Notice Of Company Registration In A Number Of Tax Laws

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om virksomhedsregistrering i en række skatte- og afgiftslove

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Overview (table of contents)

Annex 1

Annex 2

The full text of the Ordinance for company registration in a number of tax laws

Under section 16e of the law on the levying of taxes and duties, etc. (Recovery Act), see. lovbekendtgørelse nr. 1402 by 7. December 2010, fixed: § 1. Review on new registrations, change of ongoing registrations and unsubscribe from registration pursuant to the laws referred to in annexes 1 and 2 and related notices must be made to the Professional agency according to the rules laid down in chapters 2 and 9 of the Ordinance on notification, registration fee and publication etc. in Business Agency (Notification notice).

§ 2. In annex 1, the laws and associated regulations shall take the Business Agency on the basis of notification, the decision on registration, change of registration and unsubscribe from registration, see. However, paragraph 2.

(2). Reviews under paragraph 1, as a business Agency cannot register, including reviews, which requires proper tax professional competence are forwarded to customs and tax administration, which shall decide on the registration. Customs and tax administration may take certain reviews that require real tax professional competence, to casework. Customs and tax administration shall decide in cases pursuant to 2. point taken for casework.

§ 3. For in annex 2 mentioned laws and associated regulations shall take the Customs and tax administration on the basis of the notification decision on registration, change of registration and unsubscribe from registration.

§ 4. Will be Customs and tax administration in connection with monitoring, assessment and recovery work is familiar with the relationship that results in the addition of, changes in, or any of an enterprise registration conditions, it shall take a decision thereon, even if the registration is governed by section 2 (1).

§ 5. Customs and tax administration decisions may be appealed to the national tax Tribunal after tax forvaltningslovens section 11, paragraph 1.

§ 6. The notice shall enter into force on the 15. March 2012. At the same time repealed Executive Order No. 1509 by 13. December 2007.

The Danish Ministry of taxation, the 3. March 2012 Thor Möger P/Kaj-Henrik Ludolph

Annex 1 the VAT law

Law on the tax on payroll, etc.

Law on taxation of electricity

Law on labour market contribution


The Customs Act

Law on taxation of motor third party liability insurance, etc.

Waste and raw materials afgiftsloven

Law on the taxation of certain chlorinated solvents

Law on tax on CFC and certain industrial greenhouse gases

Fund tax law

Law on various excise taxes

Law on tax on pleasure vessel insurance

Corporation Tax Act

Law on tax on piped water

Law on the taxation of waste water

Law on taxation of antibiotics and growth promoters used in animal nutrition

Law on taxation of nitrogen contained in the fertiliser, etc.

PVC afgiftsloven

Tax kontrolloven

Law on tax on mineral phosphorous in feed phosphates

Law on environmental protection (payment for portable batteries and accumulators)

Law on tax on land registration and registration of ownership and liens, etc.

Fat afgiftsloven Annex 2 law on the tax on chocolate and sugar products, etc.

Law on the taxation of certain packagings, bags, disposable tableware and pvc foils

Law on tax on consumption-ice cream

Law on the tax on natural gas and city gas

Law on the charge of sulfur

Law on the taxation of coal, lignite and Coke, etc.

Law on the taxation of income in connection with hydrocarbon extraction in Denmark (the hydrocarbon Tax Act)

Law on energy tax on petroleum products, etc.

The law on registration duty on motor vehicles, etc.

Law on stamp duty

Law on the tax on spirits, etc.

Law on tobacco taxes

Beer and wine duty Act

The Act on duties

Law on the accelerated repayment of certain duties


Law on carbon dioxide tax of certain energy products

Law on the taxation of mineral water, etc.

Law on taxation of pensions, etc.

Law on tax on pesticides

Law on taxation of hermetically sealed nickel-cadmium batteries (sealed nickel-cadmium batteries)

Law on tax on nitrogen oxides

Law for Greenland on certain games

Law on charges of games