Notice Of Imposition Of Contribution Under The Water Act § 53 (3)

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om pålæg af bidrag efter vandforsyningslovens § 53, stk. 3

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Notice of imposition of contribution under the Water Act § 53 (3)

Under section 53, paragraph 4, of the law on water supply, etc., see. lovbekendtgørelse nr. 635 of 7. June 2010, fixed: § 1. In connection with the construction of a water supply pipeline from a public water supply systems can property owners, which will be supplied water for general use from the cord, but who do not want to let their properties and connect to the power cord, imposed on contributions to the power cord (passage contributions) when the conditions laid down in §§ 2-4 are met.

(2). If in connection with the vascular plant are placed on the connector wires to the properties, which is not wanted, possibly connected with the conclusion in a stopcock at the property's boundaries, the contributions referred to in paragraph 1 also include contribution to the service line and stopcock.

(3). Order made pursuant to paragraph 1, requires that the notice has been approved by the Municipal Council. Approval must be sought separately for each cord section.

§ 2. It is a condition for imposition of contribution under section 1, 1) the cord is within the supply area established for the General water supply systems in the municipality's water supply plan, possibly including a subdraft for the water supply, or 2) that a decision has been taken on the line by a concrete decision following the water supply Act chapters 4, 6 or 8.

(2). It is furthermore a condition that the houses on the property, which was due to water being supplied by the cord, totally or partially located within 100 m from the cord, and the cord leads past or over the part of the premises in which the tenement is situated.

(3). The contribution may not be required, if crossing it in water supply plan is determined that the property does not need to be supplied from the water supply system, or if the property is in need of water to an extent that cannot be supplied from the water supply system.

(4). For properties that get their water supply from a borehole, can the contribution only required if passage boringens water not in compliance with the applicable quality requirements, see. Ordinance on water quality and supervision of water supply systems, or if boringens location or device is not satisfactory.

§ 3. Passage contributed shall be determined on the basis of the property's use at the time, as it is imposed on the owner to pay the contribution.

(2). The contribution shall be equal to the contributions pursuant to the regulation and tariff sheet had to be paid to the supply cord and possibly service line and stopcock if supply were established, unless the local authority considers that there are special circumstances, which means that the rate cannot reasonably be used.

(3). Contributed can't include contribution to the water supply's main asset.

§ 4. Passage contribution may not be charged 1 year prior to the launch of a supply wiring work to allow the supply of the property.

(2). Must work is carried out in several sections with separate time periods, the contributions shall be levied at the earliest 1 year prior to the commencement of work on the wiring section, which shall include the power cord past or over the property.

(3). Deferred execution of wiring work beyond 1 year, can contributions then paid for early repayment with interest, for the last time. If not otherwise agreed, the interest rate shall be calculated as set out in the law on interest for late payment, etc.

§ 5. When a property for which paid passage contribution, later connected to the General water supply systems, not paid the fixed contribution to the parts of the water supply system, which provided payment for the passage contributed.

(2). If at the time of connection fixed contribution must be paid on the basis of more units than those who were relied on for passage contributed, may be required to indicate the supply wiring contributions for the additional devices. This contribution shall be calculated according to the rates at the time of connection.

§ 6. The access as a universal water supply systems on the basis of its regulations have to charge connection contribution from land development ventures with respect to the individual properties in parceling out, applies irrespective of the rules laid down in this Ordinance.

(2). The notice is also without prejudice to the right of that on different basis, URf.eks. in sales terms, higher demand for payment made to the area's General water supply systems from owners of non-attached properties.

§ 7. The notice shall enter into force on the 1. January 2012.

(2). Executive order nr. 1277 of 5. December 2006 on the imposition of contribution under the Water Act § 53 (4) of the (passage contribution), is repealed.

The Ministry of the environment, the 15. December 2011 Ida Auken/Helle Pilsgaard