Notice Of Enzootic Bovine Leukosis

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om enzootisk kvægleukose

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Executive order on enzootic kvægleukose1)

Under section 27, paragraph 2, article 29, article 30, paragraphs 1 and 3, § § 33-34, section 70 (3) of law No. 432 of 9. June 2004 on the keeping of animals shall be fixed: Definitions

§ 1. For the purposes of this order: 1) enzootic bovine leukosis: Infection of cattle with bovine leukemia virus, which causes the communicable form of leucosis in cattle.

2) Crew: a collection of at least 1 cattle, which are linked to a specific geographical location.

3) approved laboratory: Veterinary Institute, Technical University of Denmark as well as laboratories, which is approved by the veterinary and Food Administration to carry out investigations for enzootic bovine leucosis in accordance with Ordinance on the approval and supervision of diagnostic laboratories.

Notify duty and investigations

§ 2. The owner or the, which, incidentally, is responsible for a crew, suspected that the animals in the herd is or may be infected with enzootic bovine leukosis, immediately summoning a veterinarian.

(2). The Leica in accordance with paragraph 1 shall come to pass, when with one or more animals in a herd acting: 1) universally swollen lymph nodes and/or 2) tumor formation in the running, heart or should.

§ 3. Call a veterinarian because of suspected contamination with enzootic bovine leukosis, jr., § 2, or get a veterinarian in connection with its work suspected with enzootic bovine leukosis and suspicion can not be dismissed, the veterinarian shall immediately transmit the notification to the Food Agency.

(2). The veterinarian shall also submit the material from the animal to the examination in an approved laboratory in accordance with the guidelines given by the accredited laboratory.

(3). When the food agency has been informed of the results of the study by the accredited laboratory, veterinary and Food Administration shall notify the owner or the person responsible for the herd on the outcome.

§ 4. Food agency may order the owner or the person in charge of a herd, to have taken blood samples in connection with risk of infection spreading, area studies or similar from the whole or any part of the crew for the purpose of testing for the presence of enzootic bovine leukosis.

(2). Food Agency in connection with the investigation can be ordered not to be to-or are removed from the herd of cattle before the results of the examination are available.

Suspect and infected herds

§ 5. Suspected of being infected with enzootic bovine leukosis free herds are as described in section 2, as well as crews: 1) where there has been infectious intercourse with animals, which are considered to be infected with enzootic bovine leukosis or suspected this, or 2) which, after the Food Agency's assessment can be infected with enzootic bovine leukosis.

(2). The owner or the person in charge of a crew who are suspected of or infected with enzootic-bovine-leukosis-free herd or any part of the crew must leave the blood test or otherwise examine of enzootic bovine leukosis.

§ 6. A crew must be considered as infected with enzootic bovine leukosis, if an approved laboratory has detected bovine leukemia virus specific antibodies against this virus or in material taken from animals from the herd.

§ 7. Cattle that are infected with enzootic bovine leucosis shall be advised by the owner or the person responsible for the herd, isolated from the rest of the crew immediately after the Food Administration Manual.

§ 8. When in a herd are suspected or infection with enzootic bovine leukosis, imposed on the crew a public supervision, which may include: 1) forbidden to remove animals from the herd.

2) ban on introducing the herd animals that are susceptible to enzootic bovine leukosis.

3) injunction, to let the crew or part of the crew blood test or otherwise examine of enzootic bovine leukosis.

4) injunction, to take measures that are important for the control and the fight against enzootic bovine leucosis, including housing, cleaning and disinfection, distribution of dung or manure, as well as the use of contaminated land and forage crops.

5) ordered that cattle that go on grass, taken at the barn.

6) injunction that animals which die or are killed, must be examined by a veterinarian.

7) injunction to the dairy to pick up milk at the end of the route.

8) orders that the crew responsible shall implement rodent and insect control after food administration manual.

§ 9. If a crew who are suspected of or infected with enzootic bovine leukosis, exposed, must take place no earlier than 30 days repopulation after the postponement, unless Food Agency beforehand since has approved cleaning and disinfecting.

§ 10. The owner or person responsible for a late crew who are suspected of or infected with enzootic bovine leukosis shall give notice of the relationship to everyone who comes into contact with the crew, including on delivery to the slaughterhouse, dairy or rendering plant, until the crew declared enzootic-bovine-leukosis-free, see. section 11, or suspicion, incidentally, be rebutted.

§ 11. A crew found suspected of or infected with enzootic bovine leukosis may again be considered free if studies prescribed by the veterinary and Food Administration, is made with a after food administration assessment satisfy linde results, in accordance with the rules referred to in article 6. Directive nr. 64/432/EEC of 26. June 1964.

The transport of animals from suspect and infected herds

§ 12. Cattle from a herd which is suspected of or infected with enzootic bovine leukosis may only be moved from the herd, if it is transferred directly to slaughter or for destruction. Animals for slaughter must be accompanied by a food agency approved laissez-passer.

(2). Pickup and indtransport of cattle for slaughter should the hauler is organised in such a way that the cattle during transport does not come in contact with animals from herds are considered free of enzootic bovine leukosis.

(3). After unloading of the cattle at slaughter rather than to the person responsible for the transport shall ensure that the means of transport and objects that have been used in connection with transport, cleaned and disinfected.


§ 13. Vaccination against enzootic bovine leukosis shall be prohibited.

Payment, penalties and entry into force

§ 14. The costs of investigation by the in section 3, paragraph 2, tests paid for by the veterinary and Food Administration. All other expenses incurred under this Ordinance, the Food Agency.

§ 15. With fine punished anyone who 1) violates section 2, paragraph 1, section 3, paragraphs 1 and 2, section 5, paragraph 2, § 7, § 9, § 10 and § 12, or 2) fails to comply with the prohibitions and injunctions under section 4, section 8 and section 13.

(2). That may be imposed on corporations and legal entities liable in accordance with the provisions of the criminal code 5. Chapter.

§ 16. The notice shall enter into force on the 1. December 2011.

(2). At the same time repealed Executive Order No. 30 by 19. January 2006 on enzootic bovine leukosis.

Ministry of food, agriculture and fisheries, the 21. November 2011 P.S.V.
Per Henriksen/Hafsa Official notes 1) Ordinance contains provisions that implement elements of Council Directive No. 64/432/EEC of 26. June 1964 on animal health problems affecting intra-Community trade in bovine animals and swine, Official Journal L 121 of 1964 s. 1977, as amended by Council Directive No. 98/46/EC of 24. June 1998, the official journal of the European communities 1998 L 198 s. 22.