Notice Of Executors

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om bobestyrere

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Authorization

Chapter 2 Other Boirmen

Chapter 3 Insurance ratiers

Chapter 4 Management and administration of the resources of the boating

Chapter 5 Supervision

Chapter 6 Other provisions

Completion of Bodeners

In accordance with section 11 (4), Three and four, in the law. 383 of 22. May 1996 on the changeover of the death penalty, as amended by law no. 221 of 21. March 2011 :

Chapter 1


§ 1. Housemen are authorized by the Attorney General for the exchange of views from the district attorney, and the President of the United States.

Paragraph 2. Authority to be issued for one or more jurisdictorian authorities. Authorisation shall be made by application. Proposals for the arrival of bobtors shall be carried out by the urban identity.

§ 2. Authority such as bobeetor can be communicated to lawyers who are practising a law firm and who are not 70 years old.

Paragraph 2. Authority may be conditionally unconditionally that the holder should carry out a degree of post-training in the death penalty period.

Paragraph 3. Authorisation shall be granted for a period of not more than 10 years.

Paragraph 4. An authorization may be extended after application for a new period of not more than 10 years without the resumption of the profession. Application to this effect must be submitted to the district court no later than 1 years before the end of the authorized authorization. The District Attorney will send the request to the Ministry of Justice through the President of the United States of Justice. The President of the European Union and the President of the Republic of the Republic shall give an opinion on whether or not the application should be met. The Ministry of Justice may examine an application submitted to the district court later than 1 years prior to the expiry of the notification authorization when the time limit is justified.

Paragraph 5. The Minister may, on the recommendation of the President of the European Commission, to decide that a bobtor's occupation should be set up or discontinued. Option may be submitted every three years after the notification of the authorization. The County Preacher will notify the manager of the setting.

Paragraph 6. Authority as the bobetor is personal and cannot be transferred.

§ 3. Authority such as the boiler manager entails the obligation to treat Boer, which is handed over by the disparate court in the jurisdiction of which the manager is authorized.

Paragraph 2. The probate may, where there are special reasons, on request from the manager of the boiler, to exempt this from the treatment of a bo.

§ 4. Authority as bobetor lapsing

1) at the end of the authorization period, unless the attorney general has taken a decision on the extension after paragraph 2 (2). 4,

2) Six months after the Justice Minister has taken a provision in accordance with section 2 (2). 5,

3) at the end of the month in which the holder is 70 years old ;

4) by the termination of the right to practice law-making, or

5) at the end of a fixed period for the implementation of training, if training is not completed.

§ 5. The Attorney General can recall an authorization for the Bobot, if that's what you mean.

1) the holder is longer absent due to illness,

2) the holder has overridded his duties as bobeguile material ; or

3) there are other specific reasons.

Paragraph 2. The State Department shall notify the Ministry of Justice of the conditions which may give rise to the withdrawal of the authorization.

§ 6. A bob manager, may with a month's notice, request a release for the enlisted as licensed bubbular. The request for exemption shall be lodged by the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of Justice.

§ 7. In the event of an end to the authorization, the Boat Authority shall deliver its authorization to the Ministry of Justice, which shall inform the court of the jurisdiction where the person concerned is authorized.

§ 8. A lawyer who exercises a law firm is treating a living room, even if the authority that bobeguides ends. The same is true if a reendo is resumed.

Paragraph 2. The probate may, however, be changed. 1 determining that a lawyer whose authority such as the bodeman ceasels should not be treated as a settlement. The lawyer shall immediately return assets and other materials which belong to unfinished Boer, to the probate court. In addition, the Board of Actors shall be accountable as soon as possible to the board of the bosses. The same shall apply where the boiler is disposed of after the death penalty item in section 54 (a) (4). 2, or shall be exempted from the profession of a bobeet in a single nest.

Chapter 2

Other Boirmen

§ 9. In the case of the replacement of a person who is not authorized, he shall provide a certificate and a written statement that they are not authorized by a person who is not authorized to be authorized to be authorized.

1) is of the grace and not under the guardianship of the guardianship of the guardianship of section 5 or of the guardianship of the guardianship of the guardianship section 7 ; and

2) are not under redesign or bankruptcy.

Paragraph 2. The provision in paragraph 1 shall be Paragraph 1 shall not apply where the manager practises a law firm or, incidentally, a profession which implies that the requirements of section 11 (1) of the death penalty item are referred to. 2 shall be deemed to be fulfilled.

