Decree On Subsidies For Conservation Of Læsø Brown Bee

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om tilskud til bevaring af brun Læsøbi

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Decree on subsidies for conservation of læsø Brown bee

Under text annotation nr. 148 ad § 24.21.02 to finance fixed: scope

§ 1. Danish agrifish agency may within the framework of the annual appropriation to provide grants to: 1) conservation of læsø Brown bee (the subspecies Apis mellifera mellifera), see. § 4 (animal supplements), 2) establishment of new populations of læsø Brown bee in authorised mating areas, see. § 5 (start-up grants), and 3) breeders ' associations that contribute to the conservation of the læsø Brown bee (Union grants), see. § 6.


§ 2. Danish agrifish Agency shall decide on the granting of subsidies and whether subsidies.


§ 3. Application for animal supplements and applying for grants must be received in the Association Danish Agrifish Agency by 1. May this licensing year. Application for animal supplements must be drawn up on a form, which is available on the NaturErhvervstyrelsens website,

(2). Application for establishment grants must be received in Danish Agrifish Agency by 1. October in concession this year. The application must be accompanied by documentation of purchased queen bees. The application shall be drawn up on a form, which is available on the NaturErhvervstyrelsens website,

Animal supplements

§ 4. Expensive subsidy may be granted to private individuals, private institutions or public institutions, which are the owners of Queen bees of the subspecies læsø Brown bee, as defined in article 1, paragraph 2. and (3) of the Ordinance on bee-keeping on Læsø. Allowance is paid in proportion to the number of indvintrede Queens in the previous calendar year.

(2). It is a condition for the granting of subsidies to the beekeeper can prove bidronningens descent.

(3). It is also a condition for the award of grants, the beneficiary undertakes to provide free of charge breeding material to Aarhus University, Institute of Agroecology, for the purpose of research, as well as for other research institutions at the request of the genetic resource Committee.

(4). Copy of the herd-book of Queen bees which have applied for grants, as well as information on the number and location of this year's swarms are communicated to Danish Agrifish Agency by 1 indvintrede. October in concession this year.

Start-up grants

§ 5. Start-up grants may be granted to the person responsible for an approved the mating area, see. Executive order on approved the mating areas for honey bees, which establishes a new approved mating area with a population of læsø Brown bee, or replace the population of an existing approved mating area to læsø Brown bee.

(2). The subsidy is granted for full or partial coverage of costs of acquisition of mated Queens of the subspecies læsø Brown bee.

Association grants

§ 6. Association grants, see. § 1, nr. 3, can be granted to associations which have breeding work with læsø Brown bee as a aims, and which supports the conservation and promotes the spread of pure populations of læsø Brown bee to the widest possible range of growers on the widest possible range of suitable sites.

(2). It is a condition of grant that concluded a cooperation agreement with genetic resource Committee.

(3). Subsidies may be granted for the total or partial coverage of the Association's costs for fees, driving expenses and materials, among other things. in connection with: 1) assessment, selection, and registration of Queens, 2) monitoring of stock structure and 3) coursework.

(4). No reimbursement for private work or to breeders ' Association's general operating expenses.

(5). Request of payment of Association grants submitted to the Danish Agrifish agency attached documentation for the costs incurred. Withdrawal request must be Danish Agrifish agency not later than the 15. November in concession this year, unless otherwise stated in the undertaking for reimbursement.

Payment of grants

§ 7. Grants are paid out once a year to the consignee NemKonto.

(2). Grants, see. § 1, nr. 1 and nr. 2, to the individual recipient may not exceed the limits laid down in accordance with the Commission Regulation on the application of articles 87 and 88 of the EC Treaty to de minimis aid in the agriculture and fisheries sector.

§ 8. Changes in information of importance for the Foundation of the product applied for grants must be notified without delay of the grant recipient Danish Agrifish Agency.

Cancellation, repayment of grants and control

§ 9. Grant will lapse or can be recovered, if: 1) the grant recipient does not meet the conditions for obtaining grants, 2) beneficiary violates provisions of the law on beekeeping or provisions set out thereunder, including the Ordinance on bee-keeping on Læsø, 3) beneficiary has provided false or misleading information or omission of information relevant for granting the subsidy, or 4) beneficiary does not comply with its obligation under section 8.

(2). By demands for repayment attributed to an annual interest rate equal to the rate established in accordance with section 5 of the Act, interest from the due date to count. The applied interest, however, is at least 50 us $.

§ 10. Danish agrifish agency supervises the compliance with the Executive order.

Entry into force of the

§ 11. The notice shall enter into force on the 1. January 2013.

(2). Executive Order No. 314 of 30. March 2012 for grants for the preservation of the læsø Brown bee for 2012 is hereby repealed.

Danish agrifish Agency, 19. December 2012 P.D.V. Karsten Biering Nielsen/Birgitte Lund