Order On Grant's Two Phase Out Less Central Heating Boilers For Solid Fuel

Original Language Title: Order On Grants To Phase Out Less Central Heating Boilers For Solid Fuel

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Decree on subsidies for phasing out of less central heating boilers for solid fuels pursuant to the text annotation nr. 106 ad § 23 of the budget bill for fiscal year 2009 shall be determined: the Executive area section 1. Grants can be given to the phasing out of certain particularly polluting central heating boilers, see. § 4.
Definitions section 2. For the purposes of this order: 1) central heating boiler: combustion installations with boiler for heating the domestic water or water for central heating, not directly to place designed to heat to the space in which it is established.
2) Phasing: Disconnection of a central heating boiler and the subsequent connection of another combustion plants or closing of the chimney as well as disposing of the property and the subsequent handling of the central heating boiler as waste after the municipality's instructions.
3) Applicant: Owner or person with the corresponding authority that allows a central heating boiler phase out and subsequently applying for grants.
4) Property: Building with one housing for year-round habitation, either as a detached single-family house or as wholly or partially grouped single-family houses (duplexes, townhouses, houses, group homes and other similar chain), as well as tofamilie houses with two-year settlements with horizontal apartment boundaries.
Authority section 3. The environmental protection agency shall decide on the grant in accordance with this Ordinance.
(2). The environmental protection agency can authorize an external public or private entity to assist the Agency in connection with the communication of commitments in accordance with §§ 10-12 as well as control of documentation for payment of grants after §§ 7-9.
Reimbursement basis § 4. Supplements can on application, see. sections 7-10, given to the phasing out of manually fired through combustion boilers regardless of the marketing year, and to manually fired central heating boilers regardless of type, manufactured in 1980 or earlier. Grants will not be awarded for boilers designed for added fuel with straw.
(2). Grants can be given to the phasing-out of a central heating boiler, used for residential heating in a property. May be granted one allowance for each property.
§ 5. The central heating boiler, to be phased out, the 1. July 2008 and at the time of endorsement of the application for grants skorstensfejers first be legally connected on the particular property.
Section 6 rebate. The grant covers the costs incurred, including skorstensfejers endorsement of application form, disposing of the scrap wood burning boiler and the purchase and installation of new furnaces or other heat source. The grant may not exceed us $ 4000.
Grant application section 7. Grant application be submitted on a special application form, which can be obtained from the environmental protection agency or via www.mst.dk. The application made on faith and love.
§ 8. The one that would grant paid, must submit his application provide chimney sweep's endorsement to the effect that an eligible central heating boiler, see. sections 4-5, is phased out. The endorsement demonstrates that the provisions of § § 4-5 are complied with. The endorsement given by the chimney sweep for applicant's expense.
(2). The endorsement referred to in paragraph 1 shall bear the date and the name and business address of the person who made the entry.
§ 9. The one that would grant paid, indicates on the application, to download the boiler is handled as waste after the municipality's instructions. If access to the place where the central heating boiler is installed, do not allow disposal of the property, can central heating boiler instead of Municipal Board's acceptance is done permanently useless.
§ 10. The endorsed application sent to the environmental protection agency, together with documentation for expenses incurred in connection with the phasing-out, for example in the form of invoice for installation of a new plant. The environmental protection agency can specify another application address.
Payment of grants section 11. Grants shall be granted within the framework of the field in the g/l § deposed appropriation.
(2). Payment of grants takes place in the order in which applications are received at the environmental protection agency, see. However, section 10.
(3). The environmental protection agency publishes on a quarterly basis not later than the 15. January, 15. April, 15. July and 15. October at www.mst.dk which amount, which remains available to finance payments. The environmental protection agency publishes on www.mst.dk, when there is only 1 million DKK back of grant funds. Then published the amount still available, at www.mst.dk no later than the 15. in the month. The environmental protection agency may at any time publish in two national newspapers and on www.mst.dk that the availability of grant funds are exhausted. The environmental protection agency shall not be liable for any loss as a result of the phasing-out of central heating boilers, which do not qualify for grants.
§ 12. Payment of grants to the applicant's bank account.
§ 13. The notice shall enter into force on the 1. February 2009.

The Ministry of the environment, the 26. January 2009 Troels Lund Poulsen/Anne-Marie R

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