Decree Amending The Decree On Subsidies For Environmentally Friendly Operation Of Wetlands

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om ændring af bekendtgørelse om tilskud til miljøvenlig drift af vådområder

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Publication of the amendment of the Executive Order for the Emotional Operations of Wet Areas

§ 1

Notice no. 893 of 22. September 2005, on subsidies for the environment-friendly operation of wetlands, as amended by publication No 2 ; 1411 of 13. December 2006, Notice no. 703 of 21. June 2007, announcement no. 894 of 5. September 2008 and procladition no. Forty-four of 14. In January 2010, the following changes are made :

1. I preamour in the words ' section 16 ` shall be replaced by : '. 16 (1). 1-3 "and" Law on support for rural development (rural development aid law), cf. Law Order no. 1015 by 9. Oct 2006 shall be replaced by : ' Act on certain rural areas-related subsidy schemes, etc., cf. Law Order no. 1202 of 10. In December 2009, as amended by Section 12 of Law No 341 of 27. April 2011 and Law No 602 of 14. June 2011, "

2. All in the notice, 'Food business' is replaced by the 'Natural Business Authority' and 'Food Erenuces' to : 'The Natural Business'.

3. I Section 5 (5). 2, ' The Board of Directors ' shall be replaced by the ' Plant ' s Administrative Board `.

4. I Section 5 (5). 4, the words ' and the Directorate ' s Directorates ` ;

5. I § 27, paragraph. 3, in the case of a change in the commercial nature of livestock, livestock manure, silage and other. ` ; ' Notice concerning livestock farming and livestock farming, livestock manure, silage, etc., or later, provisions which may dissolve the said provisions '.

6. § 36 a, paragraph. 2, revoked.

7. I § 37 is replaced by ' 1 September to the 31. January ' to : 1 November to 31. March. "

8. § 39, paragraph. 2, ITREAS :

" Stop. 2. Applications for payment of grants must be submitted on a separate schema, the Community scheme submitted in accordance with the provisions of the Conservation of the Natural Business Management Board on the Electronic Community Scheme and Markkort or later provisions which may dissolve the said provisions. "

9. I § 39, paragraph. 3 , " the one in paragraph 1 shall be amended The deadline for the submission of an application for payment of grants, in accordance with the period laid down in paragraph 2, shall be : the referred to in paragraph 1 2 listed provisions, `.

10. § 43, paragraph. TWO, ONE. pkt., is hereby repealed and the following shall be inserted :

The ' Manufacturer ' s declaration must be submitted on a special schema. The schema can until 1. In January 2013, the Home Office or the Natural Business Authority will be available through the Natural Business Agency. From 1. In January 2013, the schema must be completed and sent electronically by the use of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry itself, which can be accessed through the Home page of the Natural Business Unit. "

11. I § 43 pasted as paragraph 5 :

" Stop. 5. Producer change where the Natural Business Authority has not received a change of manufacturer ' s declaration of the manufacturer ' s declaration in paragraph 1. two specified specific schema at the end of the next period of application for a single payment after the time of the transfer of the financial responsibility for the operation of the area, the Danish Agency for the Producer of Natural Acquisition, as appropriate in time, Roger that, no matter what it's in. 2 the time limit set out shall be later than the one in paragraph 1 the time limit set when the following conditions are met :

1) The Benefit of the Natural Acquisition shall be a Joint Scheme where the transferable area area is reported and where the relevant fields are acquired in the relevant fields, the conditions under which the conditions are met. The Community shall be received no later than the end of the next period of application for a single payment after the time of the transfer of the financial responsibility for the operation of the area of the transferee.

2) The Wildlife Agency shall receive a change in the manufacturer ' s declaration in the first paragraph of paragraph 1. 2 the special schedule specified at the latest by a time limit laid down in a letter to which the Wildlife Board shall send to the transferor and transferee. ` ;

12. Chapter 10 revoked.

§ 2

The announcement shall enter into force on 1. -February 2012.

The National Wildlife Agency, the 27th. January 2012

Pernille Andersen

/ Steen Bonde