Order On Immigration Tests

Original Language Title: Order On Immigration Test

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Overview (table of contents) Chapter 1 Definitions Chapter 2 Immigration sample form and content of Chapter 3 Fee payment Deadline for reporting of immigration Chapter 4 Sample Chapter 5 Participation in immigration Sample Chapter 6 Test organisation Chapter 7 assessment of the sample chapter 8 Complaints Chapter 9 entry into force The full text of the Executive order on immigration test

Pursuant to section 9, paragraph 2 2. paragraph, and article 9 f, paragraph 4, 2. point, in the Aliens Act, see. lovbekendtgørelse nr. 1061 by 18. August 2010 as amended by law No. 400 by 21. April 2010, fixed: Chapter 1 Definitions article 1. The term trial participant is used in this notice as a term for a foreigner who wants to take the immigration test.

§ 2. The term is used in this order which shall be borne by the sample name for the provider, which the Danish immigration service has entered into an agreement to hold immigration test.

§ 3. The term preparation package used in this notice to describe a training package elaborated by the Ministry of refugee, immigration and Integration, among other things. containing a educational film about Denmark, as sample participate can use as preparation to take the immigration test.

Chapter 2 section 4 of the form and content of the test Migration. Immigration test consists of a test in Danish (language test) and a test of knowledge about Denmark and Danish society (vidensprøve).

(2). Language test and vidensprøven presented in the immediate extension of each other.

(3). Immigration test is an oral examination, which shall be reported individually without assistive devices.

(4). Immigration test shall be implemented by means of a computer-based test system that plays and records the test participant's response sample questions. Prøvedeltageren should not use the computer, and reporting of immigration test requires no it-related skills.

(5). Prøvedeltageren can prior to the reporting of immigration test for own funds obtain a preparation package.

§ 5. The total probation for immigration sample is approximately 30 minutes, depending on the exact duration of each question. All testees are assigned the same response time within the overall probation.

Immigration sample language tests

§ 6. Language test consists of 40 questions divided into four aliquots. In the subsample 1 prøvedeltageren must answer questions about themselves. In prøvedeltageren a number of texts belongs 2 subsample. Each text is played twice: the first time hear the prøvedeltageren all of the text, and the second time hear prøvedeltageren the text in three parts with a pause between each part; After each share should prøvedeltageren respond to one question. For each text displayed an illustration that depicts the character/characters of the text. In prøvedeltageren a series of conversations belong 3 subsample. Prøvedeltageren must answer one question for each conversation. First hear prøvedeltageren question, and afterwards be consulted every conversation twice. Then hear the question again, after which he/she must prøvedeltageren reply. Subsample 4 is a vocabulary exercise, where prøvedeltageren are viewing a picture of a thing or a person. Prøvedeltageren should tell what the thing or person is called in Danish.

§ 7. Prøvedeltageren should know reporting language sample demonstrate mastery of the Danish language at level A1-minus, which corresponds to the target level of module 1 on Danish training 1 and 2.

Immigration sample vidensprøve

§ 8. Vidensprøven consists of 30 questions dealing with Denmark and Danish society. Ministry of refugee, immigration and Integration Affairs creates a sample bank, from which the 30 questions will be selected. Vidensprøvens question is the substance within the framework of the preparatory package.

(2). The test consists of both open questions, where prøvedeltageren not presented for response options, and of closed questions, where prøvedeltageren are presented for possible answers. Each question will be played twice, after which the prøvedeltageren must match. For each question there will be displayed a still image from the educational film, which forms part of the preparatory package.

(3). Questions included in the test bank, is not publicly available and can continuously be changed or replaced by the Ministry of Refugee, immigration and Integration Affairs.

(4). Vocabulary in vidensprøven is situated within the framework of the preparatory package.

§ 9. Prøvedeltageren should know reporting of vidensprøven document 1) having gained knowledge of Danish standards, values and fundamental rights, including the Danish democratic principles, individual freedom and personal integrity, freedom of conscience and freedom of expression, gender equality and women's rights and 2) having obtained knowledge of the more practical and specific facts, including the prohibition of violence, genital mutilation and unlawful coercion in connection with the conclusion of marriage , upbringing, and parental responsibility for children, education, health, labour, tax, etc.

Chapter 3 Fee payment section 10. The fee for taking the test migration is set at 3000 crowns. The fee paid by prøvedeltageren. Prøvedeltageren have to pay fee for each paid an immigration trial.

(2). The fee payable to the test holds by signing up for the immigration test. Registration for the sample is confirmed only after the fee has been paid.

