Law On Modification Of Teaterloven (Implementation Of The Agreement Of 21 June 2011 On A Number Of Changes In The Theatre Area, Etc.)

Original Language Title: Lov om ændring af teaterloven(Udmøntning af aftale af 21. juni 2011 om en række ændringer på teaterområdet m.v.)

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Law on the amendment of the act of law

(Expectation of agreement of 21. June 2011, on a number of amendments to the theatre area, etc.)

We, by God's grace, the Queen of the Danes, do our thing.

The parliament has adopted the following law, and we know that the following law has been approved by Parliament's consent :

§ 1

In the act of the theatre, cf. Law Order no. 780 of 23. June 2009, as amended by Section 18 of Act 18. 1531 of 21. In December 2010, the following changes are made :

1. Loven title ITREAS :

"Act of performing arts."

2. Everywhere in the law, the 'Copenhagen Theatre' is being changed to : 'The Copenhagen Conference of Teats'.

3. Everywhere in the law is changing "Aarhus" to : "Aarhus."

4. Everywhere in the law, the "Art of Thart" is changed to : "The State's Array".

5. I § 1 ' stage art ` shall be replaced by ' stage art ' and ' theatria culture ` shall be replaced by : 'the cultural life that links itself to'.

6. The heading for Chapter 3 ITREAS :

"Theatre and other institutions at the performing arts area with special assignments."

7. § 5 ITREAS :

" § 5. The State may grant grants to theatres and other institutions at the performing arts area, which :

1) provide theatre in the part where they are located,

2) Provider rotending theatribe in the country,

3) specialises in a landseland or throughout the country ;

4) performing special tasks on the stage area of the parts of the country or of the country ; or

5) assisting the development of the performing arts through experimental activities or special initiatives, including international activities.

Paragraph 2. The Minister for Culture shall lay down detailed rules on the conditions of grant granted in accordance with paragraph 1. 1, including those relating to the management boards, organisation and management, and the purpose, alsiability of the repertoire and the taking of specialties and special tasks. ` ;

8. Section 6 (2). 2, revoked.

9. Chapter 5 revoked.

10. Section 14, paragraph 14. 1, ITREAS :

' The Copenhagen Summit is a self-contained institution which aims to support the operation of a number of theatres in the main area of the area. The Copenhagen Summit may, after dialogue with the theatrics of the system, perform a number of administrative functions on behalf of the theatrics. '

11. I § 14 b, 1. pkt., the ' or rent subsidy ` shall be deleted. `

12. I § 14 b, 2. pkt., the words ' for development and innovation in the theatre arts and '.

13. § 14 d, paragraph 1 ONE, TWO. pkt., ITREAS :

The Management Board shall conclude multi-annual agreements with the individual theatres of the size of grants for operation and production and on the artistic and repertoid profile of the theatre. ` ;

14. § 14 d, paragraph 1 ONE, THREE. pkt., revoked.

15. I § 14 d, paragraph 1 ONE, FOUR. pkt., There's gonna be three. pkt., the words ' for development and innovation in the theatric arts and '.

16. I § 14 d, paragraph 1 3, the ' specially replaced funds for innovation and development in the theatre arts ' shall be replaced by ' means the funds allocated to the theatribe of the scheme `.

17. § 14 d, paragraph 1 4-6, revoked.

Paragraph 7 will then be paragraph 1. 4.

18. § 14 e ITREAS :

" § 14 e. The Minister of Culture shall lay down detailed rules on the conditions for grants to the Copenhagen Conference of Theatre and the individual theatres in the scheme, including those relating to the management boards, organisation, management and alsistence of the repertoire, and whether : the forms and guidelines of supervision. ` ;

19. Section 15 (3). TWO, ONE. pkt., ITREAS :

"The primary task of a region is to produce and act theatre performances, including, for example, dance theater, musical theatre, opera, performancing theatre and experimental theatre, for adults, children and adots."

