Notice On The Surveying Board

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om Landinspektørnævnet

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Publication of the Landinspector Board

In accordance with Article 13 (1), 1, in the area of the farmer ' s agricultural business, cf. Law Order no. 400 of 3. The following may be set :

§ 1. The Board of Agriculture shall consist of a suref as chairman and 2 other members, one of whom shall be a surveyor employed in the Cards and Matrix and the other a surveyor surveyor, cf. Section 9 of the farmer ' s farmer ' s business.

§ 2. The Member State ' s 3 members shall be appointed by the Minister for the Environment, according to the recommendation of the Ministry of Justice, Cargo and Matrix and the Danish Agricultural Inspectors.

Paragraph 2. In the same way, the Minister for the Environment shall appoint delegates to each of the members of the Board.

Paragraph 3. The members of the jury and their delegates shall be designated for 8-year periods. Recipitation may take place. The request to be exempted during a period of time will be determined by the Minister for the Environment.

Paragraph 4. A member whose function period has expired may contribute to completion of cases that have started before the end of the operation.

Paragraph 5. Short-and Matrikela Board shall appoint one or more secretaries for the Board of Directionless. If a secretary cannot contribute to the processing of a case, cf. Section 6, appointing the board another to act as a secretary in the case.

§ 3. None of the members of the Board shall participate in the treatment of a case when, after the rule of law, the person concerned would be inhaule as a judge.

§ 4. A member has a duty to inform the Board of the circumstances which may result in the inhability of their comments, cf. Article 3, as well as any other member of the jury who may be aware of such circumstances, is obliged to raise the issue of this subject.

§ 5. Questions of whether or not a member of the board shall widen his seat shall be raised as far as possible before the proceedings of the jury be dealt with.

Paragraph 2. Decision is made by the injunction of the Board. The member in question is not excluded from participating in the issue of the question.

§ 6. For the secretaries, section 3-5 shall apply mutatis mutes.

§ 7. The Member shall complain of complaints that a surveying surveying or a surveying farmer with a control over the exercise of his company has overridden the duties of their position in accordance with the conditions laid down in this Article. § 9 (a) (a) 1, in the field of surveying business. The Board shall also address similar complaints to farmers and persons and companies established in other EU/EEA countries or in countries with which the EU has concluded an agreement on the exercise of regulated professions, and which are temporarily and occasional matricularies are carried out in accordance with section 4 (4). 2, in the field of surveying business.

Paragraph 2. The Board may also address the inspection of surveyors who, with the permission of the Minister for the Environment, pursuant to Article 4 (2). 7 or 9, in the field of surveying, matriculary works, cf. Act 14.

Paragraph 3. The Board may refuse to consider the admissible complaints which are considered to be groundless.

Paragraph 4. The appeal shall be lodged no later than 1 year after the complainant of the complainant in accordance with the complaint, as defined in the complaint. § 9 (a) (a) 2, in the field of surveying business. However, the Board of Agriculture may consider a complaint to be filed later when the circumstances are therefore subject to the circumstances.

§ 8. The case can be made both by public authorities and by others who have a legal interest in this matter. The request shall be in writing and shall contain the production of the conditions for the purpose of the refusal of the Board. The Board may also raise matters on its own initiative.

Paragraph 2. If the case becomes subject to criminal prosecution, the treatment of the jury should, in general, wait for the completion of the proceedings.

§ 9. Before the board deals with a case in reality, the complaint shall be notified of the matter and the opportunity to express its opinion in writing. It must be stated in the communication that the person concerned may appear in the name of the Board with a bitable, possibly a lawyer, and that the complaint could be dealt with on the basis of which it does not correspond to the case.

Paragraph 2. It shall be borne by the Board to ensure that the parties, before the matter be dealt with, receive copies of the counterpart's posts, if these may be considered to be of relevance to the decision of the case.

Paragraph 3. Inserted conventioneconvened for board with 8 days notice. The Board shall provide proof of the fact that the call has been made to the person concerned. The Board may invite the complainant and others to meet and give an explanation of the avenged board, but so that it is clear from the call that they do not have a duty to face up to them. Other than the complainant, which shall be given an explanation, may be reimbursed in accordance with the rules laid down pursuant to Article 188 (8) of the Court of Justice of the Law on Legal and the Party of Justice. 1.

Paragraph 4. The Board may allow the examination of parties and witnesses to make the exchange of rights in the place where the party or the witness is resident, cf. Section 13 (1). 2, in the field of surveying business.

Paragraph 5. The public does not have access to the issue of the Board.

§ 10. The meetings of the Board shall be recorded at the time and place of the meeting, as well as the names of the attomined. A short presentation of the negotiations is being recorded, including the complaints and objections. The Minutes shall, moreover, be carried out in accordance with the President's detailed provision in each case.

§ 11. The Board shall take a decision as soon as possible after the final decision of the case, or where the oral debate is not held, by a decision. Both decisions must contain a production of the case and the reasons that have led to the outcome.

§ 12. The Board shall be required to be complete during the consultation and decision of the case. If a member because of illness or other reasons is prevented from participating in the decision, the delegate will be invited.

Paragraph 2. Decisions of the jury shall be taken by the ballot. If the minority wishes to do so, a ruling that does not release the lodged shall contain information on the position of the minority without specifying the member's name.

Paragraph 3. The jury's advisements are secret.

§ 13. The Board may, in accordance with the rules laid down in section 10 (2), 1 and 3, in the area of the farmer ' s agricultural business, cf. also the section 14 of the law, assign a surveying or a surveying of a surveying or a ticket to the farmer or the company to pay a fine of up to $55,000.

Paragraph 2. Under the same law, section 10, paragraph 10. 2, given conditions, the name of the Board of the Board may disclose a surveinor of the occupation.

Paragraph 3. Paragraph 1 shall apply mutatis mutes to persons and companies carrying out matricularies in accordance with section 4 (4). 2, in the area of surveying, cf. Article 10 (1) of the law. 3.

Paragraph 4. The Board shall be able to disclose persons and companies which carry out matricularies in accordance with section 4 (4). 2, in the area of the farmer ' s business, the right to execute such works in Denmark, cf. Article 10 (1) of the law. 4.

Paragraph 5. In the case referred to in paragraph 1, 2 and 4 the waiver may take place at the time of 1 or 5 years or so far.

Paragraph 6. Decisions pursuant to paragraph 1. 1-5 may not be brought to the second administrative authority. The decision may be brought before the courts within six months of the date of notification of the decision in question, cf. ~ 10 (1)) 5, in the field of surveying business.

§ 14. The Board shall, at any time after application, waist an application in accordance with section 10 (4). 2 or 4, in the area of the farmer ' s area of disqualification, cf. Act 12.

§ 15. The celeb's celeb is recorded in a book of recognition.

Paragraph 2. When a warrant has been signed, the transcripts of it shall be sent shortly to the Cards and Matrix Management Board and to the complainants and other parties to the proceedings. The Board shall make proof that the printout of the ruling has come to the parties in the case.

§ 16. The costs associated with the activity of the jury shall be borne by the Danish National Board of Directological and Matrix.

§ 17. The announcement shall enter into force on the 15th. May 2012.

Paragraph 2. Publication no. 1011 by 18. October 2004 on the Agriculture Board shall be repealed.

The Ministry of Environment, the Third. May 2012

Ida Auken

-Søren Christensen