Notice About Separation And Divorce

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om separation og skilsmisse

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Request for separation or divorce
Chapter 2 Terms of negotiation
Chapter 3 Conflict mediation
Chapter 4 Registered partnership
Chapter 5 Crow and other things.
Chapter 6 Entry into force and so on.

Publication of separation and divorce

Purline to section 39, paragraph. 1, and section 58 a, paragraph, 3, in the conclusion of the marriage and the solution, cf. Law Order no. 1052 of 12. November 2012, as amended by law no. 647 of 12. June 2013, and section 5 (5). 1, in the Law of Encountered Partnership, cf. Law Order no. 938 of 10. In October 2005, as amended by law no. 500 of 6. June 2007 and Law No 532 of 12. June 2012 shall be determined :

Chapter 1

Request for separation or divorce

§ 1. The request for separation or divorce shall be submitted to the state administration.

Paragraph 2. The fee shall be made by submitting the application for separation and divorce, cf. § 39, paragraph. 1 and 2, in the conclusion and solution of marriage, shall be 900 kr.

§ 2. Requesting separation or divorce must be signed by the spouses personally. The request shall be received by State administration within two months of the date on which the first of the spouses has signed it.

§ 3. The request for a divorce on the basis of separation must be accompanied by the separation authorization or printout of the separation judgment.

Chapter 2

Terms of negotiation

§ 4. Where the Act of Article 38 is to be carried out on an arbitrary basis, the spouses shall be met in person and at the same time as the arbitrary.

Paragraph 2. If a spouse is prevented from prolonged illness from meeting to arbitrator, and this is documented in the medical certificate, the spouse may meet at the full power of the conjustable. The power of the full shall not be less than the guardianship of the guardianship of the guardianship of the Clause 5 or under the guardianship of the guardianship of section 7 of the host. The full power must be in writing.

Paragraph 3. State administration may decide that the end of the negotiations must be carried out separately with each spouse, whose exceptional circumstances may speak for it, if necessary by different authorities.

Paragraph 4. The fee for the holding of arbitrary negotiation, cf. § 39, paragraph. 1 and 2, in the conclusion of the marriage and the solution, shall be fixed at 1000 kr.

Chapter 3

Conflict mediation

§ 5. State administration may set a time limit for the acceptance of the tender for conflict settlement.

§ 6. The spouses must also be informed of the content of paragraph 7 at the same time as the presentation of the tender for conflict mediation.

Paragraph 2. Conflict mediation is conditional on the participation of both spouses.

Paragraph 3. The State Department is organising the conflict settlement and its scope.

Paragraph 4. The processing of a case of separation or divorce proceedings shall be taken into intoxico until the dispute settlement is terminated.

§ 7. The decision of the State Department decision on legal separation or divorce may not be obtained for the purposes of which the spouses have been given during the conflict settlement. Such information shall not be disclosed by the arbiter to the use of the decision either. Internally on the basis of the information relating to such information, it must not be handed over to the spouses.

Paragraph 2. If the spouses agree on this, they may request that a written agreement be communicated to the State Administration's case worker in writing during the conciliation procedure.

Chapter 4

Registered partnership

§ 8. The rules of this notice shall apply by analogous to the dissolution of registered partnership for separation and divorce.

Chapter 5

Crow and other things.

§ 9. Complacts of State Administrative Decisions which, in accordance with the law, may be subject to the Social and Integration Minister (the Ministry of Appeal, Family Law) shall be submitted to the administration of the State, which shall forward the complaint and its files to the Board of Appeal, Family law department.

§ 10. State administration may resume the processing of an impacted decision if :

1) the complaint contains a request to which the state administration has not taken a position on ;

2) the complaint contains important new information,

3) there are significant information which has not been addressed by State administration, or

4) there are case processing errors that may have implications for the decision.

Paragraph 2. The complainant may appeal to the State Department's decision to resume the case with the Board of Acqueners, the Department of Families.

Chapter 6

Entry into force and so on.

§ 11. The announcement shall enter into force on 1. July, 2013.

Paragraph 2. Publication no. 1258 of 7. December 2006 on the resolution of marriage is repealed.

The Social and Integration Ministry, the 21st. June 2013

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/ Malene Vestergaard