Notice Of Local Theatres

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om egnsteatre

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Annuntation of the egroatics

In accordance with section 15 (a), 9, and section 15 b (b), 2, in the scene of the performing arts, cf. Law Order no. 526 of 4. June 2012 shall be determined :

§ 1. The State provides partial reimbursement of the local authorities ' operating grants to the outside of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Odense, Aarhus and Aalborg Municipalities.

Definition and Tasks

§ 2. A professional theatre of production means a professional production theatre which offers performances over the theatre season and has a registered office outside the municipalities referred to in section 1. A region must have at least 2 productions annually, a fixed location, local anchoring, and be financed wholly or in part by one or more municipalities.

Paragraph 2. The primary task of a region is to produce and act theatre performances, including, for example, dance theatre, music theatre, opera, performance theatre or experimental theatre, for adults, children and adots. In addition, the airs must also contribute to the development of the performing arts in the local environment where they are anchored in.

Paragraph 3. A part of the company must be a stationary. Turné's activities can be part of the activities of the area of the country.

Paragraph 4. Certain egroares, like before the 25th. In May 2007, a minimum of 2 annual productions has been exempted from the requirement for a minimum of 2 annual productions, cf. paragraph 1. The Committee on Culture shall publish a list of these egroatics.

Paragraph 5. The State's Array determines whether a theatre can be characterized as a professional production theatre and, by the way, satisfies the requirements of an eggating group as laid down in paragraph 1. 1-3.


§ 3. Individual egades shall prepare statutes for the institution.

Paragraph 2. The articles must, as a minimum, contain provisions concerning :

1) Name and location of the test

2) The purpose of the test

3) Composition and selection of the management board

4) Employment of the acting management

5) Budget, accounting, audit and annual report

6) Graduations

7) The Management Board ' s meetings, decision-making, decision-making and the right of drawing as well as conditions shall be in the case of a possible termination.

Paragraph 3. The trustees must be approved by the Board of Directors and of the State Proposition of the Board and of the State. If the State is a major subsidy system, the Cultural Board will have to approve the statutes.

Statements of Reimbursement

§ 4. There must be a four-year period agreement between the right of eggom and the grant of the grant of the municipality, cf. § 8.

§ 5. The annual municipal operating grants to the individual area must constitute a minimum amount to be determined on the annual financial laws.

Paragraph 2. If the State provides special operating grants according to section 13, the decision on the operating grant to the area of eligibility fulfils the minimum amount, cf. paragraph The initial point of departure from the sum of the special state operating grants and the municipal operating grants.

Paragraph 3. For the creation of new egomatres, the provision of paragraph 1 shall be that : 1 will be made from the initial contract period.

§ 6. A maximum amount shall be fixed, which shall constitute the upper limit on the size of the municipal operating grants to which the state provides reimbursement, cf. § 11. The maximum amount shall be determined on the annual financial laws. No refund shall be granted on the part of the operating grant exceeding the maximum amount.

Paragraph 2. If the State provides special operating grants according to section 13, the decision on whether the operating grant for the right to exceed the maximum amount shall be taken in accordance with the operating grant for the eligibility of the maximum amount. paragraph The initial point of departure from the sum of the special state operating grants and the municipal operating grants.

Paragraph 3. Benefits municipal operating grants to a Community are collectively increased, the maximum amount shall be increased, as the maximum amount for the annual financial laws shall be multiplied by the number of the grant-making municipalities.

Paragraph 4. In the case of several municipalities operating grants to a region, the reimbursement shall be allocated to the individual municipality's share of the municipalities ' s total operating grants.

Paragraph 5. The maximum amount shall be increased by the aggregation of two or more existing suiciphers, as the maximum amount fixed in the annual financial laws shall be multiplied by the number of eggsteatatres which were part of the merger.

§ 7. A refund of non-sums provided for in the region of the agreement cannot be obtained, cf. § 8.

Floor Agreement Agreement

§ 8. The Committee on Culture, the Committee on Culture, establishes guidelines laying down requirements for the content of the scope of the agreement. The City of Culture shall assist the local authorities and the theatres in the drawing up of the area of egomatic agreements.

Paragraph 2. The aegis must establish the total municipal operating allowance for the right of eggplant.

Paragraph 3. The municipal operating grant for each year of the contract period must be specified at the level of the year at the level of the year.

Paragraph 4. It must be stated in the regional agreement that the municipal operating rate for a given year is at least the minimum amount to be determined on the annual financial laws. However, this does not apply during the first contract period after the creation of a new egomorate country, cf. Section 5 (5). 3.

Paragraph 5. If the State provides a special operating grant to a region, this shall be provided in the region of the Agreement, and shall be taken into account when assessing whether the minimum amount is met, cf. Section 5 (5). 2.

Paragraph 6. The Agreement on the Agreement must include information on the home-rental expenditure of the theatre and the financing of these expenditure.

Paragraph 7. Renegotiating clauses cannot be included which allow the revision of the annual reimbursement basis during the contract period.

Paragraph 8. If more than one municipalities want to grant subsidies to a region, or if more or more egomattheatres are being grouted, a new area of egomatic agreement may be dissolved in force.

Niner. 9. The State of the State must be given the opportunity to comment on proposals for egomatic agreements prior to the signing of the contract.

§ 9. The Board of Culture shall ensure that the area of the agreement, cf. Section 4 fulfils the conditions laid down in section 8 and that the conditions laid down for the size of the municipal operating grants shall be met in accordance with the conditions laid down in Article 8. § § 5. and 6 is fulfilled. Furthermore, the Cultural Board shall ensure that the limit on the level of public aid for rent, cf. Clause 12, respected.

