Notice Of Administration And Audit, Etc. Of The Veterinary Fund

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om administration og revision m.v. af Veterinærfonden

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Use of funds
Chapter 2 Budget
Chapter 3 Accounting
Chapter 4 Audit
Chapter 5 Management
Chapter 6 Termination
Chapter 7 Entry into force

Publication of administration and audit, etc. of the Veterinary Fund

In accordance with section 36 c (1), 1 and 3, in the Law on animals of animals, cf. Law Order no. 873 of 29. June 2013, as amended by law no. 1615 of 26. December 2013, determined by authority :

Chapter 1

Use of funds

§ 1. This notice is intended to provide for the detailed rules governing administration, budgeting and financial reporting for the Veterinary Fund, cf. § 36 c, on the side of animals.

§ 2. The Fund for Veterinary Fund shall be used for whole or partial financing of the costs of monitoring and control of animal diseases and zoonoses (diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans) to which EU co-financing can be used, cf. § 36 c (3) First, on the team of animals.

§ 3. The Veterinary Fund must affix funds to an account in a financial institution which has an agreement with the Danish State.

Chapter 2


§ 4. The budget period of the Veterinary Fund shall be the calendar year. Before the 10th. In December, the Veterinary Fund shall submit a budget for the coming budgetary period to the Benefit Board of Natural Acquirets.

Paragraph 2. The Veterinary Fund must submit a change budget if :

1) the existing surveillance and control programmes financed by the Veterinary Fund during the budgetary period must be amended or terminated ; or

2) fund new monitoring and control programmes are to be financed during the budgetary period.

Paragraph 3. The budget and amending budgets shall be sent electronically according to the instructions of the Natural Acquilite.

Paragraph 4. Budgeting and amending budgets must contain a separate description of the monitoring and control programmes.

Chapter 3


§ 5. The financial year for the Veterinary Fund shall be the calendar year. The Veterinary Fund shall be submitted to the Benefit of the Natural Accounting Management Board at the latest by 1. June of the year after the financial year.

Paragraph 2. The written accounts of the Veterinary Fund shall be sent electronically according to the instructions of the Natural Acquilite.

§ 6. The financial statement of the Veterinary Fund shall be signed by the trustee and endorsed by a state sautorised or registered auditor. The accounts shall be accompanied by the chairman ' s signed report on the activities of the Veterinary Fund during the previous year.

Paragraph 2. It shall appear on the Board of Directors of the Administrative Board, the Statement of Assurance, and any accounting records, that the accounts are in accordance with the notification of administration and auditing of the Veterinary Fund.

Paragraph 3. Accounts of the Veterinary Fund shall be drawn up by good accounting.

Paragraph 4. The veterinary fund ' s accounts shall be prepared taking account of debts owed, pre-paid and culprits, etc., so that the accounts give a true picture of all revenue and expenditure for the financial year and the assets and liabilities of the accounting year, expired. The resulting balance and balance sheet must be drawn up according to a form submitted by the National Wildlife Agency.

Chapter 4


§ 7. The financial accounts of the Veterinary Fund must be reviewed in accordance with good public audit practice.

Paragraph 2. The review shall be carried out under the RigsRevisorLaw.

§ 8. The audit shall be reviewed, whether the accounts are correct and whether the arrangements covered by the clearance of accounts are in accordance with the appropriations entered and concluded agreements and practices that have been concluded.

Paragraph 2. The auditor shall also make an assessment of the sound financial management of the funds covered by the accounts.

Secretariatal assistance

§ 9. The Food Management Board shall provide the Veterinary Fund with the secretarial assistance.


§ 10. The Office of the Natural Acquisiting Management Board may require financial reporting materials and other relevant material relating to the Fund ' s resources and administration thereof to be reviewed at any time. If necessary, the National Services Agency may require the specification of individual accounts in the accounts, including the inventory of the use of funds for specific purposes.

Chapter 5


§ 11. The Veterinary Fund is a special administrative authority and covered by the rules of administrative law, the law of disclosure, the law on the processing of personal data and the environmental information law.

§ 12. The Veterinary Fund shall publish the approved budget and the accounts of the Food Board ' s website within 14 days of the notification of the Veterinary Fund for the authorisation of the Convena of Natural Health Fund.

Chapter 6


§ 13. If the Veterinary Fund is terminated, the budget for the phaseout of the Veterinary Fund shall be submitted no later than three months before the end of the last budgetary year. The liquidation accounts shall be made for the Veterinary Fund no later than 1 years after the end of the last budgetary year.

Chapter 7

Entry into force

§ 14. The announcement shall enter into force on 1. January 2014.

The FDA, the 27th. December 2013

Per Henriksen

/ Zoheeb Iqbal