Ordinance Amending Ordinance On The Marketing, Sale And Market Surveillance Of Construction Products (Requirements For Va-Marking)

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om ændring af bekendtgørelse om markedsføring, salg og markedskontrol af byggevarer(Krav om VA-mærkning)

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Ordinance amending Ordinance on the marketing, sale and market surveillance of construction products

(Claim for VA-marking)

§ 1

In executive order No. 1075 by 10. November 2008 on the marketing, sale and market surveillance of construction products shall be amended as follows: 1. Article 3, paragraph 1 is replaced by the following: ' 3. Construction products may only be placed on the market or sold: 1) if they are suitable for the use for which they are destined, 2) if they meet the requirements of a technical specification, IE.

(a)) a harmonised standard or in areas where such do not exist, b) a voluntary European technical approval, or c) a Danish standard, approval or labelling, or a default in another EU or EEA country, which meet the requirements on the same level as the Danish standard, authentication, or marking, 3) if they are in nr. 2 (a) and (b) referred to construction products also bearing the CE marking referred to in article 6. § 9 and 4) if the in no. 2 (c), referred to construction products, provided that they are subject to the requirements of the rules of procedure on obligatory VA-building approval, also are provided with VA-marking, see. section 10 (a). ' 2. Pursuant to section 10 shall be added:

» Chapter 4 (a)

VA-labelling section 10 (a). before placing on the market and sale of those in section 3 (1) (8). 2 (c), referred to construction products, the manufacturer or his authorised representative established in Denmark to supply product with VA-marking, where the latter are subject to the requirements of the rules of procedure on obligatory VA-building approval.

(2). VA-labelling shall be drawn up in accordance with the model set out in annex 2, and must be placed so that it is clear, readable and durable.

(3). VA-marking must be affixed on the product, on a label attached to the product, on its packaging or on an accompanying document, which is in the packaging.

(4). VA-the labelling must indicate: 1) manufacturer's name or identification mark and 2) VA-approval number.

section 10 (b). There must not be other marking or markings on the product, which could mislead with regard to VA-marking significance or graphics, or which make VA-marking visible or readable. '

3. In article 11, paragraph 1, and article 17 shall be replaced by ' sections 3-10 ': ' § § 3-10 (b) '.

4. section 11, paragraph 3 is replaced by the following: ' (3). The products that are the subject of a mandatory labelling scheme, including Danish VA-approval scheme, the Danish enterprise and construction authority may require documentation for: 1) to build the item if this is covered by the building of requirements on mandatory VA-approval is fitted with VA-marking, see. § 3 (1) (8). 4, 2) to build the item is labeled correctly, 3) any approval and relevant test reports, and 4) to certification is carried out at the company. "

5. Annex 2 shall be replaced by Appendix 1 to this notice.

section 2 of the Ordinance shall enter into force on the 15. June 2011.

The Danish enterprise and construction authority, the 7. December 2010 Finn Lauritzen/Marie Voldby

Annex 1 ' Annex 2 VA-labelling –» VA-marking consists of the initials ' VA ' taking the following form:

– If the ' VA-marking is reduced or enlarged the proportions, as stated above, are complied with.

– ' VA-marking must be at least 5 mm in height.

Additional inscriptions –» VA-marking shall be accompanied by the manufacturer's name or identification mark, and VA-approval number '.