Ordinance Prohibiting The Sale Of Human Consumption Of Certain Salmon And Herring, Which Are Fished Or Trapped In Baltic Sea

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om forbud mod salg til humant konsum af visse laks og sild, der er fisket eller fanget i Østersøen

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Overview (table of contents)

Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Rules specifically about salmon

Chapter 3

Rules specifically about herring

Chapter 4

Penal provisions and entry into force

The full text of the Ordinance prohibiting the sale of human consumption of certain salmon and herring, which are fished or trapped in Baltic Sea

Under section 5, paragraphs 2 and 3, article 40, paragraph 1, and section 60, paragraph 3, of the law on food, see. lovbekendtgørelse nr. 820 of 1. July 2011, fixed: Chapter 1 Scope § 1. The notice applies to certain salmon of the specie Salmo salar, which is fished or trapped within Ices sub-areas nr. 24-32 and herring fished or trapped within Ices sub-area nr. 26-32, for the purpose of sale for human consumption.

§ 2. Notice the sales ban applies to offer for sale, dissemination of sale, storage for sale, specials and any disposal to others, see. However, section 5.

Chapter 2 Rules specifically about salmon § 3. Salmon, who weighs more than 2.0 kg (eviscerated weight) and up to and including 5.5 kilograms (eviscerated weight), may not be sold for human consumption, with less salmon, before it reaches the final consumer, has undergone a depth the trimming process, as described in an industry code for the Fisheries Act, as approved by the veterinary and Food Administration, see. § 4.

(2). Salmon, who weighs more than 5.5 kilograms (eviscerated weight), prior to arrival to port halved crosswise, see. However, section 5.

(3). Immediately after ilandbringelse of salmon referred to in paragraph 2, the master shall ensure that the salmon over poured with approved color, see. However, section 5.

§ 4. Salmon referred to in § 3, intended for circulation outside the national market should be trimmed before the salmon is included in depth trade or export, see. However, section 5.

§ 5. Salmon covered by paragraph 1, without prejudice to the provisions of § § 3-4 translated into exports, when the conditions laid down in European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) No 1782/2003. 178/2002 of 28. January 2002 laying down the General principles and requirements of food law, establishing the European food safety authority and laying down procedures relating to food safety, nature. 12, paragraph 1, first subparagraph, are met.

§ 6. Business leaders to set up systems and procedures (self-monitoring program), which makes it possible to identify what salmon marketed in the EU, and which, being marketed in the third country, in the case where the fish is covered by section 5. In the own-checks programme shall conclude the necessary evidence that salmon not be sold back to the EU. This information shall be made available upon request for the Food Agency.

Chapter 3 Rules specifically about herring § 7. It is prohibited to make commercial fishing or catching of herring for human consumption in the eastern Baltic. The ban applies to fisheries and fishing in waters located within Ices sub-area nr. 26-32 Chapter 4 Criminal provisions and the entry into force of § 8. With less higher penalty is inflicted upon the rest of the legislation, is punishable by a fine anyone who violates sections 2-4 and § § 6-7.

(2). The penalty can rise to imprisonment for up to 2 years, if it knows the action or failure occurred violations are committed with intent or gross negligence, and there in the infringement is 1) caused damage to the health or caused danger therefore or 2) achieved or intentional gained an economic advantage for the person himself or others.

(3). That can be imposed on companies, etc. (legal persons) criminal liability in accordance with the provisions of the criminal code 5. Chapter.

§ 9. The notice shall enter into force on the 1. January 2012.

(2). At the same time repealed: 1) Bekendtgørelse nr. 101 of 9. February 2009 concerning the prohibition on sale for human consumption of certain salmon that is caught or trapped in the Baltic Sea.

2) Bekendtgørelse nr. 457 of 10. June 2009 establishing a prohibition of fishing and fishing of herring for human consumption in the eastern Baltic and prohibition on sale for human consumption of herring which are caught or trapped in the eastern Baltic.

DVFA, the 15. December 2011 p. d. V Annelise F/Louise Baad R