Notice On The Fee For The Use Of The State's Rail Network And On Environmental Subsidies For Freight Transport On Rail

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om betaling for brug af statens jernbanenet og om miljøtilskud til godstransport på jernbane

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Publication of payment for the use of the State's railway network and on the environmental benefits for the carriage of goods by rail 1)

In accordance with section 9 (4), 6, section 11 and section 24 h, paragraph 1, in the law of rail, cf. Law Order no. 1249 of 11. November 2010 shall be determined :

§ 1. Railway undertakings shall pay the charge for driving on the State ' s railway infrastructure in the form of kilometre charge and capacity levy and levies for the passage of Storebelt and Øresund. These charges are referred to as infrastructural charges.

§ 2. Banedanmark sets the rates for kilometre charge and capacity tax in accordance with the rules of section 3.

Paragraph 2. Banedanmark also lays down procedures for the collection of infrastructure charges, which types of driving that are exempt from infrastructure charges, which benefits Banedanmarks, must provide for the infrastructure charges and the rules governing order and revocation of channels.

Paragraph 3. Banedanmark lays down rules for a compulsory system of performance in order to encourage infrastructure managers and railway undertakings in the railway infrastructure of the State to optimise railway functionality and so that there can be the penalty or bonuses paid due by late trains, in the light of the reasons for the delay. Traffic carried out by regional railway companies and traffic on the S-togsnet and the material trains are not covered by the performance scheme.

Paragraph 4. Penalties or bonuses shall be determined on the basis of a channel regularity fixed at 4 minutes late. And 59 secs. or emergency cancelled (less than 72 hours prior to planetal departure).

Paragraph 5. Banedanmark establishes a registration system for the registration of the actual delays and reasons for this purpose.

Paragraph 6. Banedanmark lays down the charges and the performance scheme in a notice.

Paragraph 7. The infrastructure charges and penalties or bonuses shall be collected or paid out by the Banedanmark.

§ 3. The source of the source may be the same for all trains or differentiated between freight trains and passenger trains. The cost of the source of information shall be fixed as the short-term marginal costs incurred by the railway infrastructure of the state by an average train transport infrastructure.

Paragraph 2. On partial lines where there is scarcity capacity, a capacity fee may be charged to optimise the utilization of the infrastructure in the daily hours.

Paragraph 3. Any changes to tax rates, except at current price adjustments, shall be warmer by Banedanmark at least 12 months prior to the entry into force of the amendments concerned.

§ 4. For the passage of the StorePod connection, the following bridge charge is paid (excl. VAT) :

1) For Passenger trains, $6,611.8. per train.

2) For freight and payment, $6,132.73. per train.

Paragraph 2. For the passage of the Danish part of the Øresund connection, the following charge is paid (excl. VAT) :

1) For Passenger trains, $2,73.88. per train.

2) For freight and payment, $2,509.31. per train.

Paragraph 3. Banedanmark makes once a year, the first time per year. 1. January 2013, in the light of developments in the general price-and wage index, a regulation of the amounts to be paid for the passage of the Store-Pod connection and the Danish part of the Øresund connection, and shall make an announcement of the amounts which : then it will be paid.

§ 5. Railway undertakings may receive an environmental benefit from Banedanmark on the basis of the freight carrier for the transport of goods

1) in the case of rail transport between two locations on the railway network of the State,

2) in the case of rail transport between a location on the railway network of the State and a foreign site ; or

3) for intermodal transport in accordance with paragraph 1. 2 between foreign locations.

Paragraph 2. Intermodal transport justifying the payment of environmental benefits shall include the transport of standardised lorries (trailers, alternates, or containers) that go through Denmark, and which, in at least one end of the transport, shall be unleashed to : or from a truck.

Paragraph 3. The amount of the environmental grant and the terms of its payment shall be laid down in an announcement by the Banedanmark out of the provenu, which the goods pay in the odometer value and possible capacity tax divided by the total number of eligible tones. Over-or deficit may be offset in a subsequent year.

Paragraph 4. Changes to the level of the eco-subsidy may be carried out by 1 month ' s notice.

Paragraph 5. The environmental subsidy shall be paid by Banedanmark.

§ 6. The announcement shall enter into force on 1. January 2012.

Paragraph 2. The provisions of section 5 shall have effect from 1. January, 2011.

Paragraph 3. Publication no. 1467 of 16. In December 2010 on banking expenses and on environmental benefits for the carriage of goods by rail.

Department of Transportation, 16. December 2011

Henrik Dam Kristensen

/ Mikkel Sune Smith

Official notes

1) The announcement shall be part of Directive 2001 /14/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the allocation of railway infrastructure capacity and the levying of charges for the use of railway infrastructure and safety certification, EU Official Journal (2001) No ; I'm 75 pages 29.