Law Amending The Law On Holidays And Act On An Income Directory (Replacement Holiday For Illness During The Holidays, The Concurrency Holiday For Job In A Private Household And Persons Who Are Covered By The Tax Regime, And Researcher Reporting To The ...

Original Language Title: Lov om ændring af lov om ferie og lov om et indkomstregister (Erstatningsferie for sygdom under ferien, samtidighedsferie for medhjælp i en privat husstand og personer, som er omfattet af forskerskatteordningen, og indberetning til indkomstregisteret m.v.

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Law on the Change of law on holiday and law on an income register

(Vacation holiday for sickness during the holidays, the holiday holiday for help in a private household and persons covered by the research tax scheme, and report to the income tax, etc.)

We, by God's grace, the Queen of the Danes, do our thing.

The parliament has adopted the following law, and we know that the following law has been approved by Parliament's consent :

§ 1

In the law of vacations, cf. Law Order no. 762 of 27. June 2011, as amended by Section 18 of Law No 1. 326 of 11. In April 2012, the following changes are made :

1. I Section 1 (1). 2, the following shall be inserted after ' service ratio ` : `, cf. however, paragraph 1 3 and 4. "

2. I § 1 pasted as paragraph 3 and FOUR :

" Stop. 3. A person who has a decisive influence on the business that the person in question is employed is not considered to be paid.

Paragraph 4. The Director of the Phase and Recruiting Management Board may lay down detailed rules on when a person has a decisive influence in the company that the person in question is working if the person concerned or his spouse is the holder of the contract ; company capital or has other determinant influence over the company. ` ;

3. After Section 2 is inserted :

" § 2 a. A domestic worker or other co-aid in a private household, average working at a maximum of eight hours a week, is subject to paragraph 1. 2-7, section 12, paragraph 12. 2 and 3, and section 13. Section 47 shall apply mutatis mutias to the employer of the housekeeper.

Paragraph 2. The housekeeper serves 2,08 days paid vacation for every month's employment. The holiday may be held while the congeibility of the opolite (same time on vacation).

Paragraph 3. The employer shall notify the maid at a reasonable notice of time when the holiday is to be held. As far as possible, account shall be taken of the wishes of the housekeeper.

Paragraph 4. The earned holidays shall be held no later than three years after the end of the month in which it is earned.

Paragraph 5. The housekeeper gets paid on vacation. If the help is not working with a fixed weekly hourly rate, the salary shall be calculated on the basis of the housekeeping ' s usual salary in the last four weeks before the beginning of the feral period.

Paragraph 6. In the case of the termination of the contract, the payment of benefits shall be paid directly to the maid unless more than three years have elaps, after the end of the month in which they are earned.

Paragraph 7. In the case of the transition to a period of consent, the employer shall pay personal care to the maid or to pay the holiday pay money to the maid.

Paragraph 8. Persons covered by the tax system of the source treasuer ' s § 48 E and § 48 F may agree to the employer that the persons concerned are covered by paragraph 1. 2-7, section 12, paragraph 12. 2 and 3, and section 13. Section 47 shall apply mutatis muth to the employer. The Director of the Phase and Recruiting Management Board may allow other highly qualified foreign workers such as foreign PhD students and other scientific staff to be subject to the same rules. `

4. I § 13 inserted after paragraph 1. 2 as new slices :

" Stop. 3. A wage earners who have earned 25 days ' vacation, and who are ill during the holidays, have the right to medical evidence to take on vacation after five sick days during vacation during the holiday. A wage earners who have made less than 25 days ' vacation is entitled to a replacement holiday after a proportionate reduction in number of sick days.

Paragraph 4. The holder of the salary shall be entitled to a substitute holiday from the day on which the recipient notifiers the disease to the employer unless exceptional circumstances apply.

Paragraph 5. May damages in accordance with paragraph 1. 2 and 3 are not held during the holiday year due to illness, the holidays will be held during the subsequent vacation year, cf. However, section 38.

Paragraph 6. The holder of the payee pays the medical documentation, cf. paragraph 3. "

Paragraph 3 becomes paragraph 3. 7.

