Notice Of Reduction In Unemployment Benefit, Etc.

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om fradrag i arbejdsløshedsdagpenge mv.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Deductions in benefits

Chapter 2 Work

Chapter 3 Revenue

Chapter 4 Calculation of deduction, etc.

Chapter 5 Entry into force.

Publication of deduction in unemployment benefits, etc.

In accordance with section 58 (2), 1, no. (2) (a) and (a) 3 (a) and (b) in the law on unemployment insurance and so on, cf. Law Order no. 975 of 26. September 2008, as amended by law no. 482 of 12. In June 2009, after negotiation with the Employment Board : 1)

Chapter 1

Deductions in benefits

§ 1. This notice lays down rules for deduction of work and revenues in the following services :

1) Daily allowance paid under the law on unemployment insurance and so on.

2) Orlov allowance for childcare, which is due to the law on child care.

Chapter 2


§ 2. In the case of work, the term " means " means activities which either result in revenue or, after its type normally, income.

Paragraph 2. Work carried out by a member during a period in which the Member receives a benefit after section 1 results in deductions. This also applies to work outside normal working hours and on public holidays and work carried out outside the normal professional territory of the Member State. Unpaid work also results in deductions, cf. However, section 4.

Paragraph 3. The deducted will occur at the time of the work being done.

Self-employed biemployment

§ 3. The operation of self-employment as a by-employment means deduction.

Paragraph 2. The deducted will occur at the time of the work being done.

Activities and voluntary, unpaid work

§ 4. Activities are the activities of which a Member is optional and unpaid to voluntary organisations, associations or other similar activities and which cannot be offered as regular labour costs.

Paragraph 2. By voluntary, unpaid work, the work of a Member shall mean work for voluntary organisations, associations or other similar activities, and which can be offered as regular labour costs.

Paragraph 3. Activities or voluntary unpaid work shall be carried out in the case of this notice in Denmark. The activity or work, cf. paragraph 1 and 2 shall be carried out without the Member being subject to the normal function of employment.

Paragraph 4. Activities, cf. paragraph 1, shall not result in deductions in services under Section 1.

Paragraph 5. Volunteering, unpaid work, cf. paragraph 2 that can be offered as regular labor can be performed without deduction for up to 4 hours per week, cf. however, paragraph 1 The four hours are counted as an average over a payment period. Work on the other side is deductible.

Paragraph 6. Freely, unpaid work that pertains to primary operations and maintenance, resulting in deductions, cf. however, paragraph 1 Seven and eight.

Paragraph 7. Volunteering, unpaid work that pertains to primary operations does not mean deductions, if the work has always been carried out by unpaid labour, and the work of similar organizations, etc. is carried out by unpaid labour.

Paragraph 8. Volunteering, unpaid work that relates to maintenance does not entail deductions, if :

1) the work may be treated as a normal maintenance and repair of its own accommodation, cf. Section 5 (5). 3,

2) the work is performed on occasion,

3) the work has always been carried out by unpaid labour in the organisation, etc.,

4) the work of similar organisations, etc. is carried out by the unpaid labour force ; and

5) the work can be performed without authorization.

Niner. 9. A member receiving benefits, cf. § 1, and which performs optional unpaid work, cf. paragraph 5 to 6 in writing shall provide a written notice of the nature and duration of the work and the organisation, association or similar work.

Paragraph 10. Fraferred by paragraph 5 and 6 shall be carried out at the time of the work carried out.

Self-Builder and cobuila

§ 5. Benefits may not be paid to a Member who is a self-Builder or a co-builder in building or rebuilding their own accommodation, etc., cf. however, paragraph 1 2. Benefits may be repaid when the personal involvement of the construction has been discharged.

Paragraph 2. In the case of small construction work, a Member may retain the right to benefits. However, deductions shall be deductible for the hours used at work.

Paragraph 3. Regular maintenance and repair of their own abode don't mean deduction.

Paragraph 4. Fraferred by paragraph 2 occurs at the time of the work being carried out.

Chapter 3


Salary, on-call salary, fees, etc.

§ 6. ' income ' shall mean salary, wage earnings, fees, etc. as well as revenues to replace the salary.

Paragraph 2. Revenue that replace the salary mv, cf. paragraph 1 may be :

1) Compensation for lost work profits.