§ 10. If the crew is to be settled before the settlement is completed, Section 8 shall apply mutatis muctis.

Chapter 3

Insurance ratiers

§ 11. The security to be lodged after paragraph 39 of the death penalty paragraph. 1 shall cover any loss to which the manager may inclaim the estate or others in the case of the settlement, with the exception of losses to be covered by the liability insurance.

Paragraph 2. The size of the security referred to in paragraph 1. 1, shall be fixed by the replacement after consultation with the manager and in the case of the relationship of the penalty. The amount of security shall be determined on the basis of the gross value of the asset ' s assets. However, in the case of real estate, account must be taken of the extent to which the property of the estate is in possession of a mortgage debt. The level of security may be granted provisionally until the opening status is drawn up.

Paragraph 3. Security, which shall be replaced by paragraph 39 of the death penalty paragraph. In addition, other than drawing up a guarantee insurance policy shall be subject to the approval of the court, which shall, as well as the position of the manager, determines where the safety is to pass and how it is to be affixed and complainant. Proof that the security has been submitted is submitted to the difused.

§ 12. The shifter may at any time require information on the liability insurance of a lawyer, including the presentation of the insurance policy. The shifter may, taking into account the nature of the residence, require an individual liability insurance to be drawn up.

§ 13. The shifter may, for lawyers authorized as a resident in the court of law, to determine that each botor manager or more bobtors in the same legal group must jointly draw up a guarantee insurance cover which includes Boer, which is delivered to it or those in force of the authority when the gross assets of each of the persons does not exceed one of the values laid down by the shifter. The amount of the insurance sum shall be fixed by the replacement and the premium is prorated proportionally on the individual boes.

Paragraph 2. The gross assets of a living limit established by the replacement shall be placed on the security of the entire estate in accordance with section 11.

§ 14. A resident manager who does not exercise a legal profession shall draw up a liability insurance covering that responsibility, it must fall to property damage inflictor or other by mere negligence or omission when the loss is due to the policyholder ; act as bobeguito. The policy must be approved by the probate court. The insurance sum may be provisionally fixed until the opening status is available.

§ 15. The policy of guarantee insurance shall be designed in such a way as to ensure that the insurance cannot be changed or terminated without the consent of the ship. The same applies to individual liability insurance, unless exceptional circumstances are in force. The insurance company shall inform the probate with at least one month ' s notice if the insurance is terminated due to non-compliance. The Policies are stored in the probate court.

Paragraph 2. In the case of an individual liability insurance, an individual liability insurance shall, within 14 days before the time of the insurance claim, notify the probate whether the insurance is expected to be renewed by a period of one assurance. No later than 14 days after the end of the insurance claim, the penalty manager shall forward evidence that the insurance is renewed.

§ 16. The Boker manager shall immediately notify the court if the need for insurance cover or security changes.

§ 17. Determination of the insurance cover and the release of securities shall be taken by the probate, when it is shown that all persons in the estate have been interested and in the public for their expenditure to be subject to their requirements.

Paragraph 2. After release, the disceration shall be sent to the policies referred to in section 15 (1). 1, for the insurance undertaking.

Chapter 4

Management and administration of the resources of the boating

§ 18. Botmanagers must manage and manage the resources of the bosses in the best possible way in the book.

§ 19. Lawyers practising and acting as managers are in their treatment of funds belonging to the Books governed by the Law of the Book of the Law and the Law of the Law of the Law of the Law of the Legal Affairs of the Law in the treatment of trusted funds approved by the Law of the Party of European Socialists ; The Ministry of Justice pursuant to section 127 of the Danish Ministry of Justice shall be subject to the additions resulting from the provisions of this Chapter.

20. Boos managers who do not practice law firms must observe good accounting practices in accordance with the provisions of the accounting law in accordance with the provisions of the Book of Accounting. The Boregis must give a true picture of the book's assets and liabilities, as well as the result.

§ 21. If there are cash funds in a nest, one or more bank accounts are created in a financial institution. The manager of the penalty manager is a law firm, the account shall be set up or the accounts in the botor ' s name with an endorsement on the name of the name of the boiler. Other Boerders create account or accounts in the name of the bower.

