Ordinance On Water Supply Planning

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om vandforsyningsplanlægning

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Ordinance on water supply planning

Under section 5, section 6, section 8, section 70 and section 78, paragraph 5, of the law on water supply, etc., see. lovbekendtgørelse nr. 635 of 7. June 2010, as amended by Act No. 1273 of 21. December 2011, lays down: Authority

§ 1. Water supply planning is headed by the Municipal Council in accordance with the provisions of § § 14 and 14 (a) and the rules laid down in this Ordinance.

Water supply plan

§ 2. The Municipal Council shall draw up negotiated with the General water supply plant in the municipality, the National Board of health and, as necessary, with other interested authorities and institutions, etc., a proposal for a water supply plan.

§ 3. Water supply plan should include: 1) Specification and localization of the expected needs for water in the municipality, distributed at various consumer groups (housekeeping, institutions, etc., industrial and craft enterprises, agriculture, including irrigation and horticultural and fish farms).

2) specifying the position, performance and quality of the existing water supply systems with related processing plants, container plants and pumping facilities, as well as, incidentally, the plant capacity, technical condition and maintenance mode.

3) indicating which parts of the municipality, there is provided with water from the reclamation plant on the individual properties or from other non-mainstream works, and what parts of the municipality, who immediately or later expected bear from General facilities.

4) indication of the existing General water supply systems to be included in the future water supply in the municipality, including their ownership, and of the location and the design of future General water supply systems.

5) indication of the current and future supply areas for the General water supply systems in the municipality.

6) indication of whether the municipality has need for supply of water from the outside, or from the municipality can be supplied water for consumption outside the municipality.

7) indication of the wiring for the General facilities in the municipality, including any connection wires between the plants.

8) setting a time result for renovation, construction and extension of the General water supply systems, including that of the mains supply.

§ 4. After the adoption of a proposal for a water supply plan provides Municipal Council for public announcement about the adoption of the proposal, with an indication of the time limit for the submission of objections, see. (2). The announcement can be done solely on the municipality's website.

(2). The Municipal Council shall fix a time limit of at least 8 weeks for the submission of objections.

(3). Within the opposition period initiates the local authority an information business.

(4). The proposal will be sent simultaneously to the authorities and institutions that have been involved in the case, see. § 2.

§ 5. After the expiry of the opposition in the Municipal Council as appropriate on negotiating new case with the authorities and institutions, etc., which have been involved in the handling of the case, and take a position on whether the proposal should be amended as a result of incoming objections or other conditions. The Municipal Council adopts then water supply plan.

§ 6. The local authority provides public announcement of final adoption of the plan. The announcement must include a statement that adoption cannot be appealed, in accordance with article 3. § 76. Water supply plan will be publicly available.

(2). The announcement can be done solely on the municipality's website.

§ 7. sections 4 to 6 shall apply mutatis mutandis to delplaner and on changes and supplements to the agreed water supply plans, see. However, section 8.

§ 8. In connection with the issuing of a request in accordance with article 14, paragraph 3, may grant derogations from the provisions of § nature Agency § 4 and 5, so that only those who are affected by the change, must be informed about the proposal, and that the deadline for objections may be reduced to 3 weeks.

(2). A derogation under paragraph 1, may not be appealed.

Date of entry into force of

§ 9. The notice shall enter into force on the 2. January 2012.

(2). Executive Order No. 1450 by 11. December 2007 on water supply planning is repealed.

The Ministry of the environment, the 21. December 2011 Ida Auken/Helle Pilsgaard