Notice Of Delivery Of Audio And Video

Original Language Title: Bekendtgørelse om aflevering af lyd og video

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Notice of delivery of audio and video

Pursuant to section 13, paragraph 1, of Decree No. 591 of 26. June 2003 on public archives and public archives shall be specified:

§ 1. The provisions apply to the governmental management and the delivery of audio and video, which is created in analog form.

§ 2. Audio and video in analog form, which are intended for use in conservation, before handing over to the State Archives digitized.

(2). Audio to be stored as either

1) MP3 after the standard MP3 DS/EN ISO/IEC 11172-3, or

2) WAV in accordance with specifications, as authorised by the National Archives.

(3). Video must be stored in accordance with the standard MPEG-2 DS/EN ISO/IEC 13818-2.

§ 3. The digitized audio and video files must be registered after the State Archival Guide.

§ 4. The digitized audio and video files as well as records, before handing over to the State Archives are transferred to a system independent archive version.

§ 5. In the archival version must in addition to the digitized audio and video files, as well as the registration of which included information about the archive creates as well as data on the archive version (General information).

(2). The State Archives shall determine after discussion with the afleverende authority, which documents are to be delivered.

(3). Documents must be stored in TIFF format, as specified in annex 2, point (C) (3). 1-3 of Decree No. 342 by 11. March 2004.

§ 6. Naming, placement and registration of archival version's content must be in accordance with annex 4 to the Decree No. 342 by 11. March 2004, see. However, paragraphs 2 to 4.

(2). The following extensions are to be used for archiving version's audio and video files:

1) audio files in MP3 format must have the extension MP3.

2) audio files in WAV format must have the extension WAV.

3) Video files in MPEG-2 format must have extension MPG.

(3). Files that are larger than 700 MB, divided after the State Archival Guide.

(4). The field AflType in table ARKVER help. The LOSS must have a value of C.

§ 7. The State Archives provides a media authority, which shall apply by deposit.

§ 8. The notice shall enter into force on the 24th. April 2009.
Danish national archives, the 16. April 2009 Johan Peter Noack/Kirsten Villadsen Kristmar