Executive Order On Documentation And Registration, Etc. Of Documents Concerning Agricultural Properties

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om dokumentation og tinglysning mv. af dokumenter vedrørende landbrugsejendomme

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Annunciation of documentation and tingling of documents relating to agricultural navigation documents

Purline of section 37 (2). 1, Section 38 (3). Article 43 (2) and Article 43 (3). 4, in the case of agricultural navigation, cf. Law Order no. 616 of 1. In June 2010, and after negotiating with the Minister for Justice and the Minister for the Environment,

§ 1. In order for a document to be entitled on an agricultural voyage which is wholly or partly situated in the territory of the country under the planning, or on a party in such a property, it must be capable of being able to do so shall, in the case of the Tingly-style, either :

1) provide evidence that the transferee has issued a duly affidavit to the Natural Acquietor, cf. paragraph 2, the fulfilment of the conditions laid down in Chapter 7, 9 or 10 in the case of agricultural navigation, or

2) permit authorisation for the acquisition under the rules of the law on agricultural navigation.

Paragraph 2. The declaration must be made on a schema that can be obtained from the Home page (www.naturerhverv.dk or www.landbrugsloven.dk) of the Natural Business Management Home page. The schema may also be available when contacting the Natural Acquist Management Board (tlf. 3395 8000). The statement of the statement shall be the schema in force on the date of the signature.

§ 2. The provisions of section 1 shall not apply to the provision of a return on an agricultural navigation in the following cases :

1) In the case of acquisition from a spouse in the event of an intake to the advent of the replace, the sharing of a common estate during separation or divorce or inheritance if the spouse has had legal access to the property or a property in property. The adoption document may be immediately set out in accordance with Article 14 (1) of the law. Paragraph 1, or section 16 (4). 1. The right of the Tingle may require documentation of the marriage relationship and for the inherit of the inherit or transferor of the transferee to the property or a party to the property.

2) In the case of the acquisition by public Danish authorities, an agricultural navigation in the zone. However, at the time of the reception of the Church of the People's Church, the notification document shall be accompanied by authorisation for the acquisition of the church minister, cf. Article 22 (3) of the law. 2.

§ 3. In the acquisition of an agricultural voyage which is entirely in the urban zone or in the summer area under the planning or acquisition of such property, the addenotive document may be set up if it contains a declaration that no one part of the property is situated in the land zone. The right of the Tingle may require documentation of the state of the property of the state of the state of the local authority declaration.

§ 4. A contract must be made for a lease, rental or use of a farm or a part thereof in order to be able to be able to do so either :

1) contain a declaration made by both owner and tenant (tenant or user) that the contract is valid without authorization after paragraph 27 (s). Paragraph 1, and section 28 (1). 1, in the case of agricultural navigation, or

2) be accompanied by a permit after paragraph 27 (1). Paragraph 2, or section 28 (2). Two, on the subject of agricultural land, to the conclusion of the contract.

Paragraph 2. The provisions of paragraph 1. Paragraph 1 shall not apply to the clearing of contracts, etc., concerning the placing of electricity masts or similar on agricultural property, in accordance with the rules applicable to the agricultural trade. Section 4 of notice no. 169 of 8. Feb 2010 on the outboard.

§ 5. Where an addenocation document or a contract on the lease, renting or operating conditions which are valid only valid may be established by the authorisation of agricultural property, notifies for this information more than four weeks after the conclusion of the agreement, cf. Section 40 (1) of the law. 1, and the necessary authorization is not included in the notification for the declaration, the document from the register shall be rejected, cf. however, paragraph 1 2.

Paragraph 2. A notification document or a contract of lease, rental or use of conditions shall be reported on the notifier ' s request with a time limit in the following cases :

1) When the notification to this report is satisfied, the application for authorization to acquire or lease has been submitted to the Benefit Board of Natural Acquisitions before the end of the deadline in section 40 of the Act on Agricultural-Outdoors.

2) When the notification is shown, the property within 4 weeks of the transfer or transfer of the lease has been transferred to a new owner or tenant (tenant or user).

3) In the event of notification of the notification, a declaration of fulfilment of the conditions of acquisition shall be attached, cf. Section 1 (1). The declaration shall be forwarded to the Natural Acquisim Management Board immediately after the document is available for the provision of the necessary documentation.

§ 6. The announcement shall enter into force on 1. April 2013.

Paragraph 2. Publication no. 303 of 26. In the case of documents relating to agricultural shipping, the year 2010 on documentation and tingling shall be repealed.

The Wildlife Agency, the 21. March 2013

Anders Munk Jensen

/ Kurt Wagner Jensen