Notice Of School Collaboration In Connection With Produktionsskole Based Training

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om skolesamarbejde i forbindelse med produktionsskolebaseret erhvervsuddannelse

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Table of Contents

Completion for school cooperation in the context of production-based vocational training

In accordance with section 66 p (2), 3, in the law on vocational training, cf. Law Order no. 510 of 19. May 2010, as amended by law no. 580 of 1. June 2010 shall be determined :

§ 1. Production school-based vocational training is being offered, cf. § 66 p, paragraph. 2, in the case of vocational training, in cooperation between a production school and a school, institution or company that is approved to provide the main course (business school) concerned, cf. Section 18 of the law on vocational training.

Paragraph 2. Business school is required to conclude cooperation agreement with a production school if production is requested by production.

Paragraph 3. The cooperation agreement must be concluded before the vocational school can record students for production school vocational training, cf. § 66 q i Law on vocational training.

§ 2. The Cooperation Agreement shall establish a framework for cooperation in respect of the production school production school production school pupils for the production of production school vocational training, including requirements for :

1) The shape and content of the option.

2) The procedure for the treatment of the production school production school.

3) The time-scale of the procedure.

§ 3. The school of business shall notify to the production school the information necessary for the production school setting.

§ 4. When business school has received the production school setting, the business school shall act as soon as a decision on admission, cf. § 66 q, paragraph. Two, in the law of vocational training.

Paragraph 2. A decision on admission that does not comply with the position of the production school may be taken after the prior discussion with production school.

§ 5. The cooperation agreement shall be extended by a supplement for each vocational training which is offered within the framework of the cooperation agreement.

Paragraph 2. The amendment shall include guidelines for cooperation on individual training.

Paragraph 3. The supplement must be available at the latest, at the same time as the preparation of the personal training plan for each student.

§ 6. The cooperation agreement shall include guidelines for cooperation on the organisation of the student ' s education, including the student ' s personal education plan, cf. Chapter 9 of the announcement of vocational training.

§ 7. The cooperation agreement shall include guidelines for the administrative and economic cooperation relating to the organisation of production school vocational training.

Paragraph 2. The cooperation agreement shall include at least guidelines concerning :

1) Administration in connection with any training laid down for production school.

2) Managing school benefit to the student.

3) Determination of the payment to be paid to the production school for training and training to be provided for the production school production school in the context of production school vocational training.

§ 8. The cooperation agreement shall include guidelines for the mutual exchange of information between business school and the production school.

§ 9. The cooperation agreement shall include guidelines on how the business school is to be assisted in production school with regard to being approved as an internship.

§ 10. Corporate school guies and oversees the training that production school is performing on behalf of business school.

§ 11. The announcement shall enter into force on 1. August 2010.

The Ministry of Education, the 8. July 2010

Jørgen Torsbjerg Møller

/ Stine Kvist Kristiansen