Notice Of Council Tax Rates For 2011 Regarding Deductions For Transport Between Home And Place Of Work And Payment Of Tax-Free Allowance For Commercial Transport

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om Skatterådets satser for 2011 vedrørende fradrag for befordring mellem hjem og arbejdsplads og udbetaling af skattefri godtgørelse for erhvervsmæssig befordring

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Challenge deduction

Chapter 2 Challenge compensation

Chapter 3 Calculation basis

Chapter 4 Entry into force into force

Appendix 1

Annunciation of the Tax Council for the 2011 deduction of carriage between home and workplace and the payment of tax-free allowance for commercial transport

In accordance with section 9 B and section 9 C of the equation for the body of the equation, cf. Law Order no. 176 of 11. March 2009, as amended by law no. 519 of 12. June 2009 and Law No 1278 of 16. In December 2009, the Tax Council has fixed the following :

Chapter 1

Challenge deduction

§ 1. The source of the amount of deduction in accordance with section 9 C for the transport between home and the workplace of the income year 2011 shall be as follows :

1) 0-24 km inat no deduction,

2) Twenty-five hundred miles, including the two. $2.00. per km,

3) Over 100 kilometers per square. per -Miles.

§ 2. For commuters in a canary municipality, the deducted from the carriage of 100 kilometres by DKK 2,00 kr is calculated. per km cf. Section 9 C (3) of the body of the body. 3.

Chapter 2

Challenge compensation

§ 3. With effect from 1. In January 2011, compensation paid to expenditure on use of the own car for commercial services is covered by Section 9 B of the body of the body, if it does not exceed the following amounts :

1) driving to 20 000 kilometres per annis DKK 3.67. per km,

2) an extra 20 000 kilometres per year. per km,

3) for the use of the own motorcycle is the rate as for own car,

4) for the use of a bicycle, moped, 45-moped and scooter is 0.49 kr. per -Miles.

§ 4. It is a prerequisite for the payment of tax-free mileage allowance that the employer / recruiter leads on the number of kilometres of kilometres in the employee's own car or on the own motorcycle, bike, moped, or 45 moped.

Paragraph 2. Commercial transport costs incurred by driving in the employee's own car or on the person's own motorcycle, bike, moped, or 45 moped are not covered by calculation.

Paragraph 3. Monthly or annual transport compensation is never tax-free, but is included in the income statement.

Paragraph 4. An advance on tax-free mileage allowance shall be paid by acontoon for each run or weekly or monthly acontosum. The proceeds must be the expected business driving of the receiver.

§ 5. The accounting documents relating to commercial driving shall be published in accordance with the Order of the Tax Examina. 173 by 13. In March 2000, section 2 :

1) Name, address, and CPR number of the recipient.

2) Commercial purpose for the veil.

3) Date of driving.

4) The target of the cloak with any subtargets.

5) Indication of the number of miles.

6) The rates applied.

7) Calculation of the compensation allowance.

§ 6. Payment allowance paid by a higher amount than the rates of the Treaer shall be deemed to have a personal income and the employer shall report the amount of pay. However, this does not apply if the employer / recruiter of the final inventory deems the amount that exceeds the rate of pay in relation to an A tax to labour market contributions.

§ 7. Tax-free milearepayment may not be paid if it is offset in a pre-agreed gross salary. For the purposes of this, the salary is constantly regulated by the payment of the paid travel allowance.

§ 8. Where an advance is paid, the final statement and the settlement of the tax-free migrant compensation paid by the beneficiary shall be carried out at the end of the month following the month in which the commercial driving operation has been carried out.

§ 9. The limit of 20 000 kilometres for the payment of the high rate, cf. Section 3 (1) applies only to each employer.

§ 10. Tax-free mileasement may not be paid when the employer has made a company car available to the staff. Similarly, if a company car is made available by another employer. However, an exception is the case in which the recipient pays the employer who has made the company car available, fully paid for the service which is taking place for the employer who has not made the car available.

§ 11. Salary recipients who have not received any tax-free migrant allowance may carry out the usual transport deduction in the taxable income following the section 9 C of the body of the body. with the rates in section 1.

§ 12. Employed persons who, in the case of customer-seeking activities, have the carriage of several employers in the same way as in the case of a single case, cf. Section 9 B (4) of the body of the body. In the non-tax-free repayment of the rates in section 3, may not be deductible in the personal income with these rates.

Chapter 3

Calculation basis

§ 13. The calculation basis for the tax base for the rate of certificate shall be shown in Appendix 1.

Chapter 4

Entry into force into force

§ 14. The announcement shall enter into force 1. January, 2011.

The tax council, the 16. November 2010

Hanne Søgaard Hansen.

/ Søren Schou

Appendix 1

The calculation basis for the tax-rate fixing for the 2011 transport rate

The tax rate that has been determined by the setting of the 2011 transport services has chosen to be based on a petrol-friendly car which, after the EU standard, is driving between 13.3 km/h and 12,5 km per litre but, as in the model set up, it is assumed to run at 12 km/h. The rate of the Treasure of the Treasure of the Treasure of the Treasure of the Treasure of the Treasure. per liter of gasoline The annual drive is set to 24,000 km, including 12 000 km of private driving. The tax council has chosen not to lay down on a specific purchase price for the car, but has instead put the annual value loss on the car at 30,000 kr. The annual maintenance costs are set to 17.137 crane, which includes, inter alia, the costs of service and replacement of the toil, balancing of tyres, supplemental rustic treatment and exceptional costs for washing, parking, etc. as the car is running relatively many kilometres per Years. The ordinary costs of washing and parking etc. are set at 3.392. The cost of $100. 3.939 krat, as the price of a deck is set to 1.364 kr; a deck is assumed to maintain 35,000 kilometres similar to the recommendation from FDM. The insurance policy is set at 9.285 kr. No financial cost shall be included in the calculation, with interest tax-treated separately.

The high rate of disbursement of tax-free driving allowances under the section 9 B of the body of the body of the body of the body of the body is then fixed as follows :

Variable expenses :
(24,000 x 11 ,30/13) DKK
862 kr.
(1,405 x 4 x 24.000/35,000) DKK
17.137 kr.
Four hundred and thirty-nine.
Four hundred and thirty-nine.
In everything per. km
41.938 kr ./ 24,000 km =
DKK 1,75 kr *
Fixed expenditure :
9.285 kr.
Annual Owning Tax
DKK 3,500.
Wash, parking, et cetera.
Capital Cost :
Value Loss
Total cost :
In everything per. km
88.115kr ./ 24,000 km
3,67 kr ./ km
* The low rate is fixed as the variable costs 1.75 kr ./km + a estimated odor value loss of 0,25 kr. per km total : 2,00 kr ./km

The odometer value loss must be seen in the context of the use of a used car on sales all other equal price if it has been less than the average for the year and lower the price that it has taken longer than the average for : the vintage.

The claim deduction of 25-100 kilometres is fixed as the low rate of reimbursement.

Cycle, moped or 45-moped Rate of payment of tax-free allowance for commercial driving on his own bike, moped or 45 moped are estimated at 0,49 kr.