Law Amending The Law On Preventive Measures (Amendment And Extension Of The Fund's Purpose, Etc.)

Original Language Title: Lov om ændring af lov om Forebyggelsesfonden(Ændring og udvidelse af fondens formål m.v.)

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Law on the Change of the Preventive Fund

(Amendment and extension of the Fund ' s purpose, etc.)

We, by God's grace, the Queen of the Danes, do our thing.

The parliament has adopted the following law, and we know that the following law has been approved by Parliament's consent :

§ 1

Law no. 87 of 30. January 2007, on the Prevention Fund, as amended by law no. 345 of five. May 2009 and Law No 430 of 28. In April 2010, the following changes are made :

1. Loven title ITREAS :

"Law of the Prevention of Prevention and Maintaining".

2. The heading for Chapter 1 ITREAS :

" Chapter One

The purpose of the Fund. '

3. § 1 ITREAS :

" § 1. The Prevention Fund and the Cardholder Foundation are an independent body within the state administration. '

4. § 2 ITREAS :

" § 2. The Fund ' s funds are used for the purposes of prevention, restraint and inclusion in the labour market. `

5. § 3 ITREAS :

" § 3. Support may be granted for the following interventions :

1) Devices that prevent physical and mental dissuasion and occupational accidents and occupational diseases.

2) Devices that help to maintain seniors and employees with reduced capacity or contribute to a rapid return to the labour market after sickness.

3) Devices that contribute to inclusion in the labour market.

Paragraph 2. The Minister for Employment establishes a framework for or rules on the distribution, use and prioritisation of the funds and the allocation and prioritisation of the Fund ' s tasks. '

6. § 4 revoked.

7. § 4 a revoked.

8. I § 5 the words ' projects ` shall be replaced by the following : 'stakes'.

9. § 5 a revoked.

10. § 6 revoked.

11. § 8 ITREAS :

" § 8. The Fund shall bear the necessary expenses for the secretarial services and other administrative expenses, as well as any expenditure incurred by the chairman and members of the Administrative Board. ` ;

12. § 10 ITREAS :

" § 10. The Management Board for the Prevention and Holds shall be designated by the Employment Minister and consists of 1 President and the following other members :

1) 1 member of the country organisation in Denmark and 1 member of the Member State of a Member State, in accordance with the recommendation from the country of the country of the country in Denmark.

2) 1 member set by the CCF (s) of the Functionality and Officials of the Joint Committee.

3) 1 member set by the Central Organization of the Academy of Akademics.

4) 1 member set by Danish Employers ' Association.

5) 1 member set by the Leaders.

6) 1 member set by Danish Regions.

7) 1 member set by the local authorities of the local authorities (Local Authorities).

8) 1 member set by Danske Handicaporganisations.

Paragraph 2. The Minister for Employment is appointed by the Minister for the Management Board. The forciunts don't have the right to vote.

Paragraph 3. The Minister for Employment appoints the members and chairman of the Management Board for a period of up to four years. The members of the Management Board and the chairman may be re-appointed. If the chairman or a member of the Management Board shall be appointed by the Administrative Board before the end of the period, cf. 1. PC, the PM who can appoint a replacement for the remaining part of the period.

Paragraph 4. The Management Board shall draw up a Rules of Procedure to be approved by the Secretary of Employment. '

13. § § 11 and 12 revoked.

14. § 13 ITREAS :

" § 13. The management board is in a decision-making process when at least half of the members are present.

Paragraph 2. All decisions of the board shall be taken by a simple majority of the members of the board. In the event of ballot, the President's voice is crucial.

Paragraph 3. The Management Board may, in particular, enable the Chairman and the Secretariat to decide on behalf of the Management Board on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Board. '

15. § 14 ITREAS :

" § 14. The Management Board may withdraw specific areas of action within the limits of the funds to which the Fund is managed under the rules or frameworks laid down in section 3 (3). 2.

Paragraph 2. The Management Board shall draw up an annual report, which shall be published by 1. May.

Paragraph 3. The Administrative Board shall also, on the other part, disseminate the activities of the Fund and the results of the actions, activities, projects, etc., to which the Fund has been allocated.

Paragraph 4. The Management Board shall lay down criteria for the allocation of funds to be administered by the Fund and shall be granted on the basis of the criteria to be supported by application. '

16. § 15 revoked.

17. § 16 ITREAS :

" § 16. In the context of the operations of its tasks, the Board shall be able to consult with appropriate authorities and experts. ` ;

18. § § 17-19 revoked.

19. The headline before paragraph 20 is repealed.

20. ~ § 20-22 revoked.

21. I § 23 the words ' and of the Technical Advisory Committee ` shall be deleted ;

22. § 24 ITREAS :

" SECTION 24. The secretariat shall lay down guidelines on the content and form of applications and guidelines for payments.

Paragraph 2. The secretariat shall ensure compliance with the Guidelines. Applications and tenders which do not satisfy the requirements are rejected by the secretariat.

Paragraph 3. The secretariat shall make an undertaking to support approved applications and provide for the payment of aid. `

23. Insert after section 24 :

" Chapter 4 a

§ 24 a. The director of the Prevention Fund and the Cardholder Foundation may obtain information for the administration of this law from employees and employers and their organizations, other public authorities, unemployment figures, the salaries of the pay-holders ; Guarantee Fund and the occupational pensions market

1) on the employment of specific persons employed by an employer,

2) whether or not, by which employers have a specific set of staff,

3) whether, in which periods a specific specified person has taken a holiday,

4) whether, when a specific person has been discharged to an employer,

5) if, during which period and to what extent a specific person has been employed,

6) on which salary has been paid to a specific specified person,

7) on the public benefits that have been paid to a specific specified person, and

8) on the issue of messages of importance for the payment and control of payments from the fund.

Paragraph 2. The director of the Prevention and Sustaining Fund may, in the case of the administration of this law, have terminal access to information in the income register, cf. section 7 of the law of an income register and for information in the Common Data Round, cf. law on the responsibility and management of the active employment effort.

Paragraph 3. Paragraph 2 shall include all information on income, salary and recruitment period, employment conditions, and so on for the purposes of paying and inspection tasks, including information on the identity of the employer and employees respectively. There may be interconnection and composition of information in order to verify that payments from the fund are subject to the law and rules that have been issued under the law.

Paragraph 4. The Minister for Employment of Ministers shall determine the extent to which it is required, rules on obtaining information after this provision. `

24. The headline before paragraph 25 is repealed.

25. § § 25-30 revoked.

26. Section 31 (1). 1, ITREAS :

' The secretariat shall supervise the use of the funds, the fund manages and authorizes. '

27. I § 34, paragraph. 2, in the words ' section 30 (1), 1 ' shall be : section 24 (4). TWO. "

§ 2

Paragraph 1. The law shall enter into force on 1. January 2013, cf. however, paragraph 1 2.

Paragraph 2. The Employment Minister shall determine the date of entry into force of this Law. 5, 6, 9 and 22, and section 14 (4). 4, on the Prevention of Prevention and Holdgement, as drawn up by the section 1 of this law. 15.

Given to Marselisborg Castle, the 23rd. December 2012

Under Our Royal Hand and Segl


/ Mette Frederiksen