Ordinance Amending The Ordinance Concerning Accounting And Auditing Of The Ministry Pool Funds, Etc.

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om ændring af bekendtgørelse om regnskab og revision af Undervisningsministeriets puljemidler m.v.

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Table of Contents

Appendix 1

Publication of the review of accounts and auditing of the Ministry of the Education Ministry's pulmonies and so on.

§ 1

Notice no. 278 of 24. April 2008 on financial accounts and revision of the Ministry of Education and the other by the Ministry of Education, as amended by the notice of publication No 2. 1380 of 19. December 2008, and procladition no. 1420 of 17. In December 2009, the following changes are made :

1. I preamour '2010' is replaced by '2011'.

2. Appendix 1 the text of Annex 1 shall be replaced by this notice.

§ 2

The announcement shall enter into force on the 15th. January, 2011, and has an impact on the 2011 financial year.

The Ministry of Education, the 4th. January, 2011

Per Hansen
Branch Manager

/ Susan Parwini

Appendix 1

Overview of the Finance Bill and Exceptions from this notice shall be covered by the financial law.

The following financial accounts with the exceptions listed are covered by this notice :

$20.11.74. Deposits, etc., in the context of the local authority reform.

§ 20.29.01. Compensated work and development work, etc., with no attributions to the base school, except under sub-account. Strengthening the effort in relation to vulnerable children's schooners, sub-account. Evaluation in elementary school and under-account § Deposits to experiment with the elementary elementary school.

§ 20.29.04. Various subsidies, except under-account. European development centre.

§ 20.29.10. The work and development work, etc., etc., with the existence of a system of land-based.

§ 20.39.01. Complaints and development work, etc., without providing for occupational youth training schemes, excluding sub-account sections Modernization of EGU, sub-account, Action plans and intervention agreements, sub-account, Deposits to the mentoring in business schools, under sub-account,, Quality and institutional development of institutions for vocational training, under-account, Quality development pool, sub-account, Development of new vocational training, under-account, New initiatives on the basic social and health education, and under-account, Improved pedagogue, etc., on the EUD.

$20.39.10. Comparing and development work, etc., etc., with a system of juvenile delinaxes.

§ 20.49.01. Compensated work and development work, etc., with no allowance system for secondary school training, except under-account. Understudy abroad.

§ 20.49.10. Comparing and development work, etc., with the award scheme in secondary school education.

§ 20.59.01. The work and development work etc. of other youth training, other than under-account arrangements, except under the under-account. Initiate firing stilts to extinguishing.

§ 20.59.10. The work and development work, etc., etc., with the existence of other youth training schemes.

§ 20.68.05. Special appropriations other than under-account § Miscellaneous appropriations for higher education institutions, sub-account, section Media and Journaling School / Center for Journalistic Intuition, Sub-account. Small trade grants, sub-account, Administration of grant schemes, under-account. Basic aid for self-balanced institutions and so on, under-account. Transitional arrangements for nursing training and under-account § Special skills expulsive.

§ 20.69.01. Compensated work and development work, etc., with no allowance system for higher education, except under the under-account. Education initiatives on Bornholm, under-account. Investor training and teachers at higher education, sub-account. Professional schools, sub-account. Occupani academies, underscore, $ Development of interdeformation, sub-account, Strengthening the scholar's basic education, underscore, $ More nurses, sub-account, $ Subtraining in the work of exposed children, under-account. Establishment of the knowledge centre for exposed children and young people and under-account. Establishment of internships for educating students.

§ 20.69.10. Forsading and development work, etc., with the grant system for higher education.

§ 20.71.41. Various subsidies, except under-account. Information on the European Union, under sub-account, section, under-account. Deposits to participate in public schools from the new Member States of the European Union, under the under-account. Deposits for vicarexpenses, sub-account, section Deposits for high-school stay in the North and under-account § Pool for the upright FVU work.

§ 20.79.01. Compensated work and development work, etc., without tilting arrangements for public education and adult, after-and further training, except under-account. Post-training of primary school teachers and schoolteachers, under-account, Disability of disabled persons in public information, under-account. 20. 79.01.50. Advance to consultancy and employee education, sub-account, Network initiative for read-only persons, sub-account, Better counseling and guidance, sub-account. Praxical leadership training and underscore, $ Young people without a youth education and training programmes will work together between high schools and vocational education and youth education.

§ 20.79.05. Powder below EVE, except sub-account section PIAAC-international measurement of the skills of adult skills, sub-account, Institutional allowance for the VEU Centre.

§ 20.79.10. The work and development work, etc., etc., with the supervision of public education and adult education and training.

§ 20.84.21. Other international enterprise, except under-account. Danish-Icelandic cooperation and under-account. Danske institutes abroad.

§ 20.89.01. The work and development work, etc., etc. without the supervision system for transverse and international activities.

$20.89.10. The work and development work, etc., etc., with the award scheme for transverse and international activities.