Ordinance Amending Ordinance On The Approval And Operation Of Electrician Company (Implementation Of The Provisions Of The Directive On The Single Window Service, Receipt Letter, Processing Time Limits, Tacit Acceptance And Accountability)

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om ændring af bekendtgørelse om autorisation og drift af elinstallatørvirksomhed(Implementering af Servicedirektivets bestemmelser om kvikskranke, kvitteringsskrivelse, sagsbehandlingsfrister, stiltiende accept og oplysningspligt)

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Publication concerning the amendment of the notification of the authorisation and operation of the electricity-installation company 1)

(Implementation of the Services Directive provisions on points of single contact, receipt of receipt, case-processing deadlines, tacit acceptance and obligation)

§ 1

Notice no. 1522 of 13. In December 2007, the authorisation and operation of the electricity installer, as amended by Notice No 404 of 26. In May 2009, the following changes are made :

1. As a footnote to the Order of the Order title inserted :

' 1) The Bekendtstatement contains provisions that implement parts of the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council. 2006 /123/EC of 12. In December 2006 on services in the internal market (EU Official Journal no. L 376 of the 27th. December 2006, s. 36). "

2. Section 1 (1). 2, ITREAS :

" Stop. 2. The rules on the application for personal authorization, receipt, period for notification of Decision and tacit acceptance in section 3, § 3 a and 3 (b) shall not apply to persons with foreign professional qualifications which are nationals of a European Union ; The EEA country or a country with which the EU has entered into agreement on the exercise of regulated professions, for these people are applicable to the rules in the notice. 1200 of 17. In October 2007, on the personal authority and the pursuit of business as an elder's power on the basis of foreign professional qualifications. For the rest, the rules shall apply in this notice. `

3. Section 3, paragraph 3. 1, ITREAS :

" Application for personal authority and application for a company authorization shall be submitted to the National Security Agency for Special Schemas which are requested from the Security Board website (www.sik.dk), or will be submitted digitally via the professional portal, " Enterprise (www.virk.dk) or through the Quick Quaker (www.businessindenmark.dk). "

4. Insert after section 3 :

" § 3 a. Upon receipt of an application for authorization, the Management Board shall send a acknowledgment to the applicant for information on :

1) the deadline for the notification of a decision, cf. ~ 3 (b) (b) 1 and 2,

2) the applicant may consider the authorization for granted if the Security Board has not taken a decision before the deadline expires, cf. ~ 3 (b) (b) 3, and

3) redress.

§ 3 b. The security management board shall decide on authorization no later than 60 days after receipt of the application and all the documents required, cf. however, paragraph 1 2.

Paragraph 2. The period laid down in paragraph 1 1 may be extended once, if the complexity of the case justifies it. The safety management board shall, before the expiry of the time limit laid down 1 justify the extension to the applicant and shall provide a new date for the decision to be taken.

Paragraph 3. If the Security Board has not taken a decision before the end of the time limit referred to in paragraph 1, The authority shall be deemed to have been given by 1 and 2.

§ 3 c. The authorized undertaking shall inform the undertaking of the undertaking,

1) contact information for the Security Administration,

2) the inter-branch organizations to which the authorized company is a member ; and

3) the professional title and the EU/EEA country where the authorisation for the application of the title is granted.

Paragraph 2. If the person who is executed by the authorized undertaking requests it, the authorized company must provide information on the rules applicable to the execution of the industry and how the person who takes the job of the establishment receives access to them. '

§ 2

The announcement will enter into force of 28. December, 2009.

Homeland Security, the 15th. December 2009Jacob Schmidt / Bente Liisberg
Official notes

1) The commotion contains provisions which implement parts of the directive of the European Parliament and of the Council. 2006 /123/EC of 12. In December 2006 on services in the internal market (EU Official Journal no. L 376 of 27. December 2006, s. 36)