Law Amending The Law On Cooperative Housing Associations And Other Residential Communities (Extension Of The Seller's Disclosure Obligation By Sale Of Cooperative Housing And The Introduction Of The Waiting Period For The Application Of The Valuer Asse...

Original Language Title: Lov om ændring af lov om andelsboligforeninger og andre boligfællesskaber(Udvidelse af sælgerens oplysningsforpligtelse ved salg af andelsboliger og indførelse af karensperiode for anvendelse af valuarvurdering og offentlig vurdering ved værdiansættelse a

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Law on the Change of Law on Housing Housing Associations and Other Housing Communities

(Expansion of the seller ' s information obligation on the sale of cooperative housing and the introduction of a period of curvature for the use of the valuation assessment and the public assessment of valuation of the property ' s property, etc.)

We, by God's grace, the Queen of the Danes, do our thing.

The parliament has adopted the following law, and we know that the following law has been approved by Parliament's consent :

§ 1

In the Law on Housing Housing and Other Housing Communities, cf. Law Order no. 1716 of 16. In December 2010, the following changes are made :

1. I Section 4 (b) (b) 3, and Section 6 (b) (b) SIX, TWO. pkt., change ' section 6 (1). 7, " to : section 6 (4). 10, "

2. I Section 5 (5). 2, the ' by means of the establishment ' s assets shall be replaced by one of the following values which shall not be exceeded by the calculation of the value of the shares in the association ' s assets ' : ` 'The valuation of the fortune ' s assets is estimated to be placed on the property of one of the following : points (a) (c) not exceeding the value of the share in the wealth ' s wealth, however, the value of the property in the first two years after the co-establishment ' s foundation shall be placed under (a) when a co-op is to : the diocese of the acquisition of an outlet outlet.

3. I Section 5 (5). 10, a change of ' grant to the establishment of private cooperatits after paragraph 160 b (b). 1, in the Law of Public Houses, as well as supporting private cooperative housing, etc., ' shall mean one-time grants for the establishment of private codders, in accordance with the law of public housing, and supported private cohabitat housing and so on for the period from 1. April 2002 to the 31. December 2004, "

4. I § 5 inserted after paragraph 1. 10 as new play :

" Stop. 11. Where aid has been granted by the State or the municipality to the establishment of a cogeneration organization, the amount of the aid paid out, which, after paragraph 160, is in the law of public housing, etc. may be reclailed when selling the property or property of the coating houses or merger with another cooperative property shall be entered in a note to the annual accounts. ` ;

Paragk 11-13 shall then be paragraph 1. 12-14.

5. Section 6 (2). 1, is hereby repealed and the following shall be inserted :

" The proportion of a share in a trade union, where the proportion is attached to housing, must before the conclusion of the agreement to hand over documents and key information on the cooperative and cooperative housing of the transferee. The transferor shall also, before the conclusion of the contract, make the purchaser acquainted with the content of section 5, section 15, paragraph 1. Paragraph 1, and section 16 (4). One and three.

Paragraph 2. The Minister for City, Housing and Rural Development shall lay down detailed rules on which documents and key information are to hand over to the transferee, the requirements of the key information, the key information to be recorded as notes ; the annual accounts, and the procedure for the preparation of the key information.

Paragraph 3. Money and mortgage credit institutions which have concluded loans and associated financial agreements with a trade union shall supply information material to the association with financial key information.

Paragraph 4. The Minister for City, housing and rural areas, in accordance with the business and growth Minister, shall lay down rules on the obligation to supply information material. '

Paragraph 2-8 is then being referred to in paragraph 2. 5-11.

6. I Section 6 (2). 4, there will be paragraph 1. 7, is replaced by ' paragraph 1. 3 ' shall be replaced by : SIX. "

7. I Section 6 (2). 8, there will be paragraph 1. 11, shall be amended ' paragraph 1. The following shall be replaced by the following : 10. "

8. I § 7 h, paragraph. ONE, TWO. pkt., is inserted after ' Section 6 (1). 1 ' shall mean ', and provisions laid down in accordance with section 6 (1). 2 and 4. "

§ 2

Paragraph 1. The law shall enter into force on 1. January 2014, cf. however, paragraph 1 2.

Paragraph 2. § 1, no. 2, enter into force on 1. July 2013 and its impact on cooperative societies that are founded upon the entry into force of this Regulation.

Paragraph 3. § 1, no. 4, shall apply to annual accounts for financial years beginning on 1. January 2013, or later.

Paragraph 4. Section 6 (2). Paragraph 1, on the Law of Housing Houses and other Houses of Housing, as drawn up by this Act's section 1, no. 5 shall apply only to agreements relating to the transfer of cooperative housing, which shall be concluded after the approval of the annual accounts for the financial year for the financial year commensurate on the 1 year. January 2013, or later.

Givet at Christiansborg Castle, the 12th. June 2013

Under Our Royal Hand and Segl


/ Carsten Hansen