Decree Amending The Decree On The Conditions For Commercial Fishing Of Eels In Salt Water And Fresh Water

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om ændring af bekendtgørelse om betingelserne for erhvervsmæssigt fiskeri af ål i saltvand og ferskvand

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Publication of the amendment of the notice on the conditions of commercial fishing of eels in salt water and fresh water

§ 1

Notice no. 1,200 of 11. In December 2008, on the conditions for the fishing of eels of salt in salt water and freshwater, the following change shall be made :

1. § 7 ITREAS :

" § 7. In salt water and freshwater areas, glashes, bottled nets and bottom-garnet-like tools are used only under authorisation for eel fishing, cf. Section 3, paragraph 3. However, 1 or in accordance with sections 16 and section 18, the use of the said utensils shall be permitted for other than eel fishing if the conditions set out in paragraph 1 are permitted. 2-5 is met.

Paragraph 2. The rules of the country used for fishing other than that of eel fishing shall be used in the following conditions :

1) The mask of the mask shall be at least 60 mm (a whole mask).

2) No matter No. 1, may be used for fishing other fishing other than of eel fishing in the following conditions :

a) The mask in the rear of the rear-after the other last brace-must be at least 60 mm (a whole mask), or

b) The mask in the rear of the rear-after the last brace-must be at least 90 mm (the whole mask). The mask shall be fulfilled if, in the space between the last and the last braces, a window of 14 x 14 cm. is with the said maeel. The window should be on the upper hand side of the space.

3) In ruses to catch shrimp, all calves in the space must be open as a square and kept in place by four stilltapes. The mesh size of the space shall not exceed 30 mm (a whole mask).

Paragraph 3. The bottled nets and bundles of footwine, which may be used for fishing other than eel fishing, shall not be equipped with ruses.

Paragraph 4. Ruces of other fisheries other than eel fishing, cf. paragraph 2 before use is notified to the Natural Acquisitions Management Board, indicating the number of rushes, and the area where the boxes are located. Seed nets and bundles of footwine, shall be notified to the Natural Acquisitic Management Board, describing the design, size and position of the tools, specifying the length and latitude of WGS 84 Dateum.

Paragraph 5. Notification of equipment for other than eel fishing in accordance with paragraph 1. 4 shall be made, regardless of whether or not the tool has been used and notified prior to the entry into force of this notice. The Wildlife Board may decide only to approve the use of an instrument if it is sufficiently demonstrated that eel may escape the tool ' ;

§ 2

The announcement shall enter into force on 16. July 2012.

The National Wildlife Agency, the 9. July 2012

Pernille Andersen

/ Lene Jensen Scheel-Bech