§ 10. By 1. In advance of the financial year in which a suitable agreement is expected to enter into force, the local authorities shall forward proposals to the agreement with the egomatic level, cf. 8, to the Kulturtboard. This applies to both new agreements, for the extension of existing agreements, in the inclusion of several municipalities in the agreement and for the existing egroatics.

Paragraph 2. The total municipal grant provided cannot be increased in the final agreement.

Paragraph 3. The signed agreement shall be forwarded to the State Customer for information at the latest by 31. In advance of the financial year in which the egomatic Agreement enters into force.

Calculation of State reimbursement

§ 11. The State reimbursement of the municipal operating grants to the individual eggplant shall be granted within a monetary framework laid down in the annual financial laws, cf. § 1.

Paragraph 2. The board of Culture announcing 1. May a minimum reimbursement rate for the coming year, based on the budget estimate of the current year's financial law, and thus subject to the actual appropriation.

Paragraph 3. Refusion can be a maximum of 50%. of the municipal operating grant.

Paragraph 4. If the percentage of the reimbursement exceeds 50, the remainder is used for the qualitative development pool for the eggaters, cf. § 14.

Paragraph 5. The final reimbursement percentage shall be calculated as the ratio between the Finance Bill to a region reimbursement and the total eligible municipal operating grants to the eggplant.

§ 12. Advance to the rent can be a maximum of 15%. of the total public operating grants to the individual area of egomers.

Paragraph 2. For the purpose of the rent, the rent shall be understood to be rent expenses or equivalent expenditure on premises and buildings which the theatre is disputing. The costs of local and building operations, such as the costs of lighting, water, heating and cleaning, are not considered to be the rent.

Paragraph 3. The Management Board shall determine whether a grant should be considered as a subsidy for the rent, cf. paragraph 2.

Special State operating grants

§ 13. The State may provide a special operating grant to the region-theatres which, prior to the abandonments of 2007, received subsidies from one or more county commonders. A list of the theatres which can receive special state-of-state operating grants has been drawn up by the Cultural Management Board.

Paragraph 2. The part of the state subsidy, which is done by the state's previous reimbursement of the sucka-stilts, can be regulated by the annual reimbursement rate applicable to the municipal grants to the egglands.

Quality development

§ 14. The State may, within a monetary framework, set out in the annual financial laws, grant aid to quality development projects at the appropriate atres.

Paragraph 2. Deposits for paragraph 1. 1 shall be distributed according to the application of the State's Array to the State.

Paragraph 3. Criteria for the distribution of funds from the development pool shall be determined by the State's Customer Throat.

Paragraph 4. Decisions on grants under paragraph 1. 2 may not be brought to higher administrative authority.


§ 15. The State's Array can initiate evaluation of the eggaters. The evaluation shall be conducted in the area of dialogue with the right of egomanisation and the grant of the grant of the grant of the State. The evaluations shall be carried out by consultants who are committed to conducting the survey. A steering group of relevant stakeholders may be established, which shall be the result of the evaluation work.

Paragraph 2. Evaluation shall also apply to the eggating theatre agreements concluded before the entry into force of this notice.

Paragraph 3. The Array of State may use parts of the amount of the amount of the quality development projects, cf. Section 14, paragraph 14. 1, for the external evaluation of the egomatres.

Paragraph 4. The Array of State may, after an evaluation, in accordance with paragraph 1. 1, in cases where the professional and artistic level of the theatre does not meet the general level of the suicidal rates and where developments are not assessed possible, the State reimbursement after Section 1 and in particular State operating grants after Section 13 shall cease in : connection with the expiry of the applicable region agreement.

Paragraph 5. Decision pursuant to paragraph 1. 4 cannot be brought to higher administrative authority.

Accounting and auditing

§ 16. Revised accounting for an egomatic system shall be approved by the municipality which is the main adjective.

Paragraph 2. The local authority shall submit the approved accounts to the Cultural Management Board no later than five months after the end of the financial year.

Paragraph 3. The accounts shall follow it up to any time applicable to the local authority financial instruments.

Paragraph 4. If the State is a major subsidy-acidity, then the board will be approved by the Cultural Board. As a result, the accounts shall follow any period applicable in accordance with the law of the financial and administrative conditions for the beneficiaries of the Ministry of Culture.

Paragraph 5. The commitments made may be withdrawn and reimbursed reimbursement and subsidies may be reclaimamed if grants do not comply with the refund and grant conditions or do not implement the prefixed activity.


§ 17. A region is subject to the supervision of the municipality, which is public primary subsidy.

Paragraph 2. If the state is public capital subsidy, the Department of Culture will be taken into consideration.

Paragraph 3. The state's supervision may, by agreement between the Danish Agency for the Management Board and the State of Provision of the State Commune, may be provided by the municipality

Other provisions

§ 18. The Management Board shall be responsible for the administration of the State appropriation to the Ministry of Culture of Culture.

§ 19. No such approval shall be made without prejudice to the right of the Minister for Culture to be free and independent of the acting of a free and independent determination of repertoire, engagement and other artistic matters, cf. stage paragraph 31 (1) of the performing arts. 2.

Entry into force

20. The announcement shall enter into force on 1. July 2012.

Paragraph 2. At the same time, notice No 1404 of 7. In December 2007, about the egroatics.

Transitional provisions

§ 21. Floor agreements concluded before this notice shall enter into force until the end of the contract period. New agreements and the extension of existing agreements shall be concluded in accordance with this notice.

Paragraph 2. The provisions of section 6 (4). 3 and 5 shall have the effect of the agreements concluded after the notice is entered into force.

Cultural Ministry, the 27th. June 2012

Uffe Elbæk

/ Eva Argir Falster