Bekendtgørelse Om Skolepraktik Performance

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om skolepraktikydelse

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Table of Contents

Publication of school practice

In accordance with section 66 k (1), 1, in the law of vocational training, cf. Law Order no. 1244 of 23. October 2007, as amended by law no. 1218 of 14. In December 2009 :

§ 1. Schools who have students in school practice, cf. Section 66 b in the law on vocational training, or students engaged in school education without a training agreement, cf. § 66 e, paragraph. Two, in the law of vocational training, is paying out a school internship for these students.

Paragraph 2. There is no allowance for school practice to students who receive salaries from an employer, cf. Section 66 f in the law on vocational training, or unemployment benefits, sickness benefits, cash benefits, revalidation or other public aid intended to cover living costs.

§ 2. The school practice is set on the annual financial laws.

Paragraph 2. Elives under the age of 18 will receive a lower payment than pupils in 18 years and more.

Paragraph 3. Alive, which is 18 years old, will be able to obtain the higher yield from the 1. this month after the pupil is 18 years old.

§ 3. The school practice is paid out from the day the student begins in school practice or school education, and until the day the student leaves school practice or until the day a student is admitted to school education without a training agreement, cf. § 66 e, paragraph. 2, in the law of vocational training, will end the school education, cf. however, section 1 (1). 2.

Paragraph 2. The school practice payment shall be paid regardless of the absence of holidays and holidays, as well as sickness, cf. however, paragraph 1 3-4.

Paragraph 3. School internship students receive school practice during holidays. School practice may be paid for each student for five weeks per year. Running years from the student's admission to school trainees.

School practice during school holidays during school holidays is due, however, to all students covered by section 1 (1). 1.

Paragraph 4. The practice of school is not paid out during the detention of holiday repayment from previous employment.

Paragraph 5. The school internship is paid back by the end of the month.

§ 4. Employers ' lift reimbursement shall administer the scheme and refund the school ' s expenditure on the school practice, cf. Section 13 lov on the Employers ' Student Reimbursement.

Paragraph 2. The schools will settle accounts for these expenses to the Ministry of Education as part of the school accounts, cf. Section 22 (2). Three, in the law on the Employers ' Student Reimbursement.

§ 5. The announcement shall enter into force on the 21. In December 2009, with effect for students who start school practice after the 14th. December, 2009.

Paragraph 2. Publication no. 1252 of 28. December 2003 on school practice is repealed.

The Ministry of Education, the 15th. December 2009P.M. V
Per Hansen
Branch Manager / Karen Peytz