Notice Concerning Obtainment Of Certificate Of Child Recruitment And Employment Of Staff In The Municipal Health Service, Staff At The Children's Departments And Child And Adolescent Psychiatric Wards In Hospitals, Private Hospitals And Clinics As Well...

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om indhentelse af børneattest ved ansættelse og beskæftigelse af personale i den kommunale sundhedstjeneste, personale på børneafdelinger og børne- og ungdomspsykiatriske afdelinger på sygehuse, private hospitaler og klinikker samt praktise

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Announcement of child certification for employment and employment of staff in the municipal health service, staff at children's departments and children's and youth sycachiatric departments in hospitals, private hospitals and clinics ; and interning children and youth sycapaos, paediatricians and psychologists,

In accordance with section 2 (2), One and four, in the law. 520 of 21. June 2005 on the submission of child certification in the recruitment of personnel and so on, as amended by law no. 444 of 23. The following may be set :

§ 1. Agencies in the Ministry of Health and Prevention shall obtain child certification before they hire or employ persons who, as part of the performance of their tasks, have direct contact with children under 15 years and persons ; in the course of carrying out their duties, among children under 15 years of age and thus have the possibility of reaching direct contact with these, cf. § § 2-4. The same applies to the management of private hospitals and clinics.

Paragraph 2. The introduction of a child certificate shall be in accordance with the rules applicable to such certificates in section 36 of the Notice concerning the processing of personal data in the Central Criminal Register (the Criminal Investigation Register), including that the information is subject to the information referred to in Article 36 (1). has notified written consent to the entry into question.

§ 2. The City Council has a duty to obtain child certification for persons, cf. Section 1 that is employed as nurses, health owners, doctors, dentists and dental carers and temporary carers, deputies and students practised in the municipal health service, provided that this is a fixed association, cf. Section 2 (2) of the law. 2.

§ 3. The Committee of the Regions has a duty to obtain child certification for persons, cf. Section 1 employed as doctors, nursing staff, teachers and pedagogical personnel, including temporary carers and students employed in children's departments and children ' s nursery and juveniles in hospitals, provided that they are referred to ; a fixed association, cf. Section 2 (2) of the law. 2.

Paragraph 2. The Regional Council also has a duty to obtain child certification for persons, cf. Section 1, which are children's and young people's Syrians, paediatricians and psychologists, and acceding the agreement between the Salary and Takstn of the Regions and the United States of Special Doctors and Dansk Psychology. The stock exchange certificate shall be obtained before the region of the region notifiable that the person concerned takes over, shall enter or replace in practice.

§ 4. In private hospitals and clinics, management has a duty to obtain a child's certificate in section 3 (3). The staff referred to in paragraph 1 shall be subject to a fixed association, cf. Section 2 (2) of the law. 2.

§ 5. In accordance with section 2, section 3 (3). Paragraph 1 and Article 4 are understood that, from the start of the employment or employment, the intention is that the person ' s association with the function of the function shall be of more than an individual or a short-term character. In these cases, children's certificate must be obtained prior to accesder as an employed or employed person. However, the stock exchange certificate shall in any case be taken in accordance with section 2, section 3, paragraph 3. 1, and 4 no later than three weeks after the date on which a person has been assigned to the office in question for more than three months and within this period of at least 3 cases or in a consecutive period of more than one week have operated in : a position, cf. § 2, section 3, section 1, and section 4, provided that the person remains associated with the function location.

Paragraph 2. No child certificate shall be obtained for a child certificate as referred to in section 2, section 3, paragraph 3. 1, and 4, if they are transferred to another hire or employment within the same authority, private hospital or a clinic. The same applies if the person is either reemployed or reemployed when the interconnection is disconnected to the authority, the institution, the association, etc. beror of natural pauses, including, for example, transition from one season to another or from one year to another ; other.

§ 6. Intentional violation of section 2-4 is punishable by penalty. However, this does not apply to infringements of the public administration authorities. Companies can be imposed on companies, etc. (legal persons) punishable by the rules of the penal code 5. Chapter.

Paragraph 2. Extremes covered by stk.1 shall be subject to the public authorities.

§ 7. The announcement shall enter into force on 1. June 2012. At the same time, notice No 969 of 25. September 2008 on the introduction of child certification in employment and employment of staff in school services, staff at children's departments and children's and youth sycachiatric offices in hospitals and young people's children and young people who are practising and juvenile delinaves, pediatricians and psychologists.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention, the 25th. May 2012

Astrid Krag

/ Susanne Beck Petersen