Executive Order On The Measure Of Grants To Citizen-Managed Personal Assistance After Service Law

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om udmåling af tilskud til borgerstyret personlig assistance efter serviceloven

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Publication of the grant of grants to citizens ' personal assistance after service

In accordance with Article 96 (a), 1 and 3, and 96 (c) (c), 3, in the Law of Social Services, cf. Law Order no. 904 of 18. August 2011 :

General conditions of measurement

§ 1. The local authority ' s allocation of assistance and the setting of the hour after the service section ' s section 95 or 96 provides the basis for measuring the cash grant for the recruitment of assistance to the citizen-led personal assistance.

Paragraph 2. The local authority shall ensure that the hours for the training of the aid be taken into account during the setting of the hour. The local authorities must also take into account staff meetings when the citizen has employed more than one aid, as well as for employee development talks, etc.

§ 2. Deposits to the hire of assisting citizens ' personal assistance must be measured in the same conditions and with the same amount, whether or not the citizen is the employer of the aid or have concluded that the grant is transferred to a close, a union ; or a business that is then the employer of the aid.

§ 3. The cash grant in accordance with section 5 (5). 1-3 and 5, and sections 8 and 10 shall be fixed annually, cf. however, paragraph 1 2. The amount of the subsidy shall, however, be adjusted by general changes in the basis of the measurement.

Paragraph 2. However, payments under section 10 must be regulated by significant changes in the preconditions for the measurement.

Paragraph 3. The amount of the subsidy may exceed the actual costs incurred by the scheme.

Paragraph 4. The total cost per the maximum amount of time for civil-managed assistance may amount to a maximum amount equivalent to the average long-term cost of the municipal management board by delivery of services in section 83, accompanying services, section 97 and settlement services ; and loading for service-top section 84.

§ 4. The grant under paragraph 5 (3). 1-3 and 5, and section 8 must be measured based on a budget established by the municipality Board. In the budget, the distribution of the individual items that underlies the budget must be indicated. The budget headings must be comparable with the costs of corresponding activities.

Paragraph 2. The local authorities shall cover the costs of section 5 (5). 4, and grants in accordance with section 6, 7 and 9 on account.

General costs of the recruitment of the aid and so on

§ 5. In the calculation of the subsidy, the local authority must carry out a specific assessment of the citizen's needs and, in particular, require that it be necessary to employ assistance with special qualifications, including a special professional background. In the case of the measurement of grants to cover costs of remuneration for assistants, the municipality board shall at least take the basis of the basic salary of comparable technical groups and the local authorities must apply the same level of information ; starting from calculation of all elements of the salary, cf. paragraph 2.

Paragraph 2. At the end of the subsidy to the salary per month, an hour after paragraph 1. 1 the municipality Board shall ensure that the necessary volume of the necessary volume is ensured in the measurement and shall be taken into account in the calculation of :

1) time-specific supplement,

2) Stepspecific Markup,

3) function and qualification, etc.,

4) occupational pensions and

5) ancienity.

Paragraph 3. For the measurement of a grant for the remuneration referred to in paragraph 1. In exceptional cases, special cases may be measured against the coverage of on-call time to the citizen. In the case of on-call hours, hours the helper is present, but where only exceptions are performed for the citizen, including in relation to shared service or by a more dispertified aid requirement.

Paragraph 4. The local authority must cover costs of pay under sickness to disabled persons who have at least eight weeks ' employment as disability and at least 74 hours of work during this period, and the costs of the child's 1. and 2. sick day. The salary shall be paid, including a fixed rate of calculating allowances.

Paragraph 5. By way of the measurement of grants pursuant to paragraph 1, Furthermore, account must also be taken of the cost of holiday money, holiday allowance and holiday etc. after holiday laws, ATP, as well as any other statutory contributions.

§ 6. The local authority must cover costs of necessary insurance, associated with the recruitment of aid and the cost of contributing to the maternity fund. If the payment from the maternity fund is lower than the costs of fixed income payments, the difference between the local authority shall be covered by the local authority. It is, however, a prerequisite for the fact that the aid meets the employment requirement in section 27 of the right to leave and the day money at maternity leave.

Paragraph 2. The local authorities must cover costs for the necessary courses of action.

§ 7. The local authority shall cover the necessary costs in compliance with the work environment legislation. The local authorities shall assess whether or not the local authority shall assess whether the work is covered by the restricted area of the work environment law in accordance with section 2 (2). 3, cf. Section 2 (2). 2, no. Paragraph 1, in the working environment, or in the case of the territory of the entire working environment, in accordance with section 2 (2). Paragraph 1, in the law on the working environment.