(3). A trial participant who choose to take an immigration test, before the immigration service decides that immigration test must be passed, and which subsequently are refused residence permits for foreigners law § 9 (1) (8). 1, or non-renewal of a residence permit for Aliens Act section 9 f, paragraph 4, will not get the paid fee for test reporting recovered.

Chapter 4 deadline for reporting of immigration sample section 11. Immigration service sets a time limit of 3 months to pass the immigration test for foreigners who have applied for a residence permit for Aliens Act section 9, paragraph 1, no. 1. the time limit shall be communicated to the test participant in writing.

(2). A test participant, which is covered by paragraph 1, it shall make the final attempt to pass immigration sample no later than 75 days after the date of Immigration services determination of 3-month-period referred to in paragraph 1, if prøvedeltageren want to make sure that the test result is available in advance of the deadline. It is the responsibility of the alien to demonstrate to immigration service, the immigration test is passed before the expiry of the deadline.

(3). The deadline to pass the immigration test may be extended if there are exceptional circumstances.

§ 12. An alien who has a residence permit as a religious preacher after Aliens Act section 9 (f) of paragraph 1, shall within 6 months after being granted residence permit have passed the immigration test. If alien is not over for the immigration service can provide proof of having passed the immigration test within 6 months, the residence permit may not be extended.

Chapter 5 Participation in immigration sample section 13. Participation in the sample is subject to prøvedeltageren prior to sampling 1) signed up for the test with the test sample shall be borne, 2) has paid the fee, see. section 10 (2), (3)) present evidence for a case for a residence permit for Aliens Act section 9, paragraph 1, no. 1, or article 9 f, paragraph 1, during treatment, and 4) try holding present passport or other valid travel documents with photo issued by a public authority.

(2). If a test participant cannot produce identification with photo, see. paragraph 1, or the test participant's identity is doubtful, immediately contact the Danish immigration service must try is holding.

§ 14. In connection with the decision that the test must be passed, immigration Advisor immigration service prøvedeltageren on rules for the test, including the consequences of failing to comply with the rules, the opportunity to complain about the trial process and the evaluation of the test.

§ 15. The test is held, so that prøvedeltageren have the opportunity to take the test within 14 days after the date of registration for the test. If during this period included the holy days and national Danish holidays shall be extended the deadline for the option of sampling with a corresponding number of days.

§ 16. Registration for the test is done with the test afholderen. Rather than try the organisation, rules for registration, payment and eventual repayment of the fee, etc. will appear by the integration Ministry's website www.nyidanmark.dk.

§ 17. By disruptive behavior or through the use of non-compliant devices can try organising expel prøvedeltageren from participation in the sample.

Chapter 6 Test organisation § 18. Sample holds must ensure that the test be conducted in suitable conditions, including trying out the premises and other premises, which are used in relation to test organisation, is appropriately equipped for the purpose.

Chapter 7 evaluation of test section 19. The Danish immigration service will appoint examiners and imposes on them censoring. As censors appointed teachers from as far as possible try abstinent providers of Danish education. The Danish immigration service may appoint others as censors.

(2). The immigration afbeskikker censors. Afbeskikkelse can happen after Aliens services at the request of the individual wish or censor.

(3). Remuneration of Examiners shall be determined and paid by the immigration service.

§ 20. Awarded two censors per carried out at the trial.

§ 21. Both language sample and vidensprøven must be passed in order for immigration sample collected is passed.
(2). Prøvedeltageren has passed the language test, if minimum 28 language sample 40 questions are correctly answered. All questions are weighted equally in the assessment.

(3). Prøvedeltageren has passed the vidensprøven, if the minimum 21 of vidensprøvens 30 questions are correctly answered. All questions are weighted equally in the assessment.

(4). If prøvedeltageren by reporting of immigration sample only consists either language test or vidensprøven, he or she must in any new reporting of immigration test again pass both language sample and vidensprøven, for immigration sample collected is passed.

§ 22. On the basis of censorernes assessment shall take decision about whether immigration immigration service sample overall pass or fail.

(2). A passed immigration test has a validity of 2 years from the time of the pass.

Chapter 8 Appeals article 23. Sample participant may complain about conditions at the sample under test shall be borne by the reporting process. The complaint must be filed with the immigration service at the latest 7 days after the test has taken place. Complaints submitted later shall be rejected.

§ 24. Sample participant may complain about Immigration services decide whether immigration test is passed or not. The complaint must be submitted to the Ministry of Refugee, immigration and Integration Affairs not later than 7 days after the decision is announced. Complaints submitted later shall be rejected.

Chapter 9 entry into force of § 25. The notice shall enter into force on the 15. November 2010.

Ministry of refugee, immigration and Integration Affairs, the 4. Birthe Rønn Hornbech November 2010/Charlotte Hamburger