Law On Installations Of Nykøbing Falster Bypass Reprinted Definitive Series

Original Language Title: Lov om anlæg af Nykøbing Falster Omfartsvej Omtryk

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Table of Contents

Appendix 1

The Sword of Nykøbing Falster Refartsvej

We, by God's grace, the Queen of the Danes, do our thing.

The parliament has adopted the following law, and we know that the following law has been approved by Parliament's consent :

§ 1. The minister of transport is authorised to

1) to take a main road from the Forest of the Forest to Gedser Highway as a bypass to the east of Nykøbing Falster,

2) to declassify the current main road 501 (route E55), Nykøbing Falster-Southern Interstate, between the Banegårdskclear and the interconnection of the bypass at the Forest valets of the Community ' s Forest and

3) to declassify the current main road 506 (route E55), Nykøbing Falster-Gedser, between the Banegårdskclear and the connectivity by Gedser Country Road to Commune Road.

Paragraph 2. Lines intended to be attached and declassifiable are laid down in Annex 1 of the Law.

§ 2. In exceptional cases, the Minister of Transport may, at the request of its owner, expropriate a property which is particularly affected by the project referred to in the Act before the date of the prescribed expropriations.

Paragraph 2. The replacement shall be determined by the execution of the expropriation and take-off authorities in the procedure for expropriation relating to immovable property.

§ 3. The law shall enter into force on the day following the announcement in the law.

Givet at the Christiansborg Castle, the 18s. May 2011

Under Our Royal Hand and Segl


/ Hans Christian Schmidt

Appendix 1

Efforts for Nykøbing Falster Refartsvej

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  • 24-08-2011 :
  • The law has been reprinted, since the text "Under Our Royal Hand and Segl" prior to the name of the Regent or Regent, due to an error in the technical production of the formula, was omitted. The failure therefore does not apply to the law.