Law Amending The Integration Act And The Act On Responsibility For And Management Of Active Employment Action (Offer Of An Integration Plan, Medical Assessment Of Newly Arrived Refugees, Etc.)

Original Language Title: Lov om ændring af integrationsloven og lov om ansvaret for og styringen af den aktive beskæftigelsesindsats (Tilbud om en integrationsplan, helbredsmæssig vurdering af nyankomne flygtninge m.v.)

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Law of amendment of the Act of Integration and the Act on the responsibility and management of active employment initiatives

(Offerings of an integration plan, health assessment of new arrivals and others)

We, by God's grace, the Queen of the Danes, do our thing.

The parliament has adopted the following law, and we know that the following law has been approved by Parliament's consent :

§ 1

In the integration act, cf. Law Order no. 1071 of 16. November 2012, as amended by Section 3 of Act 3. 430 of 1. May 2013 and section 3 of the Law No 493 of 21. May 2013, the following changes are made :

1. I Section 4 (4). 1, the ' integration programmes for refugees and family-made foreigners, cf. Chapter 4 : ' the integration plans and integration programmes for refugees and family-made foreigners, cf. Chapter 3 a and 4, ".

2. The following section shall be inserted after

" Chapter 3 a

Integration Plan

§ 15 a. Refugees and family colours shall have been offered an integration plan as soon as possible and within three months of the municipality's inheritance of integration responsibility for the foreigner in accordance with the Commune Management Board, cf. § 4. The integration plan consists of a lime part and a task force and must also include juveniles.

Paragraph 2. The integration plan must help to ensure a coherent and comprehensive integration effort, where the targets set and the efforts undertaken support the integration of individual aliens and, as far as possible, the integration of the whole family.

Paragraph 3. The integration plan shall be prepared by the coordination responsible management, cf. Section 15 b, in cooperation with the foreigner and taking into account the overall requirements and requirements of each Member State and his family, in order to integrate the entire family as quickly as possible.

Paragraph 4. The extraction plan shall contain a description of the prerequisites and resources of the foreignment and its members of the family, which are relevant to the integration of the family, including :

1) the educational and employment conditions of each family member, and

2) the social and health resources and challenges of each family member.

Paragraph 5. The result of a completed health assessment pursuant to section 15 d must be included in the extraction plan for the integration plan when it is available and the foreigner has informed them.

Paragraph 6. The task of the integration plan shall specify the objectives and objectives of the integration of individual family members and a plan for the efforts to ensure that the objectives are achieved, including :

1) social and health measures ;

2) education and training for under-age members of the family ;

3) an offer of Danish education and employment-oriented offer in the context of an integration programme after Section 16 ; and

4) activities to strengthen active citizenship.

Paragraph 7. The coordination responsible management shall, in cooperation with the individual foreigners, provide and obtain the information necessary for the extraction part of paragraph 1. 4 and the intervention part of paragraph 1. 6.

Paragraph 8. The integration plan shall indicate the management of the municipality responsible for coordinating the integration efforts of the foreigners and their family, cf. § 15 b.

Niner. 9. The integration plan must specify when to follow up the schedule, cf. § 15 c.

Paragraph 10. The Social-and the Minister for Integration may lay down detailed rules on the preparation and content of the integration plan.

§ 15 b. The local authority must take into account the provision of a coherent and comprehensive integration effort for refugees and family members of foreigners in each case, the management of the municipality responsible for the coordination of the integration plan ; for the foreigners and his family.

§ 15 c. The coordination responsible management shall be required within the intro period, cf. section 16 (4). 6, continuously following requirements up the integration plan. A time for follow-up is set by agreement with the foreigner.

Paragraph 2. If a health assessment is carried out after paragraph 15 d, the integration plan shall be followed up as soon as possible thereafter.

Paragraph 3. Follow-up shall be carried out by an individual call with the foreigner at his personal attunting. However, in exceptional cases, follow-up can be implemented in a different way.

Paragraph 4. Follow-up must include a review of the integration plan together with the foreigner in order to assess whether there is a need to adjust the specified objectives and efforts. At the same time, the need for review, and the time of next follow-up, is assessed by agreement with the foreigner

Paragraph 5. The Social-and the Minister for Foreign Affairs can lay down detailed rules on the follow-up to the integration plan.

Health Assessment

§ 15 d. The local authorities shall, as soon as possible, and within three months of the acceptance of the integration responsibility for a refugee, cf. Article 4, offer a health assessment in question with a view to providing early cover of physical and mental health problems. The offer must also be given to foreigners who are family-conjoined with a refugee.

Paragraph 2. The health assessment must include :

1) a call and a health examination of the foreigner for a medical evaluation of the physical and mental health of foreigners, and

2) a medical professional assessment of whether there is a need for further treatment or treatment to be carried out.

Paragraph 3. The health assessment must be carried out by a doctor.

Paragraph 4. The local authority shall communicate to the local authorities the information relevant to the implementation of the health assessment by the foreigners.

Paragraph 5. The doctor must, with the consent of the foreigners, convey the results of the health assessment carried out to the coordination responsible administration, cf. section 15 b so that it may be part of the life preserver of the integration plan, cf. ~ 15 a (a) (a) 4.

Paragraph 6. If the health assessment is not carried out by the foreigners ' personal physician, then the doctor who has carried out the assessment with the consent of the foreigners shall pass on its findings to the foreigners ' s own doctor.

Paragraph 7. The Social and Integration Minister, after negotiating with the Minister for Health and Prevention, shall lay down detailed rules governing the organization, organisation and content of the health assessment. `

§ 2

In the law on the responsibility and management of the active employment effort, cf. Law Order no. 731 of 15. June 2010, as last amended by Section 9 of Law No 1. 493 of 21. May 2013, the following changes are made :

1. I Section 14, paragraph 14. ONE, TWO. pkt., the words ' and ', and after ' mentioned section 8 ` shall be inserted after ', as well as the task of coordinating the integration plan for a foreigner and its family, cf. Section 15 (b) of the integration Act.

§ 3

Paragraph 1. The law shall enter into force on 1. July, 2013.

Paragraph 2. Section 1 of the law. 2, applicable to foreigners, which the municipality board takes over integration responsibility for, cf. Section 4 of the integration Act, after the entry into force of

Givet at Christiansborg Castle, the 12th. June 2013

Under Our Royal Hand and Segl


/ Karen Vengeup