Notice Of Rules Of Procedure For Offshoresikkerhedsrådet

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om forretningsorden for Offshoresikkerhedsrådet

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Notice of rules of procedure for Offshoresikkerhedsrådet

Pursuant to section 58, paragraph 4, of law No. 1424 of 21. December 2005 on security, etc. for offshore structures for exploration, production and transportation of hydrocarbons (offshoresikkerhedslov) fixed: Tasks

§ 1. Offshoresikkerhedsrådet must be 1) involved in the preparation of regulations pursuant to offshoresikkerhedsloven, 2) follow the technical and social developments concerning offshore installations and 3) discuss other matters covered by the law.

(2). Previously laid down rules pursuant to offshoresikkerhedsloven, an opinion must be obtained from Offshoresikkerhedsrådet.

Composition, etc.

§ 2. Offshoresikkerhedsrådet consists of a President and the following other members: 1) Five members representing the national organization in Denmark.

2) One member who represents the salaried employees and civil servants ' Permanent Joint Council.

3) One member who represents the Machine Masters Association and Danish Association of Presidents of the Association).

4) One member who represents the industry's Leaders.

5) Eight members representing the Danish employers ' Association and the Danish Shipowners ' Association in the Association.

6) a member representing the Danish Energy Agency.

7) a member representing the Danish maritime authority.

8) a member representing the Labour Inspectorate.

9) a member representing the environmental protection agency.

10) a member representing the Traffic Agency (2). The President of the Council and other members, as well as alternates for those designated by the climate and the Energy Minister for a period of four years and may be extended. Appointment of new President and new members and delegates during a period is valid only for the remainder of the period.

(3). The Chairperson shall be appointed upon the recommendation of the Danish Energy Agency. Members appointed as authority representatives and their deputies are set by the competent authority. Members appointed as representatives of workers ' and employers ' organisations, as well as their deputies nominated by the organisations they represent.

(4). A substitute for the Chairman shall be appointed from among the members of the Council, upon a proposal from the Danish Energy Agency. The delegate function in the Chairman's absence, and in the event that has not been designated a President.

(5). A member delegate can participate in the meetings of the Council, but has only the right to vote, when the Member in question have decay.

Working groups, etc.

§ 3. Offshoresikkerhedsrådet may, to the extent appropriate, establish working groups or committees. The Council shall determine the terms of reference of the working groups and committees established.

(2). Working groups and committees should be representative composed. The Council may appoint members to these working groups and committees also outside the Council membership. The Council may, if necessary, summon the special experts to participate in a working group or Committee work.

(3). Offshoresikkerhedsrådets President shall appoint the Chair of each working group or the individual committees.

(4). Working groups or committees shall give its recommendation to the Council in the submitted cases. Offshoresikkerhedsrådets President may impose time limits for doing so.

Business and meeting company

§ 4. The time and place of the Offshoresikkerhedsrådets meetings shall be fixed by the Chairman, who shall convene a meeting at least four times a year. The President may also convene the extraordinary meeting. The Council shall also be convened within one month after the request was made when at least three of the members of the Council inform written representations to the Chairman thereof, indicating the topic to be dealt with.

(2). Notice of the meeting must be made in writing with at least seven working days ' notice. In special cases, however, the call can take place with shorter notice.

(3). Your meeting request must include an agenda with details of the cases that come to the treatment, as well as the material that is considered necessary for reading in the Council. Material can be forwarded if necessary with shorter notice if the President deems it reasonable.

§ 5. Chairman organises the Offshoresikkerhedsrådets work and leader of its meetings.

(2). After the President's determination can members during meetings of the Council be assisted by special experts.

(3). Polls can be used in procedural matters. The Council is quorate when the Chairman or his Deputy and at least half of the voting members are present. Each Member has one vote, and decisions shall be taken by a simple majority of the attendees. In the event of a tied vote the President's vote is decisive makes.

(4). It must be sought, that the Council's opinions, prior to the establishment of rules, see. section 1, paragraph 2 shall be taken by consensus. By disagreement must each organisation or authorities ' views expressly by the opinion.

§ 6. The Chairman shall ensure that the Offshoresikkerhedsrådets proposals and opinions shall be drawn up in accordance with members ' expressions at the Council meeting.

(2). The President shall ensure the development of a succinct record of the Council's meetings. The minutes distributed to Council members.

(3). The Danish Energy Agency provides Offshoresikkerhedsrådet and they set up working groups or Committee secretariat.

§ 7. The Chairman may decide that a case of special urgency sent for written treatment of the members. Members shall deliver in such a case, the recommendation in writing within a reasonable period, to be determined by the Chairman.

(2). All cases that have been written treatment, are presented for informational purposes by the next ordinary meeting.

Date of entry into force of

§ 8. The notice shall enter into force on the 1. January 2011.

(2). At the same time repealed Executive Order No. 690 by 22. June 2006 concerning the rules of procedure for Offshoresikkerhedsrådet.

The Danish Energy Authority, the 15. December 2010 Ib L/Dewi Dylander