Executive Order On The Danish Language Committee Activities And Composition

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om Dansk Sprognævns virksomhed og sammensætning

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Table of Contents

Publication of the Enterprise and the composition of Danish Slocale

In accordance with paragraph 1 (1), 5, section 4-8 of law no. 320 of 14. May 1997 on the Danish Language Board, as amended by law no. 1171 of 10. In December 2008 :

§ 1. The legal write-down to be determined by the Danish Language Board and published in the official Danish legal writebook shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1. 2-4 Principal Principes of the Law Writing.

Paragraph 2. The main principles of Danish legal write-down are the principle of tradition and the language-based approach.

Paragraph 3. In accordance with the practice which has been in force since the principle of tradition, words are written in Danish, in accordance with the practice that has been in force since the letter. 24 of 27. This is February 1892 and, since 1955, the words of the law-writing dictionaries published by the Danish Language Order have been published. After the principle of tradition, the spelling of the existing vocabable vocables is basically fixed, except as a result of the language-usage principle. An element in the principle of tradition is the principle that, in accordance with the rules applicable to original Danish words and to the elderly in Danish, foreign words that have become common in Danish are to be written in accordance with the rules applicable to the original Danish words and the elderly. This principle applies above all to words from Greek, Latin and French, and words formed by Greek, Latin and French ingredients. Words from other languages, especially newer words, are written as a general rule in accordance with the text in the language or with international practice.

Paragraph 4. In accordance with the language, in accordance with the language, in accordance with the practice followed in good and secure language users ' written language, use the language of language using words and forms of language.

§ 2. If Danish step names are included in the legal write-down book, this is done in the form set by the Stednaname Committee and approved by the Ministry of Culture.

Paragraph 2. If a spelling of spelling that differs from the one that is specified in the write-writing dictionary, it is corrected in the former revaluation of the legal writebook.

Paragraph 3. If a site name that is included in the legal rewriting dictionary is being reauthorized, the old form will remain correctly until the next warehouse of the dictionary, where the new form is recorded.

§ 3. Cases on changes to the legal write must be dealt with in the representative. The representative will take a position on whether a change is in principle.

§ 4. The representations are made up of up to 43 members. The 40 will be set by the following :

1. Parliament's administration

2. PM State Department

3. the Ministry of Justice

4. The Ministry of Education

5. Cultural Ministry

6. IT and Telecommunications Services

7. EU language services

8. The StednameCommittee

9. the Mother Suspend Company

10. Connected and Sprog Connected

11. Danmarks Radio.

12. TV 2

13. Danish Standard

14th Danish Academy of Akademics

The Danish Language and Litteraturing of the Danish Language and Litteraturing

16. Danish Author Association

17 Danish Beautes Authors

18. Danish Journalist Federation

19. Danish Drawer Plot

20, the Danish Teacher ' Association

21. Denmark's Apprentier Society

22, United Norden

23. Danish Day of the Dagblades Association

24, Danish Universities.

Twenty-five, professional college-school principal.

26. Centers for Read Research

27. Center for Language Technology

28. DANTERMCenter

29. Border Association

30. The executive committee of the Ministry of Science, Technologies and Development

31. Landsunion of the Voksen and Youth Subsiders

Thirty-two. Translate Association.

Paragraph 2. Each institution shall meet the following exceptions : the Ministry of Culture nominates two representatives, of which 1 shall represent a cultural ministry institution. Danish Universities nominate 7 representatives, all of whom are to be experts. 1 of these must represent natural sciences and 1 health sciences, and a maximum of two may represent the same university. The Danish teacher association nominates two representatives who are to represent the training of professional training as a teacher in elementary school and high school school. The Danish Teacher of Apprenticing must represent the elementary school. The representative of the League of Voksen and Youth teachers must represent teachers in Danish as two. languages.

Paragraph 3. Once the representative has been set up, it may set additional 3 members.

§ 5. The decisions of the representative shall be taken with the general ballot box. In voting, the President-in-Office is the voice of the President For the rest, the representative shall establish its own rules of procedure.

Paragraph 2. The representatives of the Administrative Board shall be informed of the work of the Management Board and of the work and shall be sent to the board and to refer to the meetings of the Management Board and the professional advices to the proceedings.

Paragraph 3. The representatives of the representatives of the European Parliament, which deals with linguistic matters, which are presented by the research and information institutes, set out a number of specialist councils. The agonaries report on their activities to the board and to the rep.

Paragraph 4. The board will call the board of the Board and prepare its meetings.

§ 6. The Chairman of the Board of Directors sets time, place and agenda of the Management Board meetings. Incidentally, it is convenes if at least 2 of the members of the Board of Directors want it.

Paragraph 2. The management board is in a decision-making process when at least half of the members are present. Decisions shall be taken by the general ballot. In the event of ballot, the President-in-Office of the Council is giving

Paragraph 3. The Management Board shall also adopt its own rules of procedure.

§ 7. The Director shall be appointed by the Ministry of Culture on the basis of the recommendation of a committee of staff appointed by the Ministry of Culture, the Danish Language Board and the staff of the Danish Language Institute for the Research and Information Institute. The Director shall have a language scientific background.

Paragraph 2. The Director shall draw up the position of the Management Board and the representative of the Danish Language Agency's vision, strategy, budget and activity plan.

Paragraph 3. The recruitment of scientific staff in positions of the ordinary establishment plan shall be carried out in accordance with the applicable rules applicable to the employment of scientific staff at the Ministry of Culture. The Management Board may appoint a member of a Board of Appeal to be set up if such a committee is set up.

Paragraph 4. The Director shall hire and dismiss the other staff of the institution.

§ 8. The announcement shall enter into force on 16. March, 2009.

Paragraph 2. At the same time, notice No 707 of 4. September 1997 on the company and the composition of the Danish Language Organization.

Cultural Ministry, the 9th. March 2009 Carina Christensen / Anne Mette Rimatters