Law On Various Matters In Connection With Greenland's Autonomy

Original Language Title: Lov om forskellige forhold i forbindelse med Grønlands Selvstyre

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Law on various matters in connection with Greenland's autonomy

WE, MARGRETHE the SECOND, by the grace of God Queen of Denmark, do indeed:

The Danish Parliament has adopted and we know Our consent confirmed the following law:

§ 1. The Minister of science, technology and innovation can by the Greenland Government takeover of mining the area instruct universities that have so far carried out tasks in the area after University § 2 (4) to continue to do so for a fee.

§ 2. Area allocation in Greenland to the areas and to technical installations which serve defence purposes shall be carried out by the competent authority of the Reich after negotiation with Greenland's autonomy.

(2). Rules laid down by the Greenland self-government on Building Authority and whether the construction, construction and fitting-out of buildings and other installations shall not apply for structural measures that serve defence purposes, unless these measures include connection to roads, supply or drainage pipes or similar installations.

§ 3. The State continues to be liable for its obligations by the date of entry into force of the law on health care in Greenland were due or remained with the health authorities in Greenland, which was taken before the 1. January 1992. The State has recourse against Greenland's autonomy for expenditure incurred as a result of this liability.

§ 4. Greenland shall in determining rules on telecommunications in, to and from Greenland, ensure that the Danish national authorities shall have access to the establishment and operation of own internal telecommunications installations in Greenland and between Greenland and the outside world, in so far as the Danish national authorities have specific telecoms requirements that cannot be met by the General, publicly available telecommunications infrastructure. Access to the establishment of own infrastructure, telecommunications infrastructure includes only used exclusively for accomplishing the tasks of that authority.

(2). Rules laid down by the Greenland self-government on telecommunications in, to and from Greenland may, in agreement with the Government put in force for the Danish-American defence areas established pursuant to the Treaty of 27. April 1951 on the defense of Greenland.

§ 5. State grants compensation to Greenland's autonomy in accordance with the Danish Government and the Greenland's agreement of 21. August 1990 which concluded in accordance with article 24 of the Danish-Greenlandic double taxation agreement so that the agreement of 21. August 1990 is amended by the supplementary agreement of 31. August 1997.

§ 6. The law shall enter into force on the 21. June 2009.

§ 7. By the date of entry into force of the Act repealed the following laws:

1) Lov nr. 579 of 29. November 1978 on elementary school in Greenland.

2) Act No. 580 of 29. November 1978 to Greenland about labour and social services.

3) Law No. 582 of 29. November 1978 for Greenland on professional education.

4) Law No. 584 of 29. November 1978 for Greenland on recreational activities.

5) Law No. 589 of 29. November 1978 on library services in Greenland.

6) Law No. 609 of 23. December 1980 on folk high schools in Greenland.

7) Law No. 610 of 23. December 1980 on the Museum system in Greenland.

8) Law No. 612 of 23. December 1980 for Greenland on land use, urban development and sprawl.

9) Law No. 134 of 28. March 1984 on support for business in Greenland.

10) Law No. 135 of 28. March 1984 for Greenland on the production and sale of Greenlandic products.

11) Law No. 469 of 6. November 1985 for Greenland on the supply, transport, postal services, etc.

12) Law No. 943 of 23. December 1986 for Greenland on electricity, water and heating, fire department, port, roads, telecommunications, etc.

13) Law No. 944 of 23. December 1986 for Greenland on housing supply, housing subsidies, rent of houses, etc.

14) Act No. 847 of the 21st century. December 1988 on Greenland Fisheries investigations transferred to Greenland Home Rule.

15) Law No. 848 of the 21st century. December 1988 on Lønanvisnings transfer to central Greenland the Greenland Home Rule.

16) Act No. 850 by 21. December 1988 for Greenland on the environmental conditions, etc.

17) Law No. 815 of 19. December 1989 on radio airwaves in Greenland.

18) Law No. 369 of 6. June 1991 on health care in Greenland.

19) Law No. 264 of 6. May 1993 on the Church in Greenland.

20) Law No. 1089 of 29. December 1997 for Greenland on telecommunications.

21) Law No. 1393 by 27. December 2008 on the secondary education in Greenland.

(2). Regulations issued on the basis of the laws referred to in paragraph 1 shall remain in force until they are repealed by the proper authority.

§ 8. The entry into force of the law, which has been employed as a Bishop of the Diocese of Greenland, are offered from this time recruitment as an official during part of Greenland authority with wages, employment and pension terms corresponding to those of that during his employment in the State force.

(2). If the Bishop does not want to be released for recruitment under the Greenland authority concerned, maintained employment relationship to the State, but the product concerned takes his service under the Greenland authority concerned. The Bishop has no requirements on rådighedsløn or pension as a result of the provision of 1. the provisions of § 37 clause (a), paragraph 5, of the law on State officials in Greenland and section 24 (b), paragraph 3, of the basic regulation. paragraphs 1 and 2, of the law on pensions of State officials, etc. in Greenland shall apply mutatis mutandis.

§ 9. The law on mineral raw materials in Greenland (råstofloven), see. lovbekendtgørelse nr. 368 of 18. June 1998, shall be amended as follows:

1. Article 7, paragraph 3, shall be repealed, and replaced by: ' (3). A permission for exploitation of mineral raw materials can only be communicated to public limited liability companies. The company may only perform activities pursuant to authorizations pursuant to this law and must not sambeskattes with other companies, except in the case of forced pooling. The company must, as a general rule, have their head offices in Greenland. The company may not be thinner than the group to which the company capitalised is included in the company's foreign capital must always, however, exceed the equity until the ratio 2:1. The company must generally trade at arm's length prices and on arm's length terms. The rights holder must also possess the necessary expertise and financial background of the respective utilization company.

(4). A permission for small-scale exploitation of hard minerals may notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 3 shall be communicated to the individuals who are permanent resident and fully taxable in Greenland. The provisions of paragraphs 3, 5. and 6. paragraph shall apply mutatis mutandis mutatis tillempelser. '

Paragraph 4-6 becomes paragraph 5-7.

2. § 8, paragraph 3 is replaced by the following: ' (3). In the context of the establishment of a rights holder services to the authorities in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2 may be granted the rights-holder exemption from taxation of the activities covered by the authorization, if the company is thus imposed on charges that are at least as onerous, as taxation would have been, and taxes are fully covered by income as defined in section 7 of the law on Greenland's autonomy. '
Given at Christiansborg Palace, on 12. June 2009 Under Our Royal hand and Seal MARGRETHE r./Lars Løkke Rasmussen