Law Amending The Road Traffic Regulations (Prohibition Of Certain Constructive Changes Of Vehicles Permit To Trailer To Great Moped And Anti-Clockwise To Veteran Motorcycle Sidecar)

Original Language Title: Lov om ændring af færdselsloven(Forbud mod visse konstruktive ændringer af køretøjer, tilladelse til påhængsvogn til stor knallert og venstregående sidevogn til veteranmotorcykel)

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Law on the amendment of the traffic law

(Prohibition of certain constructive changes to vehicles, authorisation to trailer to a large moped and a standing sidecar to a veteran's bicycle)

We, by God's grace, the Queen of the Danes, do our thing.

The parliament has adopted the following law, and we know that the following law has been approved by Parliament's consent :

§ 1

In the road of road, cf. Law Order no. 1047 of 24. October 2011, as amended by Section 1 of law no. 716 of 25. June 2010, Law No. No. 1551 of 21. In October 2010 and section 1 of the Law No 479 of 23. In May 2011, the following changes are made :

1. I § 68 inserted after paragraph 1. 2 as new paragraph :

" Stop. 3. The Minister for Transport may lay down provisions for the prohibition of carrying out constructive changes to a vehicle in respect of the direction and equipment to which the vehicle does not comply with the provisions laid down in paragraph 1. 1. "

Paragraph 3 becomes paragraph 3. 4.

2. I Section 70 (3). 1, is inserted after 2. Act. :

"To a large moped must be coupled to one trailer."

3. I Section 70 (3). ONE, FIVE. pkt., There's gonna be six. in the words ' mallert ` is replaced by ' small moped '.

4. I Section 70 (3). 2, is inserted after 1. Act. :

" To a motorcycle that has been registered for the first time before the first one. However, July 1955 must be coupled to the side of the motorcycle to the left of the motorcycle. `

5. I Section 70 (3). 3, 3. pkt., the ' paragraph shall be amended ONE, THREE. Pct. " for the following : ONE, FOUR. Pct. "

§ 2

The law shall enter into force on 1. April 2012.

Givet on Amalienborg, the 28th. February 2012

Under Our Royal Hand and Segl

In the Queen's name :
Crown Prince

-Henrik Dam Kristensen