Notice Of Benefits In Accordance With The Law On Social Service During Temporary Stay Abroad

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om ydelser efter lov om social service under midlertidige ophold i udlandet

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Notice of benefits in accordance with the law on social service during temporary stay abroad

Under section 2, paragraph 2, of the law on social services, see. lovbekendtgørelse nr. 941 by 1. October 2009, fixed:

§ 1. Help by service law is subject to the condition that the recipient reside legally in this country, without prejudice. Article 2, paragraph 1.

(2). During temporary stay abroad are retained the right to use the service after § § 41, 42, 45, 96, 97, 98, 100, 112, 113, 114 and 118 in accordance with the rules of the order.

§ 2. It is a condition of maintaining the right to use abroad, to the recipient before the outbound flight, fulfil the conditions for receiving aid, as well as to the municipality to be kept continuously informed about that the stay is done, without prejudice to the General rules for the help be overridden, see. section 11 of the Act on legal security and administration in the social sphere.

§ 3. By temporary stay abroad of up to a month the recipient retains the types of use referred to in article 1, paragraph 2, without applying the municipality to this effect. However, the conditions set out in section 2 have been met. By temporary stay abroad exceeds one month, the beneficiary shall, before the commencement of the applicant municipality abroad for the conservation of the help. The period during which aid in each case can be maintained depends on the purpose of the aid and the specific circumstances, including the nature of the aid.

(2). When the recipient participates in activities that are part of the activation or rehabilitation, see. section 5, paragraph 2, no. 1, of the Act on active social policy, or participating in a training abroad, qualifying for the State's education aid abroad, see. Executive Order No. 455 8. June 2009 on State educational support (SU-notice), the recipient can keep the aid referred to in article 1, paragraph 2, in the entire period. In these cases, the recipient may use the grants to cover expenditure related to recruitment of aides after service § 96 of the employment of helpers abroad. Aid shall be granted, taking account of the level of wages in the country concerned, up to a maximum of the amount that would be provided here in the country to cover the corresponding needs. If the recipient chooses to bring along aides, can supplement thereto shall not exceed the subsidy would be granted in this country to cover the corresponding needs, and who can not be granted aid for the travel and subsistence expenses to the helper by service section 96 or as additional cost after service § 100.

(3). When the receiver is in need of necessary medical treatment to which the person cannot get here in the country, see. Executive Order No. 594 of 11. June 2009 concerning the right to hospital treatment, etc., as well as article 22, paragraph 1 (c)) and paragraph 2 of EC Regulation 1408/71 on social security for migrant workers, etc., or treatment, cure, etc., which are paid for by the public, the recipient can keep the aid referred to in article 1, paragraph 2, in the entire period.

(4). The right to employment for the care of close after service § 118 are retained when the person who has a carer's needs, have a temporary stay abroad. The person, who has a dependants, must comply with the conditions referred to in section 2.

§ 4. There can not be granted aid for the travel and subsistence expenses incurred by service law § § 45 and 97 or as additional cost after service law § § 41 and 100 by escorts to foreign countries, see. However, section 5.

§ 5. In addition to the assistance in accordance with the rules of this order can be preserved during temporary stay abroad in connection with short-term vacation abroad in special cases after a concrete assessment grant to cover the extra costs associated with the stay.

§ 6. The notice shall enter into force on the 1. January 2010.

(2). At the same time repealed Executive Order No. 1128 by 13. November 2006 on benefits under the law on social service during temporary stay abroad.
The Interior and the Ministry of Social Affairs, the 15. December 2009 Karen Ellemann/Karin Ingemann