Notice Of Board Of The Music Academies Of Music

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om styrelse af musikkonservatorierne

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Table of Contents

Publication of the management of the music conservatories

In accordance with section 11 (4), Paragraph 1, in the field of higher artistic educational establishments, under the Ministry of Culture, cf. Law Order no. 889 of 21. September 2000 :

§ 1. The announcement shall apply to the following institutions : The Royal Danish Music servatory, the Rytmic Music servatory, the Jyske Musical Conservatory, and the Confederacy of Music Conservatory and Acting School.


§ 2. The institution is led by the principal, who has overall responsibility for the institution's business.

Paragraph 2. The principal is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the institution's administration and staff.

Paragraph 3. The principal shall take a decision on all matters which do not, by law, other legal rules or regulations in this notice, be placed on others.

Paragraph 4. Where a decision is made to the institution's collegial bodies, however, the principal can decide when he considers that the case does not tolerate postponement. Notice of the decision taken as soon as possible to the taxidermy / school council shall be given as soon as possible.

Paragraph 5. Deditures of the institution's personnel are carried out by the principal. Where this is the Ministry of the Ministry, the principal shall deliver.

Paragraph 6. The principal may charge the collegiate bodies and the institution of the institution to discuss and issue an opinion on matters of importance to the institution.

Paragraph 7. The principal is insure that the decisions taken by the collegial bodies are legal.

§ 3. The principal is set up by the Minister of Culture for a period of five years. The Minister of Culture, the Minister of Culture, is setting up an assessment committee which gives an opinion to the Minister about the qualifications of the applicant. The Committee of the Judiciary Committee shall be composed of three members appointed by the servatory / schooling of the institution's teachers, including at least 2 members of staff, and two members appointed by the Minister, one of whom shall be the President.

Paragraph 2. The recruiting service can be extended. The Prolonal shall be submitted by the Ministry of Culture to the Council of Culture / school for the opinion of the Ministry of Culture. In this case, the principal is temporarily appointed by the conservatories / school council, and the council is constituting a temporary chairman. At ease in a functional period, the Minister of Culture is constituting a temporary principal for a maximum of 1 year.

Vice Principal, prorektor and so on.

§ 4. At the Jyske Musical Conservatory and the Confederate Musical Conservatory and the Acting School, Principal executor a vice principal for a period of five years. The appointment of Vicertors may be extended.

Paragraph 2. At the Royal Danish Music servatory and the rhythmic music conservatory, the headmaster is nominally appointed by the institution's permanent teachers. A Prorector shall be appointed for a period of time which shall not be longer than the principal's employment. Recipitation may take place.

Paragraph 3. Vice Principal or Principal Editor, the principal and the principal are the principal's deputy.

Conservatory / scalar / scalar

§ 5. The Council of Conservatory / the school shall consist of :

1) Headmaster is president.

2) at least 3 representatives of the teachers,

3) at least 3 representatives of students and

4) at least 1 representative of the technical administrative staff,

5) at the Jyske Music servatory and the South Danish Music servatory and the Actor School, a vice principal is a member of the council.

6) In the South Danish Conservatory and the Acting School, the head of the acting school is also a member of the Board.

Paragraph 2. By way of derogation from the number of members of the Council, it must be combined in such a way as to maintain the relationship between the teachers, the students and the technical administrative staff referred to in paragraph 1. 1.

Paragraph 3. At the Royal Danske Music servatory and the Rytmic Music servatory, they take part in the Council's meetings without voting rights.

Paragraph 4. The principal may decide that others may participate in the Council's meetings without voting rights ;

Paragraph 5. The representatives of the teachers and technical administrative staff are selected for two years by and among the respective groups. The representatives of the students are selected for one year and among the students. Genchoices can take place. For each member, apart from the principal, a suppleant is chosen.

Paragraph 6. The Council is meeting so often the headmaster has come to this. However, the Council must be convenalled if at least 4 of the members are requested in writing. The members of the Council have held meetings for the Council meetings. Legislative decrees must be reported to the principal.

Paragraph 7. The Council is quorum when at least 2/3 of the members, including the headmaster, are present. Decisions shall be taken by the majority voting. By voting, the voice of the headmaster is crucial.

Paragraph 8. The principal shall not be able to take part in the Council Decisions on the designation of members of the Board of Assessment Board in the case of recruitment, cf. Section 6 (2). 1 no. 4. In this case, the principal is temporarily appointed by the council, and the council is acting as a temporary chairman.

Niner. 9. The Council of Conservatory / the Boat shall draw up its own rules of procedure.

§ 6. The Council of Conservatory / school shall take a decision in the following cases :

1) Rules of choice for the institution's collegial bodies.

2) Approval of student schemes according to the setting of the student names.

3) Policies about mandible and relegation of students.

4) Expiration of members of the Board of Assessment in the case of recruitment in accordance with the rector. Section 3, paragraph 3. 1.

Paragraph 2. All matters of major importance to the institution's institution and company must be submitted to the President of the principal's opinion, including :

1) The institution's budget.

2) Provisions for the institution established by the Ministry and the proposals for amendments and additions to these.

3) Cases on relegation to students.

4) Establishment and decommissioning of student loans.


§ 7. At the institution, one or more student name is being created. In each student unit, one or more education is placed. The principal shall decide on the establishment and decommissioning of the student council, in accordance with the opinion of the conservatoria / school year, cf. Section 6 (2). 2, no. 4.

Paragraph 2. The Studiene Board consists of a number of teachers and students, but at least three representatives from each of them, including at least 1 tenuted teacher. The representatives of the teachers are chosen for two years. The representatives of the students are selected for one year. Genchoices can take place. For each member, a suppleant is selected.

Paragraph 3. Principal, vice principal and orortor can't be members of a school board.

Paragraph 4. The Board of Appeal will elect a president among the representatives of the teachers.

Paragraph 5. The Board of Studiences is quorum when more than half of the members of the Board are present. In voting, the President's voice is crucial.

Paragraph 6. The student-chair chair calls for the student-to-be-the-school-to-the-school. A meeting shall be convenalled when the chairman or at least 2 of the members are requested to do so.

Paragraph 7. The Board of Studiene shall draw up its own rules of procedure within the guidelines given by the principal.

§ 8. Studienn is to the principal, responsible for the professional level of education, organisation and implementation of the existing provisions.

Paragraph 2. The Board of Studiene shall give an attitude to the principal in cases of derogation from the student schemes established by the institution.

Paragraph 3. The Board of Studiene shall give a recommendation to the Council of Conservatory / the school year on the guidance systems provided for in the guidelines given by the principal.

Paragraph 4. The studio's giving a statement to the Headmaster about the recasting of external censors.

Transicement and entry into force

§ 9. The announcement shall enter into force on 1. January, 2010.

Paragraph 2. By the end of 2012, the Minister of Culture will review the section 5 of the Council of Conservatory and Section 7 on the composition of the Student Board, in order to set an upper limit for the number of members.

Paragraph 3. At the same time, notice No 1367 of 7. December 2007, the management of the music conservatories.

Cultural Ministry, the 15th. December 2009Carina Christensen / Pernille Lindberg