5. I Section 20 (2). 2, in the words ' section 13 (3), 3 ' shall : ', section 13 (1). 7 ".

6. I § 22 in the words ' section 13 (3), 2 and 3 ` shall be replaced by : ' 13 (1). 2 and 7. "

7. The heading for Chapter 5 the words are deleted and the following :

' Precasing, payment and payment of holiday allowances

§ 27 a. Information on holiday allowance after section 23 (s). 5 and 6, section 24 and 25 shall be reported to the income register, cf. however, sections 30 and 30 a. `

8. I § 29 pasted as paragraph 2 :

" Stop. 2. The request for payment of holiday allowances must be directed to the holiday account, cf. however, sections 30 and 30 a. `

9. I ~ 30 (5)) 2, changes "500 kr." To : "750 kr."

10. I ~ 30 (5)) 3, "1,000 kr." to : "1,500 kroner."

11. The headline before paragraph 31 is deleted and in place the following :

" Deviation and authorisations

§ 30 a. Within the areas where a collective agreement has been entered into, cf. Section 31, may the Director of the Phase Maintenance Management and Recruiting Management Board shall lay down rules that Section 27 a and Article 29 (2). 2 may be waived if information on holiday compensation may be reported digitally to Ferieaccount. '

12. Section 32 (1). TWO, TWO. pkt., ITREAS :

" For the return of the FARM account in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, up to EUR 100 million will be added to the year. DKK The treasury. "

13. Section 33 (4). 3, ITREAS :

" Stop. 3. The Director of the Retention Management Board and Recruitment shall lay down rules on the payment of holiday allowances for the purposes of the holiday period, cf. § 29, including on the payment from a holiday card scheme covered by Section 31 and on payment, if the reorganization and the detention of holidays take place in hours, cf. ~ 10 (1)) Paragraph 20 (1) and 20 (1). 1. "

14. Three places in § 34 a change "1.500 kr." to : $2,250. "

15. I § 40, 1. pkt., the following ' holiday year ' shall be inserted after ' holiday ' : `, cf. however, section 13 (3). FIVE. "

16. I § 43, paragraph. 1, the ' Director of the Pension Management Board ' shall be replaced by the following : "Vacation account and director of the Retention Office and Recruitment."

17. After § 43 c is inserted in Chapter 7 :

" § 43 d. Vacation accounts may, in the income register, obtain information on holiday compensation. In those cases where § 27 a and § 29 (3) are 2, cf. Section 30 a is the fraction, the Director of the Retention Management Board and Recruitment may lay down rules that information relating to holiday allowances shall be reported on a continuous basis to the Vacation account.

Paragraph 2. The individual account may, for each paycheck, electronically display the holiday allowance and treat request for payment.

Paragraph 3. For employers who do not pay holiday allowances to the Vacation account, the Director of the Management Board and Recruitment may lay down rules concerning the payment of the employer for the Administration of the Feriekonto administration under paragraph 1. One and two. "

18. I Section 44 (2). 11, pasted as Act 2. :

' The Director of the Management Board of the Staging and Recruiting Management Board may also delegate other tasks such as the surveillance of other holiday forces other than the Danish-German holiday agreement to the Danish-German holiday agreement. ` ;

§ 2

Law no. 403 of 8. May 2006 on an income register, as amended, in particular by section 4 of the Act of Law No, 1534 of 19. In December 2007, section 3 of Law No 521 of 12. June 2009 and section 2 of the Law No 702 of 25. June 2010 and no later than Section 6 of Law No 599 of 14. June 2011, the following change is made :

1. I Section 3, paragraph 3. 1, no. 9, in the case of "information on holiday compensation which is subject to a holiday allowance, subject to a holiday from the section 27 a, and the information".

§ 3

Paragraph 1. The law shall enter into force on 1. May 2012, cf. however, paragraph 1 2.

Paragraph 2. The Employment Minister shall determine the date of entry into force of Article 1 (1) of the Law. 7 and 8, and section 2.

§ 4

Paragraph 1. Notwithstanding paragraph 14, paragraph 1. 2, no. 4, in the Act of Compensation and general grants to municipalities, the municipalities are part of the municipalities as employers who are the result of the Act 1, no. 4, not in the determination of the State's annual contribution to the municipalities.

Paragraph 2. By way of derogation from paragraph 3, paragraph 2, no. Four, on the part of the regions ' financing, are included in regional additional costs for the regions as employers who are the result of the Act's 1. 4, not in the determination of the State's annual subsidy to the regions.

Given at the Castle of Fredensborg Slot, 28. April 2012

Under Our Royal Hand and Segl


/ Mette Frederiksen