Decree On Subsidies For The Promotion Of Veterantogs Drive

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om tilskud til fremme af veterantogskørsel

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Overview (table of contents)

Annex 1

Pool for promotion of veterantogs drive (2013)

The full text of the Decree on subsidies for the promotion of veterantogs drive

Under text annotation nr. 121 ad § 28.51.07 of the basic regulation. Act nr. 104 of 30. may 2013, be established under the authority: scope

§ 1. Secretary of State may, within the framework of the basic regulation. deposed Agreement on a new Storstrømsbro, Holstebro superhighway, etc. of 21. March 2013, promise grants for projects that promote veterantogs drive. Administrative base annexed 1.

Application for grant commitments

§ 2. Application for commitment grants may be submitted to the National Board of veteran Railway Traffic companies which, at the time of the application has a permit from the Traffic Agency.

(2). Other associations may cooperate with eligible applicants on a project. However, only one application can be responsible for the use of interested party, assigned pool funds.

Submission of application and deadlines

§ 3. Grant application must be submitted using the application form with the project description and project budget, located at the Traffic Agency's website.

Conditions for grant

§ 4. It is a condition of the grant, the applicant to prove that the project promotes veterantogs batch job.

(2). Public transport can provide terms or conditions for subsidies or pledges of grants.

(3). It is a condition of grant that there are funds available within the deposed framework, see. § 1.

(4). Traffic Board may at any time request additional documentation in connection with the processing of applications.

Modification of the project

§ 5. Modification of a project may be approved by the Danish transport authority on the condition that the change in accordance with the Traffic Agency's assessment is in accordance with the purpose of the project. Application for amendment of a project must be approved by the Traffic Agency, before the change implemented.


§ 6. To be made to reporting of the final project.

(2). If the project is not completed at 31 december 2014, undertaking gardens annually give the status of the project, indicating the expected finish date.

(3). The annual reports and status must be provided in the course of January the following year.


§ 7. Traffic agency oversees that the rules laid down in this Ordinance are complied with, and in this context may request any information for this purpose by the applicant.

(2). In so far as the applicant uses the cooperation partners, the applicant is required to the extent necessary to provide the requested information from the concerned collaborator.

Termination of grants

§ 8. The commitment of grant shall lapse if 1) undertaking gardens have given false or misleading information, 2) the project is not carried out in accordance with the approved application, 3) the conditions for grants, including the applicable at any time instructions for accounting and the applicable at any time audit instructions are not met or 4) undertaking gardens have repeatedly exceeded the agreed time limit.

Accounting and auditing

§ 9. The applicable at any time instructions for accounting and the applicable at any time audit instructions must be adhered to.

(2). At the Traffic Agency's website, the current version of the instructions for the applicable auditing and accounting instruction could be seen. The force referred material may also be obtained by contacting the Traffic Agency.

Date of entry into force of

§ 10. The notice shall enter into force on 16 September. August 2013.

Public transport, the 12. August 2013 Carley H/Jan Albrecht

Annex 1 pool for promotion of veterantogs drive (2013)

Administrative basis

1. The basis for the pot

Agreement between the Government (the Social Democrats, the radical Liberal Party and the Socialist People's Party), Left, Danish people's Party, the Liberal Alliance and the Conservative Party about a new Storstrømsbro, Holstebro superhighway, etc. of 21. March 2013 includes the following: ' the promotion of veterantogs drive

The parties agree to set aside a pool of 5 million. DKK to promote veterantogs drive. '

2. demarcation

Currently has 20 veteran railway companies an operating permit in Denmark.

The companies include-operator companies running trains with own equipment on the railway and the regions of Denmark's net.

– companies, which operates its own infrastructure on which they run with their own equipment in the form of genuine train material, industrial rail stock and trams.

3. Lessons from 2011-pot

Traffic Agency received 39 requests with request for 69.3 million. DKK for 2011-pot. The pot 5 million. the k-r was awarded 7 applications from 3 heritage railways. Assignments included primarily infrastructure projects which directly had with veterantogs batch job to do. The background to this was that veteran courts at an information meeting expressed the view that it was easier to obtain through sponsor support to train material than to infrastructure.

4. Implementation

The pot used for purposes, which can promote the veterantogs drive. It can typically be – improvement of companies ' own infrastructure – the acquisition of infrastructure, for example, from the Danish freight and residual levels, improvement of companies ' train material, so it can easily be applied to Train Danish or regional transport networks.

5. financial framework

Set aside 4.7 million. us $ in 2013. The funds shall be disposed in 2013.

6. Procedures

6.1. Application deadlines

Application by heritage railways with operating permission to come into consideration for the allocation of funds shall be made available not later than 16 pool. August 2013 at the Traffic Agency. Application form with the project description and project budget can be downloaded from the Traffic Administration website.

6.2. Content of the application

The application must contain information on: 1) which activity is sought funds for, 2) the expected impact of the activity, 3) the extent to which the company contributes with voluntary labour or its own resources for the implementation of the activity, and 4) the amount applied for.

6.3. processing of applications

Traffic agency deals with applications and prepares a recommendation for the treatment of the conciliation parties.

This setting will give priority to applications that are assessed best to promote veterantogs batch job in relation to the requested amount.

6.4. reporting

No later than two weeks after conciliation the parties ' treatment shall inform applicants of the result public transport.

6.5. Payment

Once the company has completed the allocated activity, submit the documentation for the cost of public transport, which then pays the amount to the company.