Executive Order On Cadastral Taxes And Fees, Etc.

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om matrikulære afgifter og gebyrer m.v.

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Completion of matricularial levies and fees, etc.

In accordance with section 25 (1), 4, and Section 47 (4). 1, in the area of the outlet and other registration in the premises, cf. Law Order no. 494 of 12. June 2003, as amended by law no. Twelve of 11. 1 January 2010, and section 3 and section 4 (4). 2, in the Act of the Type of Epitation, etc., cf. Law Order no. 42 of 22. In January 1998 :

Dispatch Fee

§ 1. In the case of registration in the matrix of the following matricularial changes, the fee shall be paid with the amounts indicated :

1) Epitation and matriculation : 3.320 kr. for each property set up.

2) Space transfer : 2.490 kr. for each general property to which the area is transferred.

3) Aggregation : 1,660 kr. for each aggregation.

4) The assignment of a land number to an area within a single property, when new customs are to be registered : 1,660 kr.

5) Changing the shmael of a field of use within a single real estate, when the location of the skeleton is replaced by : 830 kr. for each arc number that is affected.

Paragraph 2. Paragraph 1 shall not apply where the registration in the register is carried out as a result of expropriation, property ownership or assertion.

Paragraph 3. Paragraph 1, no. Paragraph 1 does not apply to the area of land as a result of its downgrading from public road to private and non-matriculated land, nor matriculate, which consists in the allocation of the land number to a non-atriated area engaged in the premises.

Paragraph 4. Paragraph 1, no. 2, does not apply where the area is transferred to or from a public road.


§ 2. Tax pursuant to section 1 of the Act of Expitation of Expitation etc. and Fee in accordance with Section 1 of this Order shall be payable at the same time as the matriculating change is recorded in the array. The amount is charged with the payment time-period running month plus 30 days.

Paragraph 2. Tax and fee shall be charged to the farmer.

Paragraph 3. If the overall tax and fee amounts are to be increased, ECU 85,000 shall be charged with the amount in advance of the registration of the matrix in the land.

Paragraph 4. In other cases, in other cases where it is deemed necessary to ward off the risk of loss, the Danish Board of Direction may require a charge of the fee and fee.

§ 3. A charge of 100 kr is paid for printing of the smoking letter.

Amount Limits

§ 4. The largest value of an area and so on which can be transferred without the transfer document, cf. section 25 (5) of the outboard law. 3, set at 45,000 kr.

Paragraph 2. The largest value of an area that may be transferred to a public road or railway in accordance with the rules laid down in section 13 (1). 2, in the announcement of matricularic works, shall be fixed at DKK 9,000.

The entry into force, etc.

§ 5. The announcement shall enter into force on 1. January 2012.

Paragraph 2. In the case of matricularies submitted to the Cards and Matrikelor before the 1 of the Committee on Matrix. In January 2012, the fee shall be paid according to the existing rules.

Paragraph 3. Publication no. 1363 of 6. December 2010 on matricularial duties and fees and so on are deleted.

The Ministry of Environment, 2. December 2011

Ida Auken

-Søren Christensen