Specific costs of transfers of grants or to payroll management

§ 8. The municipality Board shall be measuring a subsidy for special tasks associated with the employer, including the costs of :

1) recruitment and dismissal procedures in relation to the aid ;

2) the training and guidance of the citizen in the tasks of receiving assistance in the form of citizens ' personal assistance ;

3) assistance to the citizen with the recruitment of the aid and so on,

4) to a certain extent to contribute to ensuring temporary coverage,

5) pay management, etc., and

6) the accounts, management and office teams, including derivative costs of IT, rent, etc.

Paragraph 2. However, the Municipal Board shall not measure the grants under paragraph 1. 1, when the citizen himself is the employer of the aid, or when the subsidy has been transferred to a close.

§ 9. The local authority must, when the citizen or a nearby person is the employer of the aid, cover the necessary costs of wage management, including payroll payment, payment of tax, ATP, etc., with less citizen or immediate choosing to allow the citizen or the close-up to allow the citizen or the immediate to be recharged. the municipal management board shall carry out a salary payment, etc., in accordance with the section 95 (5) of the service. Five, and 96, paragraph. 4.

Other costs associated with the citizen-led personal assistance

§ 10. The municipality Board shall be measuring a subsidy to cover other direct and indirect costs associated with employing helpers for help in and outside the home, to the extent that the municipality board, after a specific assessment, find that the citizen ' s Costs not covered by section 16 of the highest, middle, increment, general and general early retirement, etc.

Payment of grants

§ 11. The Municipality Board shall grant aid to the citizen-managed personal assistance months preceding, cf. however, paragraph 1 2.

Paragraph 2. Deposits in accordance with section 5 (5). 4, and sections 6, 7 and 9 shall be paid on the bill. The local authority and the citizen shall agree on this.

§ 12. Offer to the citizen-led personal assistance shall be paid to the citizen or to the grant consignee where the subsidy is granted in accordance with the section 95 (5) of the service. 3, cf. however, paragraph 1 Two and three.

Paragraph 2. If the citizen or grant consignee has agreed to transfer their grant to a nearby, a association or a private company, the municipality shall be paying out the grant contribution to this purpose. Deposits to cover other direct and indirect costs associated with having help in and outside the home, cf. However, section 10 shall be paid directly to the citizen or to the beneficiary of the grant.

Paragraph 3. If the municipal management board is responsible for wage management, etc. for a citizen or a nourier, alone subsidies to cover the direct and indirect costs of the citizen or grant consignon to the aid, cf. § 10.

Paragraph 4. The Municipal Management Board ' s payment of grants to a close, association or private company shall take place on a month ' s notice by the end of the month in which an agreement on the transfer of the subsidy has been concluded, with less other agreed between the citizen ; or the beneficiary and the near-establishment, the association or the private enterprise.

§ 13. The local authorities shall provide for the payment of salaries and so on for the termination of death, when the citizen has not transferred his contribution to a close, association or private company.

Accounting, repayment, etc.

§ 14. A yearly financial contribution shall be drawn up for assistance to the citizen-led personal assistance after Section 5-9.

Paragraph 2. The accounting must also include a statement of measured and secondiment hours.

Paragraph 3. The accounting shall be prepared by the citizen or grant consignee, cf. Section 95, paragraph. 3, or the proximity, association or private company to which the citizen has transferred the subsidy to, cf. however, paragraph 1 4.

Paragraph 4. The municipality Board shall draw up accounts when the local authorities are responsible for pay management etc. in accordance with the section 95 (5) of the service record. 5, or Article 96 (5), 4.

§ 15. To the extent consumed by less hours than measured, the subsidy shall be provided for this purpose, cf. § 5, repayable to the municipality management board, cf. however, paragraph 1 2.

Paragraph 2. However, the citizen may enter into an agreement with the municipality board that grants for unspent hours are transferred to the following year and will be used in accordance with the following procedure. Where there is no need to save and transfer hours, the municipal management board may contradict grants for unspent hours in the first down payment.

§ 16. Offer not used for the purposes referred to in the section ' 95, 96 and 96 (a) of the services shall be repaid to the municipality board.

Entry into force

§ 17. The announcement shall enter into force on 1. July 2012.

Paragraph 2. Publication no. 1180 of 14. In October 2010, the grant of a grant to the citizen-managed personal assistance shall be repealed with regard to the sections 95 and 96 of the service.

Social and Integration Ministry, the 25th. June 2012

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/ Katrine Wilms Andersen