Ordinance Amending Ordinance On The Approval And Inspection Of Vehicles (Veteransyn, Etc.) Reprinted Definitive Series

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om ændring af bekendtgørelse om godkendelse og syn af køretøjer(Udsættelse af veteransyn m.v.) Omtryk

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Publication of the amendment of the approval and view of vehicles 1)

(Appreation of veterans and others.)

§ 1

Notice no. 762 of 8. July 2004 on the approval and vision of vehicles, as last amended by Notice No 2 ; 1145 of 4. In December 2009, the following changes are added :

1. I § 32 pasted as paragraph 3 :

" Stop. 3. Documentation of approval for periodic inspection of an EU or EEA country within the period set out in section 55 if the vehicle has been imported from abroad and if the manufacturer wants the current survey to not include technical checks on maintenance, cf. § 35, paragraph. 8. "

2. I § 35 pasted as paragraph 8 :

" Stop. 8. If the vehicle has been imported from abroad and there is evidence that the vehicle has been approved for inspection, cf. Section 32 (1). 3, the visual company shall verify that the vehicle and equipment of the vehicle complies with the applicable provisions but not the vehicle ' s maintenance condition. ` ;

3. I § 36, paragraph. 2, pasted as Act 2. :

" If the vehicle is approved in accordance with 35 (4), ' 8, this should be included on the visual report '.

4. I § 43 pasted as new paragraph 5 :

" Stop. 5. If the vehicle is approved in accordance with section 35 (4), ' 8, indicate this and the date of the foreign view of the declaration form. `

Paragraph 5 shall then be referred to in paragraph 5. 6.

5. After § 57, paragraph. 4, inserted :

" Stop. 5. If the vehicle is approved in accordance with section 35 (4), 8, the month date shall be fixed on the basis of the date of the foreign survey. ` ;

6. After § 57, paragraph. 5, inserted :

' Translation of periodic inspection for vehicles registered for a VA

§ 57 a. The Management Board may, upon application, suspend the latest time limit for the periodic inspection of a vehicle registered to the VA whose vehicle is equipped with historical plates, and is :

1) significant traffic damage and the relevant insurance undertaking declares that the company will notify the Traffic Management Board when the number plates are returned to the vehicle's owner / user, or that the state insurance policy ends,

2) under prolonged and extensive restoration, or

3) have been stolen or subjected to vandalism or equivalent, which do not permit the approval of a vision (all force majeure situations known from the insurance practices where the owner / user is without fault or influence).

Paragraph 2. Application for paragraph 1 1 shall be accompanied by the following documentation :

1) ejers (user) identity

2) the vehicle mark, the VIN number and registration number,

3) grounds for the application, including evidence of the current situation, which is due to the application, and

4) indication of the period during which the inspections are to be subjected. ` ;

7. I § 58, paragraph. 1, ' 96/96/EC ` shall be replaced by : ' 2009/40/EC `.

§ 2

The announcement shall enter into force on 1. January 2012.

Traffic Management, the 131. December 2011

Carsten Falk Hansen

/ Ib Rasmussen

Official notes

1) The announcement contains provisions implementing the European Parliament and Council Directive 2009 /40/EC, (EU Official Journal 2009, L 141, p. As amended by the European Commission Directive 2010 /48/EU, (EU Official Journal 2010, L 173, p. 47).

  • 15 -12-2011 :
  • Publication no. 1168 of 13. December 2011 amending the notice of approval and sight of vehicles has been reprinted on the 15th. December 2011. The following is enriched by the inprint :

    1. in the title of the notice, the words 'announcement' were made two times. "announcement" is now omitted between "proclamations" and "on".
    2. Sub-title was omitted. "(Appretion of veterans and others)" is now inserted.
    Number three, in section 1, no. One was "," omitted. ' where the manufacturer wishes to ensure that the current view does not include technical maintenance checks "has been changed to :" if the manufacturer wants the current view not to include technical checks on maintenance ".
    4. In section 2, "2011" is changed to : "2012".

    The announcement shall enter into force 1. January 2012.