicant access to the profession (if acquired by the applicant country).

3) Educational evidence relevant to the applicant ' s profession.

4) The applicant ' s contact information, given the first name and last name, address, phone number and, if applicable, e-mail. If it is a person other than the applicant, such as company, send documents on behalf of the applicant, the name, address, phone number and, if applicable, the name of the applicant must be provided. e-mail of the incoming transmitter.

5) Medical record for physical and mental health.

6) Soaking proof in original.

7) Phartastic documentation.

Paragraph 3. The provisions of sections 2, 5, 7 and 14 shall not apply to persons covered by paragraph 1. 1.

Chapter 4

Transferability of powers

§ 9. The Danish Maritime Service may be responsible for a business, institution or person with Danish seafarers ' seafarers ' customs to carry out the test in accordance with section 2 (2). 2, no. 3, provided that the undertaking or institution is :

1) does not run the precoating activity ;

2) has an extensive knowledge of cooking training and the requirements to be provided for shipowners, and

3) may carry out operational tests in a reassuring manner, in accordance with the guidelines of the Maritime Management Board.

§ 10. In order to maintain the authorization after paragraph 10, the establishment, the institution or the ship ' s sea shall be audited by the Maritime Agency. In this audit, the establishment, the institution or the ship ' s bulkhead shall demonstrate that the conditions for the authorization are still fulfilled.

Paragraph 2. The Maritime Agency may impose concrete measures and actions necessary for the fulfilment of the conditions for the authorization and determine when these are to be carried out.

Paragraph 3. If the Maritime Maritime Agency considers that an establishment, an institution or a ship ' s head does not meet the conditions for the authorization and does not comply with the requirements to rectify within a fixed deadline date, the approval shall be revoked.

Paragraph 4. The Danish Maritime Agency may obtain information from the establishment, the institution or the ship ' s cover of all matters relating to the one in section 2 (2). 2, no. The test equipment, including the qualifications and equipment of the test holder, shall be used for the implementation of the supervision and quality assurance.

Chapter 5

Withdrawal of a drawing certificate

§ 11. The Maritime Service Management Board shall include a certificate of endorsement if the holder of his service on board has posed a direct threat to life or, as a result of the seemingly incorporated state of the holder, the person concerned shall continue to allow the person concerned to continue to act in such a way as to : carry out the undertaking the endorsement is entitled to.

Paragraph 2. The proof may also be withdrawn where the basis for issue has been incorrectly so that the conditions for maintaining the endorsement were not present at the time of the application and are still not present.

Paragraph 3. If the holder of an endorsement is still employed in a ship belonging to the company in question, the company is responsible for the inclusion of a certificate of evidence being delivered to the Sea Fartboard.

Paragraph 4. Where a decision on the withdrawal of an endorsement is taken, the evidence issuing country of the Maritime Agency shall be informed of the decision taken by the Maritime Agency.

Chapter 6

Service without endorsement certificate

§ 12. The service in a position in which seafarers as a ship ' s sock are prescribed shall be permitted without endorsement of a maximum period of three months, but no longer than the length of the period of time of the maximum length of time, if :

1) the country in which the encoding has been carried out is included in the country in section 3, paragraph 3 ; 2, mentioned list,

2) the conditions of section 4 (4). 2, for the waste of test requirements, and

3) the application for proof referred to in Section 2 has been submitted to the Maritime Agency in accordance with the instructions in force, and the receipt of this has been confirmed by the Sea Fartboard before the service is taken.

Chapter 7

Draft provisions, etc.

§ 13. Decisions taken pursuant to section 2 (2) of the Maritime Management Board shall be taken. One and two, section 8. Paragraph 1, section 9 and section 10 (1). On the basis of the law on maritime safety, the decision to be taken into consideration may be reduced by the decision taken pursuant to the Act on Maritime Safety.

Paragraph 2. The Maritime Management Decision on the withdrawal of an endorsement certificate in accordance with the rules of section 8 (4). 1 and 2 of the holder or the shipping company may be brought to the Board of Appeal for the Maritime Affairs and the Respice of the Company.

Paragraph 3. The freedom of application for the items referred to in paragraph 1. The decisions of 1 and 2 shall be four weeks. The Board of Appeal may disregard the freedom of appeal when there is a particular reason for that.

Chapter 8


§ 14. The application for endorsement shall be subject to a fee of 500 kr.

Paragraph 2. An application shall be admissible where the application of the provisions of paragraph 1 the charge has been paid to the Maritime Maritime Agency.

Paragraph 3. On the basis of section 2 (2), the Sea Fartboard shall be tested on the Maritime Service. 2, no. 3, or to a notified undertaking, in accordance with section 10, a separate fee may be charged for the size of the sea-board management, on the basis of the scope and holding of the test.

Paragraph 4. In connection with the request made pursuant to section 4 (4), 2, the Maritime Maritime Service may charge up the payment of expenditure for investigations, including any necessary steedeme-the-spot inspections.

Chapter 9

Entry into force

§ 15. The announcement will enter into force on the 20th. August, 2013.

Paragraph 2. People who, pursuant to the applicable section 8 (2), Two, on the ship's crew before the entry into force of the law, acquired the right to work as a cook in Danish ships, maintains that right.

Paragraph 3. Persons covered by paragraph 1. 2 shall be deemed to comply with the requirements of the notice for the issuance of proof to which the person concerned must be in possession.

Paragraph 4. The Maritime Management Board may examine applications, receive a fee, etc., and issue the drawing evidence upon the notice from the 161. April 2013.

Sea Fargo, the 20th. March 2013

Per Sønderstrup

-Jørgen Leye.

Official notes

1) The announcement contains provisions which implement parts of Council Directive 2009 /13/EC of 16. February 2009 on the implementation of the Agreement concluded between the European Community Shipowners ' Association (ECSA) and the European Transport Workers Federation (ETF) on the Maritime Maritime Labour Convention and amending Directive 1999 /63/EC, EU-Official Journal 2009, L 124, page 30-50.