2) Amount of the Payload Receive Guarantee Fund.

3) Relief repayment, cf. paragraph 3 and 4.

Paragraph 3. Determination of deduction in the daily allowance shall be deductible to the extent that the amount, in whole or in part, corresponds to what the employer would have paid the Member in a period of termination if the member had been made redundant.

Paragraph 4. If the Member's employment relationship by law, agreement, regulation, circular or employment contracts offer opportunities for on-call time or similar in connection with a dismissal, deduction payment shall be deducted from deduction.

Paragraph 5. The provisions of paragraph 1. 1-2 shall apply both to a one-off amount and the current revenue.

Paragraph 6. Impulterer by paragraph. 1-4 results in deductions even if work is not performed during the period the revenue covers.

Commandments and duties

§ 7. Revenue as a Member is receiving to perform re-tender and public and private duties shall entail deductions, cf. however, paragraph 1 2.

Paragraph 2. Revenue as a Member in charge of the functions as a witness, juror, judge, judge, or orderly in elections, does not entail deductions.

Paragraph 3. Revenue as a member of a municipal management board and a regional council recipient for the post of municipal management laws and the law of regions does not entail deductions.

Paragraph 4. Revenue as a member of the office of the mayor, the alderman or the chairman of the committee and as a regional chairman, in accordance with the law of regions, entails deductions.

Paragraph 5. Fraferred by paragraph 1 and 4 are done for the period in which the revenue covers.

Pensions, etc.

§ 8. Continuous payment of pensions (including addendum) which is part of a previous employment relationship and is such that it is customantly that the employer contributes to the pension resulting from deductions, cf. However, section 11.

Paragraph 2. Continuous payment of pensions, which is linked to a working period abroad, will result in deductions.

Paragraph 3. Continuous payment of pension and pension benefits to a member who has been mayor, chairman of the committee, chairman of the Committee, the chairman of the Committee, or the European Parliament, in the name of the European Parliament, will lead to deduction.

Paragraph 4. Continuous payment from an earlier employer of amounts to a person who can be equate with a pension resulting from a deduction of deductions. This applies regardless of whether the amount shall be paid continuously after the work termination or in addition to the daily allowance.

Paragraph 5. The deducted occurs for the period, the pension or amount is covered.

Copyright, etc.

§ 9. Income from first-broadcast and revenues from recast, reenactment and other forms of reuse of books, photographs, plays, films, etc., resulting in deductions. However, only a deduction shall be deductible if the income originates from work within the normal working area of the Member State where reusable etc. are normal.

Paragraph 2. Licensing charges, library charges, Koda / Gramex charges, royalties and similar rights do not entail deductions.

Paragraph 3. Deduction in accordance with paragraph 1 is done at the time the receipts are received.


§ 10. Legacy means deduction if there is a duty bound to the grants.

Paragraph 2. Frame is done for the period that the revenue covers.

Impulls that do not incubate

§ 11. No deduction shall be deductible from the working-free income, including :

1) Capital pensions and capital insurance.

2) Income from savings and insurance schemes (including interest rates), which are without a relationship with a working relationship.

3) Services of the Labor Market ' s Supplementary Pension (including SP) and payments under the Law on the Expense Fund of the Lønsurees Fund.

4) Pension after spouse or co-conteens and child pension.

5) Early retirement pension including addendum and invalidity allowance after the Social Security Social Security Act.

6) Replacement substitutes, including replacements by law on labour harm protection.

7) Casuame damages, interest payments to the victims of occupation and repute.

8) Lifetal services on the Finance Bill to artists and their survivors.

9) Post-wage earnings of section 8 of the Functional Act, Section 8, after Chapter 6 of the Act of Staff Regulations, Allowance for Usureable dismissal after the section 4 (4) of the main Agreement. 3, and section 2 b, etc., severance allowance after the Clause Act of Clause 2 a and compensation after the equal treatment law.

10) Revenue by the sale of business and real estate.

11) Prentals and income from rental, which cannot be regarded as a business and profit from own accommodation.

12) Interesters, profits and similar, inheritance, gifts and winnings.

13) It's alimony.

14) Pension paid as a result of loss of professional / employability, and which are part of a previous employment relationship.

