Notice Of Appointment Of Academic Staff To The Government Institution

Original Language Title: Notice of appointment of academic staff at government institutions

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Publication of the recruitment of scientific staff at sectoral research institutes

In accordance with paragraph 5 (2), Three, in the law. 326 of 5. In May 2004 on sectoral research institutions :


§ 1. The purpose of the notice is to establish a general framework for the recruitment of scientific staff, and to provide sectoral research institutions with the option of developing and adapting the administrative rules for recruitment to the needs of the relevant sectors ; individual sectoral research institution and the individual recruitment situations.

Scope of application

§ 2. The announcement shall apply to the employment of staff in positions covered by the science staff for research purposes by sectoral research institutions.

Paragraph 2. The Sector research institution shall lay down additional internal rules for the notice.


§ 3. The status of the professor and senior research level shall be established internationally, unless a special relationship of a professional nature applies, cf. section 7-9, however.

Paragraph 2. At the same time, at the same time, the employment of the entire advance team, which is already collaborating, may be employed without lookup if it is documented that the scientists concerned will be able to carry out the requested task.


§ 4. The sector research institution shall lay down rules for the professional assessment of applicants for the occupation of scientific positions.

Paragraph 2. The professional judgement must take a position on whether applicants possess the professional qualifications of research, research-based authority tasks, dissemination, etc., provided in the establishment structure and in addition to the other ; qualification requirements specified in the lookup. A non-priority, justified and written assessment of the applicant ' s professional qualifications shall be given to the director of the sectoral research institution. If there are differences of opinion between the professional assesgroups, this must be stated in the assessment.

§ 5. The sector research institution may lay down rules for the documentation of the applicant ' s qualifications, including rules for the volume of the material for which the applications may be included in the assessment.


§ 6. The Director's decision on employment shall normally be taken at least six months after the expiry of the application.

Search Committee / Call

§ 7. The Director may decide to offer a candidate for a position at the level of employment without lookup if there is a special qualified candidate for the position, which, by means of a professional assessment, is clearly considered to be clearly more qualified than that ; others that could be taken into account in a normal way to be discharged. A committee may be set up which is responsible for searching the market for candidates for a position on the level of the Professor or senior research level.

Employment of external funds

§ 8. If funds or advice or non-governmental authorisations have made at least half of the funds available for the recruitment of a person designated by the holder, the Director may hire this without lookup, but after a positive professional, assessment, cf. § 4.

Appreation and renewal for up to 1 year

§ 9. However, limited time for up to a period of up to 1 year-for foreign workers at the Professor or senior advance level for up to a period of two years-and renewal for up to 1 year may be carried out without lookup, provided that the relevant assessment is qualified by the person concerned ; the position, cf. § 4. However, increasing the total employment period, including renewal 2 years-for foreign workers at the Professor or senior research level for three years-the post shall be posted and a professional assessment must be made, cf. § 4.

Entry into force and transitional provisions

§ 10. The announcement shall enter into force on 1. April 2012 and will have an effect on posts that are posted and set at this time. The current provisions shall be finalised according to the applicable rules.

Paragraph 2. Publication no. 664 of 19. The case of August 1997 on the employment of scientific staff at sectoral research institutions is hereby repealed.

Paragraph 3. Until the sectoral research institution itself lays down rules pursuant to section 4, the provisions of sections 4 and 5 shall apply in the notice of paragraph 4. 664 of 19. August 1997.

Universities and Internationalisation management, 15. March 2012

Jens Peter Jacobsen

/ Werner Sonne