20. I ~ 15 a (a) (a) 3, in section 16 (4), 3. " to : section 15 d (s) TWO. "

21. I ~ 15 a (a) (a) 7, is inserted after 2. Act. :

' where more communities are jointly operating grants to a region, this maximum amount may be increased in the context of the conclusion of a new agreement, so that the state subsidy amounts to an amount equal to the sum of the state grants, as individual grants ; from a connected municipality can trigger. In conjunction with the formation of two or more already approved eggaters, the maximum amount may be increased in connection with the conclusion of a new agreement. The calculation basis for the granting of state grants shall amount to a sum corresponding to the sum of the municipal grants for each of the approved eggaters that are part of the merger. `

22. § 15 c (3) (c) 2 and 3, is hereby repealed and the following shall be inserted :

" Stop. 2. Deposits for paragraph 1. 1 will be distributed by the State's Array.

Paragraph 3. The Array of State may be able to use parts of the financial framework in accordance with paragraph 1. 1 for the evaluation of the egroatics.

Paragraph 4. Subsidition of grants under paragraph 1. 2 may not be brought to higher administrative authority. `

23. Insert after section 15 c :

" § 15 d. The State's Array can initiate evaluation of the eggaters. The evaluation shall be conducted in the area of dialogue with the right of egomanisation and the grant of the grant of the grant of the State.

Paragraph 2. The Array of State may, after an evaluation, in accordance with paragraph 1. 1 in cases where the professional and artistic and artistic level of the theatre does not meet the general level of the suicidal rates and where developments are not assessed possible, state reimbursement after § 15 a and subsidy after Section 15 b ceases. Expiration of the state subsidy may only be carried out in the context of the expiry of the relevant egomatic agreement.

Paragraph 3. Decision pursuant to paragraph 1. 2 may not be brought to higher administrative authority. `

24. § 16 revoked.

25. I § 16 a (3) (a) 2, in the case of Chapter 5 and 6 of the said theatres ' shall be replaced by ' Chapter 3 of Chapter 6, covered by the theatres '.

26. ~ 16 (b) (b) 4, revoked.

Paragk 5 and 6 will then be referred to in paragraph 1. 4 and 5.

27. I ~ 16 (b) (b) 6, there will be paragraph 1. The fifth paragraph is replaced by paragraph 5. One to five : " ONE-FOUR.

28. § 17 ITREAS :

" § 17. The State's Array shall advise and assist public authorities in matters relating to performing performing arts. The Council may, on its own initiative, address the question of Danish performing arts and to make statements on this subject. '

29. Section 18 (2). 1-3, ITREAS :

" The Array of State may, within the annual financial laws, set the amount of the financial envelope to support

1) stationary and roaring and performing performing performing by a minor theatres, performing arts groups and independent performing artists, including their cooperation with other theaters and actors in the performing arts area ;

2) the promotion of new Danish dramatics,

3) the procurement of technical equipment, etc. and, in particular, the accommodation of rooms for performing arts purposes ;

4) the promotion of the international activities and cooperation of the performing arts ; and

5) other activities which may promote the law of the law.

Paragraph 2. In the distribution of aid under paragraph 1, 1, the Array of State shall seek to accommodate all the genants within the professional performing arts. The emphasis should be on promoting the development of new performing arts and other experimental activities, and the geographical spread of the activities must be promoted. An essential part of the aid must be used to support performing performing arts activities aimed at children and young people.

Paragraph 3. The aid under paragraph 1. 1 may be granted for continuous operation or for stand-alone projects. The aid shall be granted as a grant, guarantee or loan. `

30. § 23 revoked.

31. section 24 (2). 2, ITREAS :

" Stop. 2. Deposits granted in accordance with paragraph 1 1 may also be used for the marketing and administration in relation to the reduction of fares. ` ;

32. I section 24 (2). 3, the following shall be inserted after ' assignment ` shall mean ' and use `.

33. § 26 revoked.

34. Section 31 (1). 1 and 2, is hereby repealed and the following shall be inserted :

" The Minister for Culture may lay down rules that collective agreements on wages and employment conditions for employees who receive grants under sections 5 and section 14 shall be subject to approval by the Finance Minister. `

Paragraph 3 becomes paragraph 3. 2.

§ 2

The law shall enter into force on 1. July 2012.

Givet on Amalienborg, the 23rd. May 2012

Under Our Royal Hand and Segl


/ Uffe Elbæk