15) The increase in the pension as a result of an official ' s occupational injury (injury pension).

16) Remuneration received in order to comply with competition or customer clauses.

17) Vacation and payment for holiday-free days paid without the holidays or holiday holidays shall be held after the holiday law.

§ 12. Tantieme, bonus, bonus, saved search for holiday payment and similar payments related to a working relationship does not entail deductions.

Paragraph 2. An amount received from an employer does not entail deductions where the employee has a leave of absence from the working relationship and in accordance with the agreement, a supplement to the legal service provided by the employer.

Chapter 4

Calculation of deduction, etc.

Daily Money

Time Deductions

§ 13. Calculation of deduction, cf. § 1, no. 1, including the stocking of diaries, shall be made in accordance with the rules in the notice of supplementary benefits.

Paragraph 2. The Hourly number to be deductible from the following section 7 to 10 shall be calculated at the conversion of revenue by the conversion rate. The same applies to pay for work that cannot be regarded as supervised, and to fees, cf. § 6.

Paragraph 3. For the calculation of deduction of income after Article 8 (3), 2, the foreign exchange rate shall be converted into the official exchange rate the first working day of the payment period.

Self-employed biemployment

§ 14. Calculation of deduction for self-employment, cf. Section 3 takes place in the case of the actual amount of time spent by the Member on all work relating to the operation of the establishment. Including management and transport.

Paragraph 2. The Member must write the actual time, cf. paragraph 1, on the service card. The A box can stop for disbursement of benefits if the Member's information on the performance cards does not correspond to the information which lies with the approval of the Member's right to benefits, cf. the notice of the operation of self-employed activities.

Paragraph 3. If the remuneration for a stand-alone case of self-employed activity is granted per hours or on the basis of a calculated hour consumption, this hour consumption can be added to reason. However, the time of the timed hours must not be open to any contrary conflict with the nature and scope of the work assignment.

Paragraph 4. A Member who has animal production as part of the undertaking shall notwithstanding the provision in paragraph 1. 1 write at least 1/2 hours a day on the benefit card. However, this does not apply where the operation of animal production is carried out by workers who are not allowed to be a spouse or to live or uninward children.

Paragraph 5. The Director of the Board of Directors may, in particular, specific cases where the failure rate has been made, determine the hour number of estimates. This applies when the given hour must be considered unlikely, and the member did not subsequently enlightened the actual hourly rate.

Orlov allowance for childcare, etc. -Croneate drag

§ 15. Calculation of deduction for work and income from sections 2 and § Clause 6-10 crown-for-krone in the orlovment. The income of the labour market contribution shall be reduced.

Paragraph 2. Where the salary income is not known at the time when the information is to be given to the a case, a deduction of a box shall be deducted from the leave of the oro for an amount equal to the number of hours multiplied by the conversion rate.

Paragraph 3. Deduction for self-employed in-employment, cf. section 3, is calculated as the number of hours required for deductions, cf. Section 14, multiplied by the conversion rate.

Paragraph 4. Work as a self-builder and a builder that exceeds what is comparable with the general maintenance and repair of their own residence, cf. Section 5 (5). Three, deduction of deduction. The deducted is calculated as the hour used, cf. Section 5 (5). 2, multiplied by the conversion rate.

Paragraph 5. Income in the form of sickness benefits and payment for G-day deduced crown-for-krone.

Paragraph 6. The benefits card must be stocking when the Member has a holiday. The rules in the notice of supplementary unemployment are being followed.

Chapter 5

Entry into force.

§ 16. The announcement shall enter into force on 1. In January 2010 and has effect on benefits paid from and on 4. January, 2010. 2)

Paragraph 2. At the same time, notice No 492 of 12. June 2003 on the deduction of unemployment benefits, etc., and section 6 of the notice no. 73 of 9. February 2004 on the exercise of self-employed activities as a secondary occupation.

Labour market management, the 11th. December 2009

Marie Hansen

/ Vibeke Dalbro

Official notes

1) From the 1. In October 2009, the Ministry of Employment has been given a new organisation, which means that the competence to lay down rules pursuant to the aforementioned rules of origin has been transferred from the Board of Labour to the Labour Market Authority.

2) A guide has been drawn up for the announcement.