Paragraph 2. Auntie funds belonging to a bo shall be contained on one or more of the accounts referred to in paragraph 1. 1. It must show the accounts that are associated with the individual living.

Paragraph 3. The court shall determine, in consultation with the boiler, to which the boiler can be at the disposal of the resources of the boiler. The determination of this must take into account the special conditions of the boating sector, including the operation of any business in any activity, cf. paragraph 4.

Paragraph 4. The Boker may, when the operation of the deceased's establishment continues, allow the undertaking to have an appropriate cashier's position. Occre the bookkeeping of employees in the company ' s company, cf. Section 22 (2). 3, may the governing manager allow the funds to be provided to the funds necessary for the funds. The accountant to which the manager has assumed pursuant to section 22 (2). 3, ensure that the funds are available.

Paragraph 5. The transferable securities of the book shall be recorded on the name of the bob or be placed in the open depot in a financial institution.

§ 22. In his bookstore, the manager of each estate must conduct a separate account. The account shall record all payments, interest payments, transfers and other accountancy transactions in the estate. The bookkeeping must be carried out continuously and shall show all movements in the botor ' s possession of the resources of the boating, including the payment of the bowels ' financial institution accounts. The bookkeeping must also contain a balance showing the immediate responses to the estate of the Bobot control.

Paragraph 2. Box and accounting documents shall be kept together for each living in original or copy. The annexes shall be shown in the annexes to be shown in each case of the box and accounting documents.

Paragraph 3. The Boker may, when the operation of the deceased's establishment continues, allow the accounting to be carried out by one or more named workers in the company. The Boker conforms to a registered or state certified auditor in accordance with the death penalty item 50 a registered or a state certified auditor to ensure that the entry is organized and carried out in a reassuring manner. In the case of a company which, in accordance with the legislation on this subject, shall be reviewed by a state certified auditor, the Bobeker shall take such a position.

-23. In connection with the drawing up of the settlement, separate and consecutive registration of the case and accounting documents, unless the dislocation allows the other procedure to be used.

Chapter 5


§ 24. The management of the Boer Management of Boer and of the Boer ' s stock and transferable securities shall be carried out by the alteration which has been discontinued. If a bo is referred to a change in the order, cf. the section 2 (2) of the death penalty paragraph. 3, however, the supervision shall be carried out of this shifter.

Paragraph 2. This court may, at any time, request that the documents be submitted to all the documents of the book, including all the boxes and accounts of the book.

§ 25. The probate court is taking out random boidolistic boes for inspection. In the case of inspections, it is necessary to ensure that the funds are present and that the funds are managed and administered in accordance with the rules of death-changing laws and in this notice. In addition, the penalty manager shall promote the treatment of the boiler.

Paragraph 2. The court may carry out inspections relating to the residence of the botor ' s office or to instructor the manager of the Boiler meeting in the form of the documents referred to in section 24 (2). 2.

Paragraph 3. The Boker shall communicate to the ship any information relating to the relationship of the residence, which the court may wish for in relation to the inspection.

SECTION 26. If the probate suspect is suspected of irregularities, the probate may cause the penalty to be delivered on the day of paragraph 54 (a) of the estate of the death penalty. 1, or, where necessary, take steps to remove the penalty manager in accordance with paragraph 54 (a) of the death penalty item. 2.

Chapter 6

Other provisions

§ 27. The manager shall deliver the settlement and the corresponding annexes, including the Boker manager's messages after the death penalty item, section 45, to the diphrodisim. The balance sheet and the appendices shall be kept by the probate court.

§ 28. The violation of paragraph 16 shall be punished by penalty unless higher penalties are inflited on other legislation.

Paragraph 2. The person who, without being a certified bobetor, is such a person, or uses a name suitable for confusion, penalty of penalty unless higher penalty is passed on to other legislation.

§ 29. The announcement shall enter into force on 2. July, 2011.

Paragraph 2. Publication no. 884 of 3. October 1996 on the management of the Bodeans. However, the current rules in force shall continue to apply to boes which have been supplied to replace by bobeheading before the 1. July, 2011.

Paragraph 3. in the case of bovine managers authorised pursuant to the notice of publication No 2 ; 884 of 3. In October 1996 on board managers, the Minister for Justice shall be able to comply with Section 2 (2). 3, determine the time limit of the authorization.

Justice Department, the 29th. June 2011

Lars Barfoed

/ Cristina A. Gulisano