Notice Concerning Repayment Of Universal Rebate To Beneficiaries Of Pre-Retirement Benefits And Fleksydelse

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om refusion af befordringsrabat til modtagere af efterløn og fleksydelse

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Table of Contents

Appendix 1

Publication of reimbursement of mileage allowance for recipients of wages and flexation benefits

Under section 4, in the case of transport rebate, etc., as provided for in accordance with Article 4 (2), as provided for in Article 4. Law Order no. 1084 of 11. In November 2005, as amended by law no. 523 of 24. June 2005 and Law No 429 of 28. In April 2010, the following shall be :

§ 1. The means of transport shall be understood in this notice by means of the transport companies and the citizens of the Bornholm Region of the Regions.

§ 2. The transport operator shall provide a discount under the law of after-wage-receive purchase of subscriber card with a picture for personal use.

Paragraph 2. Discount can be granted for up to 12 months subscription cards. However, Rabat can only be provided as long as the member receives a check or a braiding.

Paragraph 3. The discount is 50%. of the ordinary price of the subscription card.

§ 3. In the sale of the subscription card, the transport administrator must see a credential with a view to the buyer. As a credential, the buyer could use a driver's license or passport.

Paragraph 2. Buyer must also show proof that the person in question receives a check or a flexation of the person concerned.

Paragraph 3. For post-wage recipients, the documentation can be the last payment specification from the a case. Buyer's person number must be specified in the payment specification. Buyer will also be able to use a statement from the unemployment fund that the person in question will receive a check-up.

Paragraph 4. For merging recipients, the documentation must be the last payment specification from the municipality. Buyer's person number must be specified in the payment specification.

Paragraph 5. The carriers can decide to renew their subscription card in writing. Upon renewal, the purchaser shall be required to provide evidence in accordance with paragraph 1. 2.

Paragraph 6. The carrier must register the buyer ' s social security number, the subscription ' s ordinary price, the period of validity of the card and the rate of discounts.

§ 4. The Pension Board will be reimbursed 90%. the amount of the amount provided for in section 2 of the amount provided for in Article 2.

Paragraph 2. The Transport Manager must ask for reimbursement for reimbursement after the end of each quarter. The request shall be received within the Management Board no later than two months after the end of the quarterly period.

§ 5. The request for reimbursement must be made via the Internet. This information must meet the requirements set out in Annex 1. The buyer ' s Social Security Number, the subscription ' s regular price, and the duration of the card, and the discount rate.

§ 6. After the end of the calendar year, the transport operator must declare that there are safe practices in this area. It shall show that the rebate has been granted in accordance with the law, and that the rebate has been performed correctly and in accordance with the registrations of the transport officer. The Pension Board shall also be notified of who is entitled for the transport operator.

§ 7. The Pension Management Board shall transfer the reimbursement amount to an account with the transport operator.

§ 8. The announcement shall enter into force on 1. May 2010.

Paragraph 2. At the same time, notice No 1334 of 15. December 2004 on the reimbursement of mileage allowance for recipients of post-wage, transitional service and flexation.

The Pension Board, the 28th. April 2010

Jens Rochner

/ Bent Nielsen

Appendix 1

Requirement : Comma-delimited ASCII file.

The file must be built in such a way that the first line (START-POST) contains information about who delivers the data. The following lines (DATA POSTER) contain information about each selling card and the off-rate discount.

Field name
CVR number
Company CVR number
Company Name
Company Name
Field name
Social Security Number
Set without hyphen
Short-price in ear
Rabat in pennies
Start Date
End Date
For example :
"11897514", "Pension Authority"
"2301352337", "060000", "030000", "961115", "970215"
"0212423842", "020000", "010000", "961101", "961201"
"1203379875", "012500", "006250", "